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Let me know if this works in your browser.

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Do me a favor, friends. Let me know if this works in your browser. It should look like the picture below. The links should scroll the background. Right now a minimum screen width of 1200 is required for the links bar to look correct, but I'll probably find a way to shrink that without damaging the aesthetics.


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Feb 05 2011 05:51 PM
Works fine for me with Windows 7 and Google Chrome. Very nice, I like it.

It scrolls too far, in my opinion. You scroll about two screens to the side (per tab), and it should be more like one and a half - But wait until you get content in before tweaking the amount it scrolls.
It's also hard to see the logo in the upper-left corner.

The horizontal scrolling works fine in the beta of Internet Explorer 9, but the buttons at the top are misaligned vertically, and stretch the page longer than it should.

See here: http://img8.imagesha...07/websitep.png) ([Edit:] Oops, I had compatibility mode on. Works fine in IE9 beta also.
Feb 05 2011 08:42 PM
Works fine for me (also Win 7 and Google Chrome). It looks nice, but is there supposed to be lag between when a link is clicked and when it begins to scroll? I was a little concerned that it was not working at first. If this was intentional, decreasing the delay would probably be better.
Feb 05 2011 09:28 PM

Thanks guys. Yeah I put the screens about 3000 pixels apart for fear of people with 2000+ screen width resolution. I wouldn't want the next screen to show up on the previous screen. What do you think would be a more acceptable option?

Hmm.. breaks in compatability mode? That means it probably breaks in older IEs. I should look into that. Thanks.
Feb 05 2011 10:48 PM
Like HydroxicAcid I also noticed a slight lag but, oddly, it only occurred the first time I clicked a button. Every other time there was no delay before scrolling.

Yea, if it breaks in compatibility mode, it's probably IE6 and earlier versions. But you can't support everything, so I'd say just support IE7 and above (when it comes to Internet Explorer users). (Should you still support IE6?)

I wouldn't know how to fix the 3000 pixel issue, not being a web designer.
Feb 06 2011 01:30 AM
Fine here, Chrome and Vista.

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