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Day 374 to Day 380 - Sniper Assets & Military Takes Shape

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Work Continues
This week was busy actually overseeing the work of others. Currently I have an artist working on the background of the sniper minigame. Then I have my lead artist working on concept art, and 3D imagery for the weapons in the game. I have graphic designer working on some of the web work that needs to be done. Finally, I have the Flash programmers gearing up to start the Sniper minigame once they have the artwork in hard.
Also, on a positive note, I’ll be meeting with a programmer I’ve worked with before, to see if he wants to become a lead developer for the game, at the end of this week. So, there is progress being made on all fronts.

Sniper Assets
Well, the sniper background came back, with all but a few changes, this is what it looks like:
Posted Image
I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and look forward to seeing the sniper game develop.

Also, here are the concept pieces for the first sniper weapon to be made:
Posted Image
Which one do you like?

I continued work on the military section of the game this week. I further developed the military units. There are going to be 11 sizes of military units. Here is what I have named them, in order of smallest to largest:
  • Squad
  • Section
  • Platoon
  • Company
  • Battalion
  • Regiment
  • Brigade
  • Division
  • Army
  • Front
  • Theater
In the game, Tanks and Artillery are going to be controlled by groups of 3 to 8 players, which are “crews”. These crews then too have 11 classes which are as follows:
  • Basic
  • Regular
  • Advanced
  • Exceptional
  • Super
  • Ace
  • First Class
  • Special
  • Commando
  • Elite
  • World-Class
Let me know what you think of the names.

Finally, WorldAlpha got another big boost at the end of the week, as we were mentioned in Joystiq’s Massively BetaWatch report here: http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/01/20/betawatch-january-14-20-2012/
This has led to another week of huge signups culminating in 96 beta tester sign-ups on Saturday, and 420 beta testers for the week.

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Jan 23 2012 10:08 PM
Awesome work! Keep it up!

As a gun enthusiast, I thought I'd give some feedback on the weapon concepts. They look great, but they're a bit unrealistic. The biggest thing that bugs me is the stocks. #2 and #4 look really painful to shoot, maybe even impossible. #3 is okay, but a bit short for a sniper rifle. #1 is probably the best, although it's awkward with the barrel so low. Here's an actual sniper stock that looks pretty cool. Notice the adjustable butt plate and cheek rest.

The other thing is, are all these semi-auto? It looks like it, especially with the magazines. You don't have to listen to me, but I will extol the coolness of a bolt-action all day. :) If you are going to have a sniper rifle with a magazine, you might think about doing a bull-pup design (magazine behind the trigger) like the SVU. Actually the SVU is pretty sweet-looking in general. :)
Jan 25 2012 10:55 AM
Thanks for the help! I took your advice, and am having the artist "square-up" #2, so that it looks more reasonable to shoot.
Jan 29 2012 09:55 PM
You can add a poll to these entries you know.

I like the stock and scope of #2 but I agree with et1337 that I wouldn't want that butt up against my shoulder...
Jan 30 2012 07:08 PM
From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I like #4 the most, closely followed by #3. #2 feels visually unbalanced, and the low barrel on #1 is not as appealing.

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