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Day 401 to Day 406 - MMO Timeline, Sniper Comes in View, & 2000 Beta Testers

4: Adsense

Military Module Progression
People have been asking about other modules in the MMO game. My intention is to focus on the Military module in February, the Politics module in March, and finish the Economy module in April. This week was a good week for progressing the military aspects of the game. I finished the creating of units and crews, assigning them weapons and vehicles (tanks and artillery) and then moving them. The creation of the battlefield has begun. I’m looking forward to the epic battles that will soon happen at WorldAlpha.

Scope View
The last of the graphics are being finished for the sniper game including this scope view.
Posted Image
This scope view, along with an animated gun, has been incorporated into the game. So, here is another screenshot. My first video of the sniper minigame will be available next week.
Posted Image

4 Military Installations
The second background for the sniper game, I want to be a military installation. I’m having a tough time deciding what the look and feel of this should be. Which one below is your favorite?
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

2,000 Beta Testers
Just last night we surpassed 2,000 beta testers. So, 5 more winners to be selected. From Random.org the winning numbers are 707, 1111, 1889, 468, and 363. Congratulations to winners: Jason H., Tadas M., Christian W., Tyler D. and Tony C.

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Feb 12 2012 10:58 AM
Looks fantastic! I really like the scene in the first sniper screenshot. As for the military installations, I prefer the first one. It is not a complete wreck, but you can see that it has fallen into disuse "around the edges".

I came across this awesome photo journal a month or two ago of a girl that explores an old soviet base. You might find it interesting.


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