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About this blog

The place to come for news from Mr. J3. Quantiantium Engine and Operating System development. :)

Entries in this blog


Blog Moved!

My blog has moved to my server.


If you need hosting let me know.





Yeah, that's right, this week and next week are going to suck massive balls.

I have finals, 4 finals for algebra alone...

Random Interests Link




Sweet mother of business

Man have I ever been busy lately.
I am currently working my butt off on the new osdever.net site, that will have two other sites merging with it, IntegraMOD, and in a few weeks I'll be doing some work for an Insurance Agency's website. :)

I would post a link to the osdever site, but full sql injection filters aren't completely done.

The insurance agency's site is: gross-ins.com

In other news, I am officially addicted to subversion, it's the best freaking thing since the invention of the computer.
I also party hardy, like last night. [grin]

My site is also back up. :)

Also found 2 more local geeks, that's an accomplishment in Kentucky. [wink] One's dad owns a computer store, and the other is a WoW player that's actually not a guy, which makes that even odder...




New website!

I am the proud new owner of one of the larger operating system development resources on the internet. The old owner didn't want to take care of the site anymore. oslib.codymays.net

It used to be the Therx Operating System Library.

My kernel is now back to C and is a lot farther than it was. During the process of moving back to C, I screwed up the keyboard driver and have yet to find out what is wrong with it.




OS and quantantium engine updates

My operating system now has a nice set of gdt's,idt's,isr's,irq's, keyboard driver thing, and a nice timer for the delay() function. :)
First release will be for just testing on more than my 3 computers.
I might release after I have paging and a simple command line up. :)

Hopefully I can get this vesa info drilled into my head and get that commandline into vesa. :) I already have a GUI desinged in my head, but that will come after applications and floppy drivers, etc.

Quantantium engine almost has particls.
I had a brain fart and couldn't remeber how to populate a vector. I feel really dumb after that one. Could be why I have not coded at all today.

Thanks for reading.

edit: wo0t!!!1 over 2000 views :)

I also have some good osdev tutorials up on my site. I would like to thank warmaster199 from osdever.net for letting me use them on my site. I will finish porting them to my tutorial page sometime this week. Until then you can get the rest of the tutorials here: http://osdever.net/bkerndev/index.php?the_id=90

In other news, my xp machine now looks like a nice redhat bluecurve kde syste. [grin] I love themexp.org. :P





OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG My OS has OOP support in the kernel.[wow][wow][wow][wow][wow]

I spent way too much time on this, but it will make a sweet driver interface. [grin]




More kernel work

Didn't get much done on interrupts due to me doing other things today. I did spend a few hours trying to learn how to pass function parameters to a C function from x86 asm.

I ended up going to #osdev and asking, only a whole 4 freaking lines. I wrote a tutorial on how to do it for my site(link above in header) so that others may learn too, since I could not find another tutorial on how to do it.




Linux baby!

Well, I decided saturday that I would uninstall Red Hat Fedora Core 2 and try out my SuSe 9.1 Professional dvd. Well during this time, I managed to screw windows so it would boot, but where you select your users, the users did not show, nor did the turn off button, just the background.

So I said screw it, I am going to go ahead and install linux, well I did and I don't regret it one bit. Suse is way better in xp in a lot of ways, only thing I lost was my good sounding surround sound, now it is a little fuzzy.

In the coding aspect I haven't done much lately due to school. That will change now as it is holiday time. :)
I have been thinking about working on my teams game and starting a "little" side project.

This "little" side project would be an OS. I have been reading up on the coding a lot today, even at school, perks of helping the sysadmin[grin].

For my teams game, I will be doing some water as well as a few other things.

Does anyone know how I can add NASM to KDE 3.2's development submenu?

You can see a picture of my new, shiny, linux comp here




Serious CMS work

As you can read here.


I am nearing the first beta screw-me-up edition. Basically this beta will be to get the bugs out of the user system and to allow people to find errors in my code.

I wouldn't mind if people could also tell me how well search engines would deal with the thing. Personally I don't know enough about how they work to tell, all I did to help was keep sessions out of the url.

Any comments would be welcome.




Good progress on my CMS

As you should know, I am making a php CMS system and tutorials on doing it. I have made some good progress on it today. The Administration system is almost done. Then I will get off my butt and do register and edit profile.




HAve block XML up.

For a while now I have been debation on how to do blocks on the php CMS system I am doing, I want it to be able to be used in my templates and not screw with the templater. I have found a way, I have a function that takes what the templater returns(after parsing all the template stuff in it, it will return the contents) it runs through and then parses my block xmlish code.

Here is an example of the code that it takes to make a block in my system.

Look here is a block!

My block XML causes major pwnage


Here is what it looks like.




Started Liberty or Life

Well it is official, my team has started their first commercial game called Liberty or Life. More information about it can be found here: crxgames.com/lol.

So for this to happen we had to basically finish up the basics of our Quantantium Game Engine. It now has TGA support and MS3D Model loading support. If you would like to see the progress we have on it please visit: http://crxgames.com/?page=4

I have also gotten a lot of progress on my php CMS system. I am nearing completion on my user system. You can see it at crxgames.com/spade/portal/
Please note that the version there is normally an older one. I will be uploading the newest version there later on tonight.

I have also done some simple template editing to my journal. You may see my nice CSS mouseover links at the top [grin].




Engine time

Redid the TGA loader on my team's engine today.

Also worked on my CMS system for my tutorial series. You can see about a 4 hour old version at crxgames.com/spade/portal
Yes, it has changed in that amount of time.

Just for kicks here is the login script, no register yet.




Been doing a lot of php development

Sorry, it has been a very long time since I last updated. Here is a little of what I have been up to over the past few weeks.

I have done a ton of upgrading on my website. I have upgraded it to the newest version of integramod. Doing that deleted all the mods I installed myself, so I have been adding them back and I have been removing some that add useless database queries and replacing them with rewrites that add no extra queries.

I have been working on php tutorials on my website too. I have been working on a PHP/MYSQL CMS(content management system) tutorial series for my website too. I have also been adding various tutorials to it too.

My team has also been developing the next version of our website. I have done the acp and it is pretty slick if I do say so myself. :)

Today I reinstalled RedHat Fedora Core 2 64 bit edition and started downloading all 481 updates, including the new kernel. My plan is to eventually have that computer's main os be Linux and just have XP Pro for games.




Update for the past few days.

Well I have been very busy with school the last few days, so when I have free time I usually don't feel like coding. :'( So I do something easy and productive, web development.

Over the last few days, I have spent five hours integration the mod Advanced Username Color into the website system based on phpBB called integramod and it profile system called PCP. This mod allows me to add groups and set username colors in my Admin Control Panel(ACP).

I have also been working on integration Colorize Forum Titles mod. What this mod does is allows me to set the color of a forum, in a hex value :), in the ACP where I create my forums. I have found a bug in one of the mods I have been working on though, one of the two is not showing my subforums. Now I have to hunt through my code and find out what is causing this.

I have now had the first phpBB mod I have made get released at phpbbhacks.com and is an officially approved phpBB mod and can be found in the phpbb.com mods database.

Yesterday, I got bored and felt like using html and made this site. crxgames.com/gms What do you guys think of that? It is probably my best web site I have made so far.

When things slow down for me again, I plan on coding on our game and engine some more.




Been a while again.

Sorry for not updating for a while again, been busy with school and working on Area51. Area51.

Also preparing to move my site to another much better host.




Worked on my website

Today I added a new RSS posting backend to my site. The script allows me to add RSS feeds in my admin area and will update and post the news into the forum I specify on my site.

You may see the results at http://crxgames.com/viewforum.php?f=28.

I think that finishes up my website, all except for a more professional custom theme.

Anyone have any good theme ideas?




Worked on my site and go karts

I have added a few tutorials to my site. An old blitz basic tut from over a year ago and I looking for the old C++ the members posted on my old forums.

I also worked on go karts all day. I am getting so sick of that it not even funny.




Wow long time no see

Sorry for not updating in a while. I have had to be in a wedding, so you know the whole tux fitting, rehearsal dinnner, wedding, etc. So that ate up a bunch of my time.

It was kinda funny though, at the wedding some of the groomsman(19-21 yrs old) were really drunk and hitting on a 14 year old.

Then every one I knew was like dude go dance with/date her. I was like why in the world would I go out with someone in my family?!?!?! Thank goodness they all not drunk anymore :P

In coding
My team worked on SB(sharp Basic) some more and we are almost/at our 50% mark on our engine.

We have also got a great idea for a game that we will be using our engine on, so I have my job of learning FL Studio and producing the music :).

I started a prehacked phpbb a long time ago that I work on every now and then.

That just a small summary of what I have been up to. ;)





Coded a lot on the engine today. Worked on a TGA loader and found a possible bug in another part. Hope to get it all solved later today( 3:40am now :P ).

The engine is nearing 50% complete very fast.




yay speed

Worked on my 11 hp go kart got it going and rode it around.
Chowed down on homemade fries and then watched survivor.
Plann on coding serously tomorrow if no distractions get in the way.




Major coding today :D

Got a ton of coding done. For not using OOP 2 months I certainly am better than before I didn't code for a long time.
I got a huge chunk out of the engine window system done today.

Here is what I have managed to get done in the past few days(link: linkage to the basic design structure of the engine):

Official WorkLog/Changelog
~September 13, 2004
~September 13, 2004
Finished up the whole window creation rewrite except
for the icon loading and cleaned up code for final
movement to the main namespaces for the engine.

~September 11, 2004
Got the namespace working and did some cleanup on the
code from yesterday

~September, 10, 2004
basic namespace and quantantium class framework



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