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My journey as an developer.

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It's been a long time since I last did a post. I plan to do a post fortnightly now.
So what happened ?
Well I hired a guy to do the graphics and I must say it was a failure. Partly due to myself and partly due to his. Though it forced me to redo the graphics specifications with the help of 3 friends. I discovered the if I was pretty clear with the actual game part, the User Interface was crap.
I reworked, too, the gameplay.
I need, now, to find, again, a designer.

I will post more info about the game when I will have something next to finished.

Bruno from http://blueGlutton.com
That I have started my company. I did some specifications so that the gameplay of my game will stay the same and won't change every 2 weeks. In addition I hired a designer for the graphics so I needed to have all or almost the graphics put on a paper so that he could work. I have seen the first results it seems good so far. I will put images here when I have something I can show. I will also do a post on working with freelancers.

That's all folks.
Bruno from BlueGlutton.com

Let's start.

I've always wanted to do video games but I always ended in other businesses. Probably due to the money factor. Anyway, this year I got frenzy and launched my first company : BlueGlutton Ltd .
The IOs / Android is for me the opportunity to do what I want the way I want. Instead of working on very big project, very political, that always end up in bashing a poor guy because the project went wrong. And almost every time the poor guy is not responsible in the failure of the project.
So yes, life as an indie is like a relief for me even if I am working much more for much less at the end of the month.

That's all folks.

Bruno from BlueGlutton Ltd
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