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Zombie Hunters Party 01

[font=arial]Zombie Hunters Party[/font]
[font=arial] Translated with Google Translate[/font]
Genre: Shooting / arena View: 2D top view Platform: Linux / Windows License: FreeWare GNU GPL v3 Programming language: C ++ Used technologies: engine of own design DeeNGINE, BASS
Project page: http://pylith.com/wip-zombie-hunters-party/
[font=arial] This game project was originally a test application for the DeeNGINE engine. But in the development process, I was so carried away that the test application grew into something more. I decided to work on the project and get a finished game as a result. I leave the source code open. Even if you decide to use another engine, then all the same source code will be useful for learning, because It will mainly be useful to learn exactly game mechanics and logic.[/font] [font=arial] The project uses graphics and sound taken from free sources. The music track is licensed and belongs to the licensor. I solemnly swear in subsequent assemblies to get rid of this track and replace it with a track from free sources or written by someone specially for the project. The same goes for graphic content and sound aEUR" if possible, everything will be replaced with your own content.[/font] [font=arial] The goal of the game is to kill more zombies than the bots do. Bots have different accuracy and distance of attack.[/font]
[font=arial]Control:[/font] [font=arial] The left / right (or A / D) keys are the rotation.[/font] [font=arial] The up key (or W) is to go.[/font] [font=arial] Shift + go - run.[/font] [font=arial] Spacebar - shoot.[/font]
[font=arial] Service keys (cheats :))[/font] [font=arial] F1 - Reset the game[/font] [font=arial] F2 - reset the game with preserving the achievements of the player[/font] [font=arial] F3 - increase the maximum number of zombies[/font] [font=arial] F4 - increase weapon power[/font] [font=arial] F5 - through bullets[/font] [font=arial] F9 - camera switching (player - bots)[/font] [font=arial] F11 - spawning all zombies at once[/font] [font=arial] F12 - spawning one zombie in the frame[/font]
P.s. I apologize for the links on the project page through shortcuts with the display of advertising. Just sometimes, for some reason, I want to eat ))



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