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Decision Made

Ok, so in my last post I was mulling over the various ways of doing buttons for Space!

One of the things that I like to try and do, when I design a system, is to make so I can reuse what ever I create in future. Now using images would be quicker for this instance, but would create more work for me in the future, and would also require more work if they needed to be changed at any point.

With that in mind, I have made the decision to draw the button frames and text programmatically.

I had to take a break from Space! this past week due to real-world work commitments

Space! The Game




Images or Drawing ....

So the work on the UI elements is starting...

Do I draw the buttons myself, or just load images for the button states ??

Minecraft uses images, but drawing the buttons would take longer, but offer more flexibility..

Thoughts ?





A Working Applet

[size=2][font="Verdana"]First of all, a big Hi to all you guys out there on GameDev.net...

Secondly, I want to introduce the game that I am working on. Space! Head on over to the website to take a peek at what I have been doing.. I really want your input, as I feel that the best games are the ones that listen to the people who are going to play them, and that's you (hopefully)


There has been a big progress leap with Space!, it's now running up on the web, live!!


Ok, it's doesn't do much, but it is running and you can press F1, to get the help window frame, and 'C' to get the chat window frame.

Why is this an important step... basically this is the game with the whole windowing subsystem in place, with resources loading.

So, what's the next step..

o Create some button
o Create a menu system
o Create a text input area
o Create a scrolling text display (important for system/chat messages)
o Create the other screens, and have the system allow the user to move between them.
o Set up sever code, and allow people to chat through it

So, back to the drawing board for those UI elements.[/font]



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