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Some progress with H2D

School's kicking my butt this quarter. Yet int the past few weeks, my engine/game has completed some major milestones which I have been trying to battle with almost since the beginning of the engine. I now introduce to you, the improved Hexagon Engine (in youtube video format )

Some things that have changed includes the item system. I wasn't entirely sure how to implement this at first, but when one has a paper and pencil near by, magical things happen! I constantly have to remind myself that devving doesn't always have to take place upon my IDE. Excruciatingly detailed logic can be, sometimes, easily simplified with the most primitive tools. Basically, what I've introduced was a factory class that handles Items across the entire game, whether it be for quests or transactions between two entities...Another aspect I included recently involves Quests. Amongst many of the problems that regarded my engine, this system was definitely the one where I had to seek personal help from a friend in order to figure out how this could be done with the language I am using (C++ by the way). This is also explained in my video.

There are also a few more smaller new things that I included and improved on. Most importantly, I had tons of fun working on this. I spent a lot of my time in the day working on this even up until 3AM when I had 9AM classes the next day. It's also bad since this week I have two big midterms...but my GPA can wait...

Now, I bring to you, the second video of the series!




Beginning of a Rewrite

I first started working on the Hexagon Engine since Fall of last year. Due to school and a lack of ideas to progress it, I was left to put development on hiatus as I work on smaller 2D projects. After looking through the code, I realized some grave mistakes that caused huge inefficiencies in memory allocation and even basic physics logic. Tonight, I am starting my rewrite and lay down more tangible objectives for progression of Hexagon2D. Currently, it's written in C++ with SDL as its graphical API, and I intend on integrating a scripting system, perhaps LUA, to run alongside. I was extremely reluctant to introduce OpenGL into this project, but as I continue to demand more hardware-accelerated details such as alpha-channel manipulation, SDL will prove nearly ineffective to handle them. Along the way, I hope to use more productive resources to my disposal rather than Microsoft Paint.

Here's a YouTube link of the foundation of Hexagon2D: .



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