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About this blog

A developer journal for my game, "The legend of the Shadowcast"

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First entry. Hooray

Well I figured a dev journal would be a great motivational tool, as the progress on the followup to Shadowcast 1 (Published on intel's AppUp store) has been rather lagging.
I figure, if I cronicle my thoughts and ideas, something sweet might come out of it!
So far I am still in the ideas stage, I have a rather advanced framework already programmed, as a text adventure with very advanced character creation, pretty gui, flavour graphics thrown in and all sorts of bells and whistles but I've come to the realisation that I am past the "Nooby text adventure" stage and now ready to move into much more graphical concepts of game creation.
Also, I made the framework without a decent design document (Yes, I hear you guys in the background screaming "NOOB!!" ) and that was a huge mistake, as it quickly burned me out.

Okay so on to my ideas. The basic story is that in Shadowcast 1, the hero vanquished evil but in so doing, got destroyed, as you can not kill evil or inprison evil, evil lives in everything and everyone.
The backstory is that hundreds of years ago there was a secretive and highly trained group of grandmasters known only as the Shadowcasters, they got their names from the mighty string instruments they all wielded, known as the Shadowcasts.
The shadowcasts are highly magical instruments, and the song book of shadows are the Shadowcasters guide to evil slaying, so to speak.
The point is, these grandmasters inprisoned the ultimate evil, which almost laid waste to the world. However, as our hero in shadowcast 1 found out at the very end, evil can not be contained, although he had slain one aspect of evil, in the form of an evil lich lord, evil destroyed our hero and continues to thrive.
The good of the world has one more chance however, 21 years later, when the son or daughter of the hero from Shadowcast 1 has come of age.
This is the entry point to The legend of the shadowcast.
I have been throwing ideas around and I think I have come to the conclusion that the sequel will be a more open ended sandbox so to speak.
Maybe the player will want to play a descendant of a shadowcaster, trying to fill the shoes of his or her parent, or maybe the player will want to play a peasent, getting by day to day, a lowly soldier being thrown into conflict against the reawakened evil, rising through the ranks of the millitary, or what about a tailor making fine garments for lords and ladies, and I could go on and on.

Now some might call this a waste of time, just stick to the basics and have a warrior, rogue and mage that can face off against blah blah blah.
That is not how I see it, I look forward, very very much, to this enormous project on which I am embarking.
The concept of Shadowcast has lived since the beginning of the century and the ideas for it has only grown, and have been refined time and time again, I am quite frankly making my dream game, a game I would want to play.

No screenshots as of yet, as I have only just begun programming the basics of loading maps and so on. (I figured a map loading function would be a good place to start)
Also, like I said I still need to write a detailed GDD and unless I swallow a potion of creativity, it wont be done any time soon.
Anyway, here is DarkByNight, signing off!



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