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Newbie making a multiplayer game using SFS

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Day 3

I'm noticing that most of the more complicated examples use both .mxml and .as files. I'm not sure how to link them together/reference each other properly other than the little "script = blahblah" in the mxml. I'd like to find out more~

Anyways I can't figure out what's wrong with the load config thing. I have finals week coming up with projects so I'm probably going to put this on hold until next week.

Day 2

Okay, I slacked off for a week before I even started. The hardest part is getting started, right? I'll just blame it on midterms :D. Anyways, I need to try to make a couple baby steps each day.

Anyways, today I followed the sfs youtube totorial for creating a basic chat. After running into a plethora of newbie problems (like not loading the SFS library, using the flex 3 package instead of flex 4, mis-spelling 'config', I can get everything to compile, but something is wrong when I try to load the config/trying to connect to the server.

protected function login_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
chatLog.text += 'Loading Config...\n';

private function onConnection(event:SFSEvent):void
chatLog.text += 'Connection Success~~!!\n';
var request:LoginRequest = new LoginRequest('');
chatLog.text += 'Connection Failed...\n';

Minimum goals for tomorrow: Find out what is wrong with the configuration/connection. Do I have to build it first and put it in the SFS folder?
Optional: Start putting more elements into the chat room using the examples provided the SFS team.

Day 1

Hi! This is my first entry. I guess I'm just keeping this journal to track my progress and help me be accountable to working a little bit on my project every day (and hopefully be something nice to read in the meantime). A little about myself: I'm a Junior studying statistics, I like video games (who doesn't?). When I play a game, I prefer to try to be competitive, but usually end up just following the scene. I started with Diablo 2, moved onto Ragnarok Online (private server with 10x rates), Warcraft 3, Starcraft:Broodwar, Super Smash Brother Melee, and now am bouncing between Wakfu and Starcraft 2. I briefly played Sword of the New World, Gunbound, Navyfield, Fire Emblem 6/7, and Final Fantasy Tactics, but only for a fraction of the time I played the games on the previous list.

Anyways, I figure I'd keep my progress so I (and maybe others?) can learn from my mistakes and struggles. I have little to no programming experience - I started as a computer science major, took 2 classes (I did well!!) but chickened out after seeing people years ahead of me sleeping in the underground lab. Despite this, I want to make a multiplayer game, using smartfoxserver.

I actually already "made" a game with my friend (who did the programming portion, I handled design and all the other little details) which fell flat on its face as soon as he lost interest. You can check it out at almasytactics.com, but it's pretty much dead now. So, I had 2 choices - try to learn to cakePHP and continue the game, or learn from its gameplay mistakes (there were plenty) and try to rebuild it from scratch.

Anyways... I'm going to try to commit at least 1-3 hours each weekday to my game (which may be hard since finals are coming up, but whatever), so 5-15 hours/week.

Today, I read through some of the documentation of smartfox. I'm extremely confused, as I don't know what shit goes where. I got the battlefarm example working, I guess that's a start. My goal for now is to try to get a working prototype up so I can test if the gameplay is actually interesting.
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