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About this blog

Ramblings about my amateur gamedev efforts

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Reposting stuff from my own site

From now on I'm probably going to do most, if not all, of my blogging on my own site over at, but I'll try to remember to repost everything here, too.

Here's my first post, it features a polar bear!





Finally finished my game! With an hour and a half to go.

It still has no sound, because I didn't want to add crappy sound that would ruin the game. So feel free to play whatever of your own music you feel is appropriate to flying sheep

You play a flying sheep on her quest to collect fruit (but not bad, black fruit), upgrade her flying abilities, and reach an arbitrary flight distance.

Press space to launch, and left and right arrows to steer. At the upgrade screen you can press enter instead of clicking try again.

Windows download - no installation required, 6.8MB
Web player - no file download required, security of running in-browser. Requires browser plugin though.

I can build and upload an OSX version too, of anyone really wants it.




Sprint to the Finish!

It's Monday evening, and I still have way too much to do. Just over 7 hours to go until the 3am deadline. Not much time to post lots of details, but here's a screenshot:




Ewe Can't Touch This: Begin Day 2!

So I was only up until about midnight last night, because my artist wanted me to come to bed. "That's OK," I thought, "That just means I can get up early and work on it tomorrow morning, right"?


A morning person I am not, so here I am at 10.39am on Sunday, still with a fair bit to get done. Time will be tight, but I have until 3am Tuesday morning to finish. Might end up being a late one Monday night, although hopefully not too late seeing as I'm up for work at 6.30 each morning.

Anyway, I spent a fair chunk of yesterday working on GUI, and general game state logic (game->menu->game) etc. I now have the scoring and upgrading system working relatively well, most of the work now is just to balance the numbers that the upgrades give you.

Also, as I hinted above, I have my girlfriend working for me as an artist, which helps a lot, because I can't draw (paper or digital) to save myself. Obligatory screenshot:

Here we go again!




Contest update- Early Days

So everyone knows that flying pigs are just ridiculous. Good thing then, that my game is called Ewe Can't Touch This, and not Pig Can't Touch This.

This game is going to be something is the vein of Shopping Cart Heroes or Learn to Fly- fly your sheep as far to the right as you can, earn points, upgrade your sheep, and repeat.
As far as the competition theme goes ("U Can't Touch This), every so often text will appear at the bottom of the screen saying "Ewe Can't touch this: X" and X will be some symbol or object. Then objects will begin to appear in the path of the ewe, and you have to avoid whatever you were just told you can't touch. Other objects will give bonuses or powerups.

So far I have basic game objects set up, and I have the ewe flying. I think next I'll set up the GUI, get the game cycling through the menus etc.

PS- The screenshot above is just placeholder art. Getting the game functional is my first priority, and then I'll try to replace my shitty programmer art with something better.




GDNet Community Challenge: Ewe Can't Touch This

This is my first journal entry here at GDNet, so here's a brief intro: I'm an engineering/computer science student from Melbourne, Australia. This year I'm actually doing a 12 month internship, so I'm working full time, rather than studying. I do gamedev for fun in my spare time, mostly with Unity.

So I've decided to enter the GDNet Community Challenge. The theme is "U Can't Touch This," but I'm distorting it slightly to "Ewe Can't Touch This." I don't have much done yet, so in the absence of a screen shot, I will instead post this image of a Ewe:

It was 3am here when the theme was announced, so I'm a bit behind the 8ball. After getting up at 8.30, searching for my favourite (read: biggest) coffee mug, and getting through my rss and twitter feeds, I can now start getting some actual work done.

I'll post here again soon (hopefully), when I have something more to show.



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