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About this blog

A newbie's journey to learn C++, resources and frustrations/epiphanies

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List of current study materials and references

These are resources that were useful to an absolute beginner (namely me): Keep in mind when using these references that I'm no expert, and cannot vouch for just how qualified any of these references are at teaching/coding.

Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, 3rd Ed. (Dawson, Michael)
-Great book, simple and interesting to follow. Details on some topics can be a bit less than desired and gives no real indication of what is for study and what is for informational purposes only. All issues with the book can be covered with the helpful community on GameDev beginner forums and a bit of brain work.

The New Boston : The New Boston has tons of video tutorials for all sorts of topics from math to programming to...survival skills? Bucky is easy to follow and understand, and the layout of the tutorials is (so far) fairly smooth.

AntiRTFM's Noob Spoonfeed Tutorials : A very laid back and detailed tutorial series on YouTube. AntiRTFM has a bit of an accent (not enough to impede understanding by any means) and talks slowly and softly which almost lulls me to sleep, but his tutorials literally spoonfeed the details to you in as close to laymen's terms as possible.

GameDev.net - Forums are second to none in terms of friendly community willing to answer your questions so long as you put forth the effort to attempt to progress on your own as well.

CPlusPlus.com - Great site with tons of information. A lot of the documentation and definitions are too technical for me to understand at this point, but the forums, source codes, and community are all a great resource.



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