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Gamedev blog of my game

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Journey To Hammerdale

I'm great fan of old adventures like Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana and long time i dream to make game in this style. At first I have drawn a little mockup:

..and than that has inspired me to make a real game!

At current stage I have made design-doc, one tileset + sprites for the first world and basic gameplay objects. Here is fragment of des-doc:

For map creation I use awesome tool - Tiled Map Creator. It very convenient.

So! I hope you like it (lol) :3 Demo version will be released early next month, i promise! =)

Here is some links:

Official devlog
TIG src devlog
ModDB page

Winged Doom

Winged Doom


Hello World!

Currently i making a game called Omskiy Sanitar. It will be a 2D platformer like "Abuse" or "Frabs" or "Eat This!". Gameplay will be focused on exploration of foggy world of OMSK - strange area behind of reality, the city where your dreams and nightmares come true.

Now i try to create that mystical world - alien to people, filled with aggressive creations and surrealistic landscapes. I try to make it with Scirra Construct because as a coder i'm zero. If it will not turn out to realize some things, i will return to use of the GM.

Also, track this game on:


Winged Doom

Winged Doom

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