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[font="Courier New"]For me, the issue with web based game techniques is the bandwidth load on the web server. Most web servers can handle a concurrent amount of clients like one thousand of them but the issue is the web server is also the media content server. I would not like to play a game that serves media content from online streaming because it lacks precision in timing that a local application can do especially when there is a huge client load. They are still fun to play.[/font]


Clear out a system hard drive before sending it back to the vendor by just booting to and install a usb version of Ubuntu Linux.


I just reinstalled my laptop with Windows Vista(TM) and I am downloading and installing Windows Vista Service Pack 1. I also need to download and install C++ express 2010. Hopefully I do not suck all the bandwidth up from my family's wireless connection.
Use a washcloth and toothpaste. Buff down the cd in a circular motion with the toothpaste and the cloth for about two minutes. rinse off the disc and dry. back up the data from the disc the disc may not be reliable for playing afterwards because of the circular scratch damage.

The problem with developing an application that has several systems in it is the idea of the developer having to reconstruct all of the their systems from scratch. The concept of a macro application is not new but it seems to be avoided as a bad practice. The application would take advantage of things such as an external network traffic tool or chat functionality and is basically independent of the main application.

return application;
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