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About this blog

Following the progress of this new project.

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07/26/11 Update 2

Seems like someone has some how beat me to the idea of what this very project will be. Never the less its okay because they've only released a demo and my game will be different in gameplay and will hopefully be a better game.

Updates thus far:

-crosshair and sample gun operate.
-sample gun shoots when clicked, makes gun noises.
-all these views are part of a relative layout where hardware implementations will take over a placeholder view in the future.

Known Bugs:

-Gun noise called at first start of activity. Needs to be properly implemented to only fire on button press.
-Gun noise only sounds once file has played fully, need to cancel sound if button pressed and restart sound.


-Combine modules to get base game loop.




About ZARS

A lot of information is on lock and key mode as of this point in development. However what can be said about ZARS is:
-Yes! Z.A.R.S. is an acronym, but you won't find out what it means just yet...
-There will be two versions of the game.
------ Free 2D version
------ Paid 3D version
-Is on the literal front line of its type. Revolution!




07/25/11 - Hello world, progress thus far.

A new project is underway, I believe it will be called Z.A.R.S.
This game will be for android phones and may cross over to Iphones later.

Update 1

Progress thus far:
-Splash Screen loads only if data is to be loaded, otherwise it skips right through.
-Shotgun blast sounds for splash screen. May change in the future.
-Main menu loads

Alright... lets be honest, not very much so far. But the good news is all activities and views close out upon exiting the app, either with the exit button or back button.

Known Bugs

Next Update
-Implement camera

Down the Road
-Main Game loop
-Heads Up Display



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