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... from newbie to expert in 10000 hours

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... everyone was a newbie at first, even John Carmack ...

[size="2"][color="#808080"]... ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve the level of mastery associated with being a world-class expert -- in anything. In study after study, of composers, basketball players, fiction writers, ice skaters, concert pianists, chess players, master criminals, and what have you, this number comes up again and again. Ten thousand hours is the equivalent to roughly three hours per day, or twenty hours per week, of practice over ten years. Of course, this doesn't address why some people don't seem to get anywhere when they practice, and why some people get more out of their practice sessions than others. But no one has yet found a case in which true world-class expertise was accomplished in less time. It seems that it takes the brain this long to assimilate all that it needs to know to achieve true mastery.

[/color]Daniel Levitin - This is Your Brain on Music

Welcome to my journal. As you can gather from the title, I'm a newbie (n00b 4 7h3 1337). I've decided to create this blog not only for my own personal expression, but for the the other amateur game developers out there that are just starting and are getting frustrated thinking they aren't getting anywhere and are maybe losing hope; you're not alone in the battle so keep at it.

I graduated college as a computer programmer over 10 years ago and I've done very little programming in my career in IT. Unfortunately I never followed my dreams of getting into the game development industry. I currently work as a business analyst in the healthcare industry and the only programming I really do is some HTML and CF MX7 since I manage our internal and external websites. I have a bit of VB and VBA knowledge since I work with Access and Excel regularly but I've decided to take the time to learn a new language for game development: C#. I did learn C and C++ back in college but I haven't touched it since so I only remember some of the key OOP concepts such as inheritance and encapsulation but even those are still vague.

I'm going to be following the "How do I make games? A Path to Game Development" by Geoff Howland article for starters and I'll keep everything open source so that other amateurs have something to start with and so that more proficient programmers can comment/help with my progress. Following that I'll start developing an SNES style console RPG cause that's where my love of gaming and game development came from and it's the reason I got into programming in the first place.

That's all for now I guess, thanks for reading.




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