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RTS game in Unity

I decided to work on an RTS game in Unity for my bachelor thesis. I will work on it until October 1st

Milestone 1: Basic unit selection

Description: Use Shift and LMB to select units. It works as in any RTS. You can add or remove to selection by clicking on units or by using the marquee. If you select unit that was already selected it will be deselected.




Programming Game AI by Example - Completed

Here I will report my milestones for Programming Game AI by Example.

Milestone 1: Completed Chapter 1 Math and Physics and Chapter 2 State-Driven Agent Design.

Download C# project for West World Complete.

Result image.





Here I will simply record books that I have read, or currently reading, organized in categories. The actual results of the readings, programming projects, I will post as separate entries in my journal. Green means completed, red means work in progress.

C# and Tao
[color="#008000"]C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation[/color]
C# and XNA
[color="#008000"]XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example[/color]
[color="#008000"]Programming Game AI by Example[/color] [color="#008000"]Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach[/color]
Machine Learning

[color="#008000"]Programming in Lua[/color]
[color="#008000"]Unity 3D Game Development by Example[/color]




XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example - Completed

I will post updates here as I go through the book "XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example".

The author takes you through four games, devotes two chapters for each.

I just finished the first game. Download Flood Control

In short about the game:

A research lab has been flooded. You need to pump out water by connecting pipes. You rotate pipes with left and right mouse buttons. There are cool stuff like fade out for a completed chain of pipes, falling down of new pipes, zooming score, increasing difficulty etc. On the right you can see water coming in slowly so keep pumping otherwise if it gets to the top, game over.

WIll report here once I finish the second game, in the mean time play this one and let me know what you think




C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation - Completed

Finished my first sprite shooter. I will keep working on it for a while. I won't create the art, I will use sprites from other games. I am more interested in programming, so that is what I will focus on.

Here is the installer, please let me know if it works or does not work for you. I worked in Visual Studio C# and Windows XP, compiled for 32-bit architecture.

Download Game



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