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My journey through game development

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Day 24

O.K. so I tried to hook up with a couple of teams on the site to get my feet wet and I have learned a couple of things.

1. There is a big difference between knowing what a thing is and using that thing for it's intended purpose. Even a simple game is incredibly complex and requires a great deal of attention to detail and very accurate records. Through my new connection with a group here on GameDev, I have been introduced to SVNs, specifically Tortoise SVN. That part seems pretty straightforward and I got the hang of it quickly. Then came actually looking at code. I can attribute my experience so far by comparing it to learning a new language. You take Spanish in highschool. Then you go to Spain and the people talks so fast and use words you've never heard. It's like drinking from a fire hose...

2. Coordinating a group spread out over the globe to build something is daunting at best. It has been 10 days since there has been any activity on the project and noone is returning my emails (should that say something?). I have noticed that the projects I have seen seem very disorganized and only half thought out. My inclination is to start my own project and try to find some solid people to help me with it. That way, at least, I'll KNOW when the project is dead and it is time to move on...

Till next time... game on.




Day One

OK, so I am nearing the end of my education in Computer Science and while I have a couple of interests in the field, Game Development tops the list. I like games; all games. I like that each game has its own rules and nuances. I like that one person might be great at one game and horrible at another. Games bring out the best and worst in people. I am a builder at heart and enjoy the art of crafting a thing, regardless of what it is.

So... how to begin? I have contemplated trying to get a job as an associate or junior programmer but to be quite honest, I don't feel like my education has adequately prepared me for that. While I am comfortable in what I know, I look at the job boards and see what the 'minimum' requirements are and I don't come close. I have reached out to several companies to see if this was normal but sadly, I have not heard from them.

On to the next step. I spent some time developing a small ascii based dungeon crawler. It was crude and buggy but I did it. The issue here is that I didn't know what the next step was. I asked around and it was suggested to me to go to one of the many forums for game development and join a project.

So that is what I have done. I sincerely hope that this is the foot in the door that I need to not only step into the industry, but fill in all the holes I have in my skill set.

Till next time... game on.



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