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Leveling System

[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]- Level gain increases hit points / mana - the actual gain is based on one of the players primary statistics which is levelled independently.
- During the grinding to next level phase you have separate invisible experience gain for primary statistics which level up individually and provide an extra incentive.
- The higher level the player is the longer it takes to reach the next level, however the higher the primary statistics - so the higher the reward on completion.
- As each level takes longer, there is more time to gain primary statistics and therefore a buffer effect to lessen the grind.
- Monsters level is independent of the players, however different monsters types provide different statistic experience.
- Monsters provide experience with high and low limits, extrapolated to a players level. All monsters should provide some experience (examples because I can't explain this well):
Level 1 player kills a Level 1 wolf - Player gains 10 experience (of 100)
Level 10 player kills a Level 1 wolf - Player gains 50 experience (of 1000)

- However the scale up should no be so large that it would be easier to kill hundreds of low level creatures, rather than creates closer to the players level.

- The casual player can log on and still feel like they have achieved something by increasing their primary statistics but only achieving 50% of their overall level.

- Still exponentially increases difficulty of gaining experience as the player levels / reaches extremes.[/font]
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