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About this blog

A journal of my long journey in game design

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Day Four

Been receiving a ton of help from everybody at Love2D.org. I thin k the help there is better ten the help here. At least as far as the chat goes. Here on Gamedev.net. Everyone just jokes around and makes fun of me for not knowing very much. I haven't been made of once over at Love2d.org. Anyways, I am working on the collision script for the ball and the paddles right now. It's hard for me because I am 19 and only have a 7'th grade math level...
Getting even closer to completion of my first game ever. I am honestly surprised I ever made it this far. Anyways. I will post the game as soon as I finish it. :)
Be sure to at least check it out. Warning it will not be the most fun ever , but please at least check it for a few errors.
Thank You

Day Three

I found a game development program named Love2D. It is completely programming and it is fast and easy to learn. Working on my pong game as I speak.
Mad Props to the people on chat there. All very helpfull.

Day Two

Still looking about for the very best game design tool and hoping to get something going soon. I only got one comment on my last entry. But, it was some damn good advice. So now, I continue on.

Day One

This is my first day of getting into game design. I have always wanted to start a game, but I have just never had the motivation to actually follow through with it. Here are a few ideas that I am thinking about. So, I know that this has been used already, but at this point I am not working towards original.
1: Based on the movie Death Race. Racing and Shooting twisted into one. I am thinking of basing it somewhat like Twisted Metal for the Playstation 1.
2: Based on the computer game Men of War: Assault Squad. Strategy with shooting and many different weapons.
3: A simple window game that simply features a weapon system that comes with great physics and many different ways to launch different projectiles at walls and such.

Let me know what you think of my ideas. All comments are moderated until this site can prove it doesnt spam. So far the people I have met are very rude and jumpy on my ideas.
Thank You
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