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Games are art.

Read this article first please:


So, the bottom line is; Video games are art. That means that all game devs are, well, artists.

I think the games deserve to be called art, because everyone (ok not a new born baby, but almost everybody) can make games. Indie gaming had grown much in last two years, with all those game engines that require no money or programming skills to make games (GameSalad, Stencyl). Those engines allow gamers to become game devs, without learning almost anything and bring their games in PC, Mac, Android, mobiles and other devices.

Some companies are actually emerging right now from few inspired game devs. Some games (the perfect example is Angry Birds) are madly popular. This one earned more then Grand Turismo did. One more advantage of the indie gaming is that you can make simple and addicting flash games quickly.
One AAA game (like Grand Turismo) does earn a lot, but the cost of hundreds of programmers, modelers, animators etc. is not something that indies can afford. Indie devs do everything. They make up the design, do all the scripting, modeling....

So, the conclusion is that one game dev can be compared to Leonardo da Vinci.

Tell my what you think about this topic, can not wait to hear it!




Future of Gaming: Facts

[media] [/media]

[media][/media] Wiki article on Voxels.'s_law Wiki article on Moores law.

Few days ago, I have made an article on Future of Gaming. Now I am talk about the facts that I should have included in last entry.

Growth of computing power. Five years ago, I had a computer with 1.6 Ghz proccesing speed and 512 mega bytes of RAM. Back then it was enough for every game. I also had PS3 with 3.2 Ghz proccesing power and 512 mega bytes of RAM. I was amazed by graphics and games that PS3 could run. Today, 3.2 Ghz of proccesing power is minimum requirement for average games. 4 GB RAM has becamed standard RAM in our homes. Because of that, gaming companies are having problems in making games for consoles. Moores law says that computing power should double every 18 months.

Speed of a human brain is speed of human thought. By 2020, computers will be as powerful as human brains. Many people asked me "Power of the human brain? What the hell is that?" If computer is as powerful as human brain, it means that its capable of being as smart as human.
Today, however, they can only play chess. Lets do some calculations. If 3,2 Ghz of proccesing power is enough now, how much power would be enough in 2020?.About 204.8 Ghz!!! You dont trust me? Do that calculation by yourself!

If computer is capable of having human-like intelligence, it means that computer itself can be kind of game developer. Now some people got this wrong. I did not said that every game should, or will, be infinite. Maybe you heard of Infinity: Quest for Earth. The studio thats making that game have 11 developers, and yet, they want to make universe thats infinite. That is, their engine will generate infinite worlds. But, most quests will be boring and, most of the time, not have any sense. That would change in the future. Engine (computer that is) would make interesting quests.

And machines are not like humans. Even in WoW, quests get boring, eventually. But computer would think about every aspect of the quest. Is it too long? Too short? Does player need to travel a lot? How much EXP and gold would be enough for the quest? Computer would think about that and even more. Its just not worth counting, believe me .

Now, graphics. Some people said "Computers as powerful as they can be". They are wrong. Scientists are making, at this moment, nano technology. Little bit of sci-fi right ? Search it on YouTube and you will see what am I talking about . Anyway nano technology is, basicly, same as technology we have today, only on molecular level. That means that I can put my laptop in a single microchip (and you thought that iPhone 4S is cool) . That means that future games, because of their graphics, will probably "weight" about 100Gb. Yep, cheap $hit.

Please put some comments and let me know what do you think of this. ;)




Future of Gaming

As technology improves, games will change like we cant even imagine.

Lets start with voxels. Everyone knows what a pixels are, right? For comparison, pixels are dots in 2D environment. Now imagine pixel, but in 3D. Thats voxel. You can see them as atoms in future games. Smaller the voxels are, detailed the model that its made of becomes. In future, we can see infinite details in our games. More RAM and more processing strength assures much more better graphics then on todays machines. Voxels will also allow much more better physics in all games.

You can look at it like this; Loooong time ago, when Pacman arrived., it was played on huge computers and, back then, those graphics were considered "great. Now the same game is played on our mobiles with graphics that are, well, not so great . You can see the same situation happening over and over again in the past, present and future. So, basically, we will be able to play Crysis on a mobile phone.

So, thats for the graphics.

MMOs. Most updating games on the world. Every second "Patch, Patch" That will also come to the new level. Do you know the fact that machines as powerful as human brain will be available for 1000$ by 2020? Do you know that same machines will cost no more but 20$ each by 2030? Now you do! Imagine games where humans are not its actual developers. Imagine a machine creating games around the clock much faster then human? Thats the future. MMOs, possibly even other games, will be infinite. Its something like this:

You are a player who played WoW for most time. You hear that max level is 100 and that latest zone is "#$""#%$#". You come to that zone and lvl up to 100. Then you realise that 100 is not max lvl and that "#$""#%$#" is not the the most difficult zone you can visit. All the sudden you see all new zone called "$#%%" and that max level is now 110. This is a process that repeats all over again.

So, every game will be infinite. If we do some calculations, we can see that machines as powerful as about 50 human brains will we available by 2030 for 1000$. Yep, cheap sh%t .

With more powerful information sharing technology, games will not sell in those expensive boxes anymore. We will be able to download them instantly and play them, again, instantly without slow installations and HUGE downloads.

Any thoughts?





Hi to all readers. Some of you now that I was publishing entries in my old journal, called "Weekly Game Development". I stopped because it was too demanding. We always think of "real" Game Devs like they dont have their own lives but they do. I have felt like I have been releasing these entries every single day. Anyway, I am looking forward to share my thoughts and experiences with all of you.

Until our next reading.....



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