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Practical Approach: Single Player RPG

I think the practical approach I should be taking towards my project is Pen/Paper first, then from there to a single player RPG. This way I can still practice and incorporate all of the mechanics I want in my project but drastically closing that gap I have called "Experience". I realize I do not have it, but I am working on it. And this approach should help me make that transition from Single Player to Online. Not technically an MMO, but opening the game up to allow other players to interact with each other/compete. This will also make testing it much easier and gauge how much support I am getting for the project and if it really is worth continuing.

I am hoping to have a little more to show for this project and to get feedback from anyone in the community who would like to contribute. I am a single person working on a pretty big project, I do have my wife helping me on some aspects and a couple friends that are more then willing to "play test" my pen/paper version as soon as it is done (But if only I serve the pizza/refreshments and such ). But I would definitely like to get some more people involved if they would be willing to read through walls of text, humor my silly drawings (I am not a very good artist but I try!) and contribute in any other ways possible!

I understand this project won't be moving at an incredible pace but I see this as a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and try to turn an idea into something tangible for others to experience!

I also have no problem sharing all of my ideas and mechanics behind my game! I am not afraid of my ideas being "stolen" because almost everything I am coming up with has already been done. These past games have inspired me, and if somehow my silly ideas inspire someone else who am I to get mad? Shit, I would be flattered.

I would love to get people involved in my creative process as much as possible, it helps to have a fresh mind and different view especially after hours and hours of brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and if you comment I appreciate it!

Also -
Don't know if you have seen this post, but I thought it was hilarious.





Since I Have Been Gone

Well, I am definitely glad I made an account. Even happier that I made two journal entries! It was very easy for me to take a look at my little folder crammed with papers and the such and compare them to what I had wrote in my journals. I am writing this because I want to remind myself that today I have found inspiration and taken another jab into the development world. Even if nothing comes from it, I enjoy every moment crafting and shaping this game idea.

*Currently on Deployment, left November 29th.
*Halfway through it, has been a very interesting experience. Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, Jebal Ali.
*Working on ESWS Pin.

*Plan on taking the CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals w/i a month of pulling back into port.

*Before the end of the year plan on having my CompTIA A+ certificate as well.

*Enroll in college, get current military education and college credits transferred, on my way to my Networking Security degree! At the same time, put in my package to cross rate to CTN Rating. (Told it will get denied with a 90% chance, told to re-apply when my EOS is w/i 12 months. But what if I am in that 10%? That is more then enough incentive to do so, no harm in trying!)

*While all of this is going on I hope I am able to make strides in my personnel development in coding and trying to get this "Test Game" made. I wanting it to incorporate the fundamentals of what I want my game to have. So it is going to need to demonstrate a couple different game mechanics including:

Map Movement [Basic interface with the world map and navigating in gates.]
Gates [This will be the "Dungeon" System.]
Quest [One quest line, 5 quest should be MORE then enough.]
Combat [This is what the game is all about. This is priority #1.]
Monsters [This is also what the game is all about, priority #2.]
Monster Manual+Synthesis [If I can get combat coded and running, then this shouldn't be that much harder, right?]

*At first glance this doesn't seem like much, but everything in the game will revolve around these core mechanics. If I can't get these right, how am I supposed to get to the more ambitious ideas? Player farms? Recruits? No sir, these ideas can't come to light if I can't get the basics of my game down/programmed.

***Trying to decide what language to accomplish this with.

If you have anything to add please feel free to respond or send me a message, thank you.




My GDD (Game Development Design) Part 1: Pen and Paper


I have been working on my Game Development Design in hopes of being able to get a good estimate at where my game is at in the development stages, to try to gather all my ideas together in one single document and hopefully be able to present this to others for feedback!

But I get distracted so easily. . . my process has been a slow and frustrating one, because most of the things I am writing down and trying to compile are things I have written over and over again. The main purpose of trying to do my own personal GDD is - focus. I am trying to get my thoughts, ideas, dreams and hopes on a single pipeline and push them through as one. Into of being scattered ideas. I think that once I overcome this obstacle it should be smooth for at least a couple months!

This is not meant to be a huge game studio GDD. It is merely my starting point of expressing my game design and mechanics to others in hopes of feedback. I can't stress how much I need feedback, I need something to bounce these ideas off of. I need to be criticized, I need a reality check if indeed all my ideas are "stupid", "boring" and "cliche".

GDD Part 1: Pen and Paper
Combat Arena and Tournaments Gates/Dungeons/Realms/Instances [The Monster's Worlds] CurrencyThe next areas I want to work on are. . .

GDD Part 2: Pen and Paper, til death do us 'part
Monster Specifics [Pretty much everything on the monster's "page" if you were to look at it in game.] Player Specifics The World specifics [Along with a rough draft of the first "map", to explain how movement in the game works.] Monster Worlds [Name in progress. . . rough draft of the first world as well.] The Player's Farm [This is a part of the game I am very excited about!] The "Collar" [An idea that popped in my head, I hated it shortly after, but all of the feedback was - it's different, i like it, keep it. *-.- ] The 3x3 Square [Name in progress. . . a very important part of the monster "breeding" process. Not really breeding though...] "Capturing" Monsters Monster Manual and the pages Recruits [Another idea that I am very very excited about!] "Breeding" [I think the name that is looking the best is - Synthesizing. Monster Synthesis . . .] Monster Essence [Ties in with capturing monsters. . .] "Movement" [There is a very logical explanation, it shouldn't be too inhibiting to a majority of the players. Maybe only to the most hardcore players. . .] Combat and the "Tick" Process User interface [The graphics are not the staple, the game play is. But it would be hard to convince some that it is worth playing if it doesn't appeal to the eyes first. Here eat this, "It looks like shit!", I swear it taste great though, "Nah, I'll pass."] Balancing the "Breeding" Process [This will be the biggest impact on game balancing, a large part of the game will Player vs Player tournaments!]
I have my work cut out for me!

Now if only I could get some fan artist to help me create the first set of monsters ^=^

Tomorrow I am setting my alarm for 0630 in hopes I wake up and go to the gym. Spend a couple hours there. Come home, shower, eat and then work on my game. And after a good couple of hours take my son and dog to the park!

[Note: I did not realize these get read. So please ignore my silly comments like the one above, this is a very easy way for me to gauge how I am doing. When I wake up tomorrow at 1100 and then read this and go "Ugh. Y U SO LAZY?"]





Created GameDev and Reddit Accounts

A couple days ago I created an account at Reddit finally after a year of browsing on it. A couple days later I found a link from the Programming sub-reddit to this wonderful website! I don't really know the point of this journal but it seems like too good of a thing to ignore. Let me post some information not only for others who are interested, but for myself. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and focused on my path of game development!!

My name is Josh.

I am 21.


Currently Enlisted in the United States Navy.

I have a family.

I am going to college on the Navy's dime, because I couldn't pay for it and work before I joined.

My degree path is currently towards Network Security.

I have other hobbies such as working out, video games, and reading.

I have been working on and off for the last 4 years on my "Game".


Current Project:

Genre: Monster Raising Role Playing

Platform: Browser based MMO

Looking to Create W/: HTML5 and Flash atm [Any recommendations for a good language to use for a browser based game?]

Gameplay: Dynamic dungeons, breeding, monster customization, personal farm with the ability to expand, arenas (Against Computers and Players), big boss battles, monster teams of 3 and much more!

Inspired From: Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Digimon, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Jade Cocoon and Azure Dreams.

Looking for any freelance artist and writers to contribute!
(I have nothing but in game credit to offer at the moment!)



Now that I have it out there, plenty of information on me, enough information on my game, I feel pretty good now. Motivated to continue working on my Game Development Design (GDD). Which I have realized is not a simple thing to do. So I am going to tailor one to my specific needs! It will be pretty in depth and enough to give others a good idea of what my game is about. How it will be played. The main features of my game.


Short term goals:

GET V1.0 OF MY GDD FINISHED! [Day 2 - Currently in progress]
Post GDD on forum(s) and hopefully receive constructive criticism!




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