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About this blog

CURRENT PROJECT: Create multiple web games

Rogue Fighter - A Star Wars shooter like 1942 arcade (http://www.weizguy.net/rogue/play.html)

Mortal Match - A match game based on Mortal Kombat (http://www.weizguy.net/match/)

Codenames - Game based on the popular card game (http://www.weizguy.net/codenames/)


Entries in this blog

Rogue Fighter

I have recreated my Star Wars game using the Phaser Game Engine. I thought it turned out pretty good, it uses Firebase to keep track of the high scores. After 500 points the play changes a little bit, I will eventually add more elements to keep making it harder. For now, the only real challenge is getting the high score...

You can play it at http://www.weizguy.net/rogue/play.html .

Typical arrow or W A S D keys with space bar to shoot or mouse click to shoot



For our 1942 / Star Wars game, this is where we currently are...

Following prototypes are complete

  • Game scrolls vertically
  • Player moves in four directions
  • Player fires missile
  • Enemy moves on board
  • Player and enemy collide and explode
  • Player can shoot enemy and it blows up
  • Missile makes firing sound
  • Explosion make explosion sound

    [s]Current issue is that I have 50 enemies randomly showing up, but after all 50 have cycled through, the game stops. My random timer doesn't seem to be working yet.[/s]

    I realized that the timer is actually working, what is happening is that it is recycling the enemies, since I hadn't killed any, it would stop at 50, but as long as I am killing the enemies, they will keep coming.

It has been a long time, but I am back and have almost finished a game.

I am currently in a coding boot camp and in the midst of researching game engines, I ended up almost finishing a game by myself. Our team decided we were going to create a game like the classic arcade game 1942:


We decided to convert it to a Star Wars theme. The language we are using is Javascript, so I started a search for game engines using it. I came across GameQuery and decided to see how far I could get over the weekend. I ended up making a side shooter based on Star Wars. It is just an Xwing fighting against Tie Fighters and advanced Tie Fighters. Randomly, a Star Destroyer will appear and takes more damage to kill. I through in Boba Fett's ship to rarely fly by quickly shooting really fast.

I also incorporated a High Score using Firebase where it will always keep track of High Score in real time. As of right now, all of the sprites are just one pic as I am still working on how to do the animations correctly. Speaking of animations, the enemy explosions are not quite working correctly. Also, the Star Destroyer is really easy to kill and I have only really tested the game on my computer.

Anyway, it was only worked on over this last weekend and still has work to be done, but I am focusing on our actual project right now. BTW, we ended up not going with GameQuery and our current game will be made with the Phaser game engine.

If you would like to look at the game, I have it playable at http://www.sshado.com/swGame/ ... to start the actual game play, just hit the rebellion shield at the top of the screen. Please wait for some of the scroll to appear before hitting the shield and only hit the shield once, otherwise the music will 'double up' - just one of the bugs to figure out...

Here is a screen shot of the start screen and one of the game play:

screenShot.gif gamePlay.gif

New plan

I am giving up on the Triple Booting and Mac altogether (for now). One of the only reasons I was trying to triple boot was to get a Hackintosh working so that I could create iPhone Apps. Then I was going to buy a Mac to do it, but don't really feel like spending the money.

I only wanted to make some apps because I thought it would be fun and fairly easy. Then it hit me...

I have EVERYTHING I need to make xBox 360 games (well try at least). Why haven't I been focusing on that? Well, it is time...

Triple Monitor KVM?

Later today, I will attempt to re-install Snow Leopard with a new bootloader. If I can not get it to Triple Boot, I will be buying a Mac Mini.

I currently have a Triple Monitor setup with my PC. Is there any KVM switch that would allow a Triple Monitor setup with both the Mac Mini and a PC? Or does anyone know of a solution.

I haven't found a Multi Monitor KVM yet, I wonder if I could buy a few, take them apart and build a custom one???


I had Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7, and Snow Leopard working on my system. I couldn't get the Grub2 Bootloader to show Snow Leopard. I changed a couple of files and fucked everything up.

I reinstalled everything, but was still getting a Grub error (couldn't find HD), so I zeroed out all of my HD's (took over 10 hours), and re-installed Windows 7.

As I was zeroing out one of my drives, I received and error. I called Western Digital, and they are going to replace the drive (again). Once I receive that drive, I will attempt Triple Booting again...


I connected a new 150GB Velociraptor (only HD connected) and installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Worked perfectly. Then I added a 1TB HD using a separate SATA cable and the system wouldn't start up. I switched the SATA cables and nothing. Then I removed the extra HD and started again. Windows started after having to recover from an error. I quit for the night after that.

Any ideas?

I have the Striker Extreme Mobo if that info is helpful.

EDIT: Nevermind, fixed :)


I almost forgot that I sent in two 150GB Raptors back to Western Digital due to failure. Well, they are sending me back two 150GB Velociraptors :P

I am thinking I should put Windows 7 on one and use one of the Terrabyte hard drives as storage for it, and Snow Leopard on the other two. Then I will put Ubuntu on the 320GB HD.

Stuff ordered

Well I have two 1TB HD's coming on Friday from NewEgg. I also ordered the Retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate from Amazon which will be here on Friday as well.

I was going to order the Snow Leopard disc from Amazon, but it was only $26??? Is this only an upgrade or the full version? I couldn't find anything that stated either or. $26 feels so cheap compared to Microsoft...

I am also downloading the program that will allow me to install Snow Leopard on my PC, that is supposed to take until Friday as well (torrents).

So, hopefully I will be Triple booting by the end of the weekend. Now, if I could only have all three open at the same time (one on each monitor) - that would be cool :)
I never really partition my hard drives. Is it smarter to reserve a smaller partition to install the OS on and have a separate partition for data? I usually do one full partition and just install the OS and go.

I ask because I just ordered two 1TB HD's for dual booting, one for Windows 7, and one for Snow Leopard. I am thinking of Triple booting as I also have a 320GB HD that I could use for Ubuntu. Would it be smarter to partition the 320GB hard drive into 3 partitions (1 for each OS) and just use the two other HD's for data?

I got the job :)

Well, I made it through the interviews this week and I have been offered the Quality Engineering position. It is more of a lateral move, but I have nowhere else to go in my position now.

I now have an actual career path to follow opposed to a "job".

Interviewing ...

I am in the process of changing careers. I just had an interview yesterday, which I thought went OK. Now I have another interview tomorrow (2nd round) that I need to make go better.

I am a little rusty at interviewing, I haven't done it for over 10 years. I didn't need an interview for my current position, so I never really interviewed all that much in my life.

I am also not sure what to wear. I know you usually "dress to impress", but does that rule still apply if it is within' the same company?

The career change is from a Records Supervisor to a Quality Engineer...


I just found out that I can work on learning Silverlight at work now. That is great because I have been so damn bored with my job lately and I haven't had much time to work on it at home.

Silverlight 2.0

I started the book: Beginning Silverlight 2: From Novice to Professional last night. Going slow since I only have about an hour to 2 hours a night (I wish I could devote more time to it). Did the first two chapters last night.

I can't wait to delve deeper into it :)


Well, I didn't receive any response on which book would be a good book to learn Silverlight with, so I bought all of them on my list. I will probably start with the most basic one. For now, I have been reading some online tutorials. I also bought Microsoft Expressions Studio as it was on sale for 50% off :)


Hopefully, learning Silverlight won't be too hard. I figured since I dabble in web development and I am trying to learn C#, I thought I could learn Silverlight and kill two birds with one stone.

Does anyone have any recommended Silverlight books to learn with? I was thinking of one of these:

Beginning Silverlight 2: From Novice to Professional (Beginning: from Novice to Professional)

Pro Silverlight 2 in C# 2008 (Windows.Net)

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, 2nd Edition

and possibly this book:

Silverlight 2 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (Expert's Voice in .Net)

Triple Monitor Setup

I want to add a third monitor to my setup, but I am not sure how. I currently have an 8800 Ultra with dual monitors. Would I just add any video card for the third monitor? I assume if I add another 8800 Ultra and do SLI, I would only be able to do 2 monitors, or would I be able to do up to four with SLI?

Damn time wasters :(

My neighbor came over the other night with his laptop and invited me to join his Gang in Facebook. That was a mistake. Now I have 8 tabs open with:

Gang Wars
Mafia Wars
Vampire Wars
Fashion Wars
Dragon Wars
Prison Lockdown
Heroes vs Villains

Bad, bad, bad. Now I spend hours rotating through them just to level them and make tons of cash. I need to stop and focus on my programming...

Back again

Now that college is done, I am back into the programming game :) I am planning on doing the XNA workshop coming in April (end of March) so I figured that would be enough time to run through the C# workshop beforehand.

There is also an XNA group here in town that meets once a month and an IGDA group that meets once a month, that turns out to be every other Thursday meetings. I think I will go to these and network a bit.

And last, my school offers video game programming courses and I am debating on taking a couple of those classes. To take them it would cost me $12,000 :( I can't decide if it is worth it...


I posted this in the help wanted forums:

This is just to see if there would be any interest out there

Team name:
XNoobs - j/k I have no idea...

Project name:
XNA RPG Project

Brief description:
There have been a few people trying to start beginner teams that have gone nowhere. I was thinking it may be easier to get a group together that could use the XNA Creators club and the RPG Starters kit to get a working game going and get some practice in.

Target aim:
Freeware to play on the Xbox 360.

No compensation other that what has been learned and a game to play.

C# / XNA. Should have a premium membership to the XNA Creators club. Need Visual C# express 2005 and SP1 downloaded. Xbox 360 would be helpful :)

Talent needed:
Need everyone, artists, musicians, programmers, designers. The RPG template has everything, but better artwork, music, and story is the goal here. We can tweak the game to be more fun and challenging.

Team structure:
No structure yet, I would like to program and design.

I don't have a website up yet, but I can easily create one and host it.


Previous Work by Team:
My goal is to learn more about programming and design. I am by no means an artist or composer. I have a BSci degree and have taken a few courses in Visual Basic, C, C++, and Java. I am trying to learn C# right now.

Additional Info:
Link to RPG Starter Kit

I will check this thread a couple times today, but I will be out of town until Monday June 23, 2008.



I have been working in C++ for a while now but I received a sign that said I should work with XNA - I recently bought a new car and the license plate is XNA ### So...

I joined XNA Game Studio last night. I downloaded the RPG Template and fooled around with it a bit. It was kind of cool to play it on my Xbox 360. I also downloaded Torque X but didn't fool around with it yet.

Is there anyone else fooling around with XNA Game Studio? Got any tips or ideas?
So, when does it all come together and just click?

I have made a few text type games, I understand the loops. I need some practice with pointers and polymorphing, etc. But when does it click? Is it after you learn the Graphical API's?

Maybe I know the answer and I just want clarification. I believe it clicks at a different point with different people. For me, I think it will click when I learn DirectX or OpenGL.
Why do I keep stopping and starting? I finished school in March. I could have started up programming again, but I convinced myself that I am too old to be a game programmer. I am too old because I have too many responsibilities now.

The problem is that I am bored with my current job and whenever I think about programming, I get excited. Deep down I think it is my passion, I just started waaaay late...

I have to pursue it. It is time to dust off the books and continue my training at the Game Institute. I left off in the final chapter of Module 1 of C++ Programming. I need to refresh and finish it up, get through Module 2, and then learn some graphics programming.
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