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One Deux Three

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Got the game at its most primitive up and running as a prototype, seeing that is seems fun enough, going to start expanding on it and fleshing out the test code, and making the program more robust. At the same time, adding everything else I need into it :)

packer update

seems I will be writing my own, as most people dont deem it necessary to pack and encrypt files. Unless ofcourse you buy assets and makers insist you do so.

More on this later.

Geo Defender

- explosions effects ( not too great )
- asteroids can hit home planet now
- shields, if your shields are on, your fire rate is diminished.
- dumb dumb dumb menu system
- levels and score

sidenote, you ever find yourself relentlessly playing your own game because you think it is so cool ?
- health packs
- weapon upgrades.

new pics

25 hour day

I would love to have a longer day for once, work is keeping me so busy ( cant complain, it pays the bills ) but my studies are suffering big time.

Hopefully this weekend I can put my head down and study as much as possible, so as to write my exams and pass !

Easier said than done though. :)
Right, heh, tech, you gotta love it.

Just started really learning dx9, now this, hopefully it wont differ that much, or at least knowledge transfer wont be a problem.

Anybody else agree ? What are your thoughts on WGF (dx10 ?) and Longhorn ?

Study Study Study

Been grafting non-stop the last 2 days now, just trying to get to a level that will make me ready for my bsp/pvs/csg studies.

Mosty mundane stuff I already know, but would still like to get the certification to add to my resume/cv.


.... and then some.

Studied last night, and finished Doom3, quite enjoyable game.

Got to study more math, d3d and bsp stuff tonight, so I can become a GAME PROGRAMMER !!! Yay !

This is one hobby that is both fun, and darn infuriating. Cool I got a 3d cube rendered, then you look at Doom3 and wonder if you really will ever get there, become that good.

Anyway, tis my update for today.

It has begun

Hey !

Thanks to my sister in the states, I am now an official gdnet+ member ! I live in South Africa, so pay pal aint active here, but my sis took over and reged for me.

Thanks sis !!!

Anyway, I shall be updated a lot here as I further my game dev studies !

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