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Long Time No Post

Wow, it's been quite a while since my last journal update. Nothing too eventful happened, just moved into the dorms at UCI. School starts this friday (the 24th).

That's pretty much it, just wanted to use what I'm paying for.




An Update

Just a typical journal update. Just got home from dropping my sister and her boyfriend off at the airport; they're going up north to a wedding. Anyway, I compiled KDE for my linux install while I slept, and I'm in it now. Pretty sleek, as usual.

Time to find some documentation on the Maya API or Mel scripts; I've got to write an exporter. Well, that's all for now.




Another Usual Day

Day in, day out. Another usual day for Mike. Well, it was pretty good, but nothing special. I woke up and my RAM had come. Sweet sweet RAM. I installed it and ran memtest86. Thankfully there were no errors in the module. After that I did some sitting, then some eating, then some more sitting.

After the extensive lounging around, my buddies and I discussed our mead brewing plans. mmmm...mead. Yeah, we do odd things. Most of 'em fall through, but only after we've tried them a few times (like making maille, smithing).

I did actually get some work done on the engine. It's shaping up nicely.

The End.

Edit: After reading this I discovered how crappy the entry was. I will leave it as a reminder that caffeine is not a complete substitute for sleep.




Password + Cell Phone == Bad Idea

For some reason when I first bought my cell phone a number of months ago I thought it would be a good idea to enable password protection (that is, the phone would not turn on until the correct password is entered). I never had any problems with it, until this morning. The first thing I do (for some reason or another) when I wake up is turn on my cell phone. In an odd happening I could not remember my password. Well, after the third incorrect entry the phone suddenly locked (I should've RTFM'd). Long story short, I had to call tech support (two different companies, a number of times) to get the activation code to unlock the damn thing. Needless to say, I promptly disabled the password feature.

In development news, I haven't done any today. I did some thinking about what libraries to use, but no actual development. My engine is OpenGL based, and I've been thinking whether to use GLslang (which I like very much), or Cg (which I like much less) for compatibility reasons. Currently I am thinking about just going with Cg.

Well, thats enough for this entry.




Where's My RAM?

After looking at my horrendous first journal entry, which no one probably read (thankfully), I decided to try and write up a real entry.

So I was bootstrapping Gentoo--a nice, clean, fresh install for the ol' second hard drive. Suddenly, like a knife through my heart--Segmentation Fault. This being a computer issue, and me being a programmer, I try again and see if that damn segfault would return. It did.

After some running of memtest86 with my different memory modules I determined I had a faulty module, and decided to RMA it. My replacement module should be coming soon--but not soon enough.

In other news, I actually did a spot o' work on the engine. Hopefully I'll get something substantial done soon. Hopefully.




First Journal Entry

Well, my first journal entry. I was just sitting around the computer today, and decided that signing up for GDNet+ would be a good idea. It was.

At any rate, I worked a bit on my library. Still nothing spectacular, but it's fun. Ah well, hopefully I'll have more to blog later.



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