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First day on Notes of a Champion.

So this weekend i was bored of playing games. Minecraft doesn't hold the same splendour it did 6 months ago, Crysis 2 got boring after endless owning people on lighthouse, and Skyrim started to bore me as I thought about making my own mini game.

Hence why i have started Notes of a Champion.
This project is going to be a text based Rpg and wont involve any graphics outside of a console application. The general idea of this is to create an in depth world that people can explore via words leveling up, talking to NPC's and getting items. It will be coded in pascal in Delphi 2005 [the version we get from school]

Development actually started yesterday about 12 hours ago but what ever

So what i've got done today is the following.

Leveling System - The player can now level up after getting the required exp. The players stats will then be adjusted accordingly and the exp to next level increase, this i done through formula so there is no level cap for the time being.
Combat is half way built. This is where i stumbled and is what i've spent the last hours trying to figure out. The general combat system is a classical Rock>Paper>Scissors attack triangle, this isn't where i had my fall down today though... Its the actual damage done by mob (causing lots of frustration here) as its calculated in the mob defined procedure it doesn't calculate the damage each repeat meaning only one damage value is taken.

And in the last 3 hours i've been working on a race system for the Rpg. At the moment its 1/2 decent being able to choose a race from a choice of 3. Each race has scaled attributes which also scales with level depending on the race. I'm currently balancing this system out however as the agility and strength don't really contribute much to a fight hence unbalancing Elves and Dwarves [2 of the 3 select races].

Tomorrow my planned developments are to get Races Working properly and to use an armour system that can decrease damage, but also to fix the whole combat system so it actually works.

If any 1 reading this knows a way of being able to save a characters information to a text file or something similar could you please email me on myles@tern-quay.com

go to the following link and you will find V1 of the Rpg system http://www.mediafire.com/?038pzed1kzmdg0z



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