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been a while...

Ok, its been a couple of weeks since I was here and I've accomplished alot and nothing all at the same time. I ordered some books from the site and have been studying pretty hard.

I ordered intro to c++ game edition, 3d programming with directx10 and, programming game AI...
I've read two of the three so far the math in the directx10 book took me a while to understand but I figured it out...

Anyways, the point of this here journal is to ask a question....
I'm wanting to know what kind of texture and 3d character modeling program assistance people are using.
The reason I ask is that directx10 does do some mesh modeling and texture stuff but the book I suggest doesn't get into great detail about it and they suggest to seek an outside source such as Maya or other... I was looking around at some of the book available and I seen the blender 2.5 and I was wanting some opinions on how well that works.
So write me and let me know what you guys think





Idea for my first big project

I wanted to put in an entry so that those that might be interested could view/discuss my ideas...
For my first big project I was thinking about a game that would be christian based. I have an idea where you play as a man that goes around the city doing various community service deeds and generally having an open world availability to do as you please interacting with the denizens. This character is passive and is a story-line progressor. Now at the same time you have the option to push a button and switch to a guardian angel type character that watches over the first and slay demons and other such vile filth.
It would have a feel much like the soul reaver game where you could switch between worlds and manipulate the game in each to complete tasks. But it would be more along the lines of a elder scrolls game in its open world gameplay.
Does this make any sense to you all?

What I could use some help on is how to create the two worlds that would interact together.




First Entry

Hello all...
I want to get startedby introducing myself and telling a little about my limited experience in Game Dev.
My name is Larry Daniel and I am currently 29 years old. My birthday is 5-10-82 so please send presents. I enjoy most types of games from board games to computer games and everything in between. I got started in Game development back in 2000 when I was first introduced to RPGMaker 2000 by a friend of mine Steven Stapleton. We tinkered with the system in our free time but never produced anything substantial to the 'cause' and I eventually got more involved in life and left the development alone until later. In the interim years I was an avid player and kept an interest in the game design and development world but from a safe distance. I decided to get more serious about my hobby in 2006 and started seeking out a college that I could attend to teach me what it takes to become a professional. I found Westwood College Online and started attending classes in Jan 2007. I was a mediocre student and did my best to learn the material presented to me and at the same time perform a full time job and take care of my family. In May 2008 I got into some legal trouble and was incarcerated and lost my home, my job, my education and all other normalcy of life. I was released from prison in Nov. 2011 and am interested in continuing my education but I have a slight problem with the finances at this point. All of my student loans are in default status and I am homeless (living in a half-way house in Louisville, KY). I go to the library at any chance I get to read up on industry news and to study the programming books and websites that are relevant but I am restricted by the house's limited movements policy so I am doing my best.

If there is/are any materials that you know of that could assist me in my research please feel free to comment/contact me at your convenience.



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