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The progress of my 2d world simulation game

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A few days ago I gave you the mock design of the site, that site is now complete and can be viewed at here! The site for the most part is complete, it has a projects page and allows us to organize our information and well I like the way it looks for the time being. Some updates I need to make are:
-Make the background extend without limit
Right now the background is a single image and everything is placed in frames on this image to make it "pixel perfect". I need to go about making it so that I have a top, and a bottom images as well as an image for between those.
I am currently designing a forum system to go with the site, it will include the most basic aspects of a forum as well as some other ideas I think i'll throw in there.
I will be adding a blog system for each project so that we don't have to entirely rely on gamedev for journal entries, although both will contain roughly the same information with the slight changes such as custom video players and better formatting for our own blog.
-public planning locker
A page that is devoted to our plans, designs, and art that shows you what we are planning in the eyes of the developer so to speak. Pretty much contains plans we see fit to release to the public.

The rough draft of our alpha planning is still being made, I have a few ideas that could change the whole project just a bit but these will for the most part be voted on by fans and developers alike.

That's all I really have to show for this week, hope to have more next weekend!




Still Alive, Still Kicking, Better than ever, and the discussion continues

During my absence Dukandia was put on hold, for several reasons, but the point is, Dukandia is still alive, and it is doing far better than it ever was before.

Language Change
While gone, Dukandia has changed languages, actually its changed languages several times. We have settled on c++, Java was limiting in power, and practicality, we then moved to an engine but disliked not having complete control, moved to xna just to get things rolling, but eventually moved to c++, which had always been the ideal language but finally, we realized it was the way to go.

Memory Management, that works
Since the start of Dukandia development we had small memory leaks, or were asking for too much memory at once, this was seen in the time it took our application to start and load everything, as it all happened at once. That's gone, The amount of memory Dukandia allocates for itself is determined by how much is going on, the menus requiring very little, and the maps dynamically asking for memory based on whats happening rather than loading every possible scenario at once. (The exception is in magic, and things that can potentially happen randomly, that will still obviously be loaded)

Graphical Update
The graphics are getting an overhaul, a new polished look, one thats slightly cartoony in nature as well. Dukandias old nostalgia look was nice, but it wasnt exactly what I invisioned and the new look im developing so far is exactly what I want.

The World
I have decided that my old world sizes were, not enough, the alpha and beta will now be enlarged to multiple planets, as well as a new "dimension". The worlds will have regional weather, monsters, stat effects, and terrain stats such as social hardness. The idea of how weather is to be managed is going to be something to this effect
if the temp of a tile of water is over a point, than the tiles evaporation level decreases (meaning that water has left the tile and migrated to a tile in the plane above it) when enough of the air is saturated the air fogs up, if the tile loses too much, it changes visually and possibly drys up unless refilled by time, or effects such as player interaction or weather. On the uppermost planes (so upper atmosphere) a constant wind variable of 1.5 will be present, this variable will be dynamically adjusted later to represent the planets rotation speed. This allows weather to globally move slowly over time, and still have local weather stay mostly local. Wind on lower levels will occur based on temperature differences

transforming will be introduced, the mechanics behind it will need to be planned, if you have ideas comment them below.

The Player
You will be given 3 character slots for free, character slots can be increased via payment, or in game cash in a market we plan to implement, there will be no limit on how many players you have.

Everyone will be protected from account theft or hijacking via IP tracking, as well as a system that tracks an items owners, drops, pickups ect for an items life in the last 72 real world hours. If your robbed, youll have 3 days from being robbed to have the abusers found, dealt with, and have your items returned.

Wrap up
Thats about it mates, I would love to hear feedback, and see if interest in the project remains, any ideas or comments on my weather system, teraforming, or player slots or protection is gladly accepted and I crave it.




Site Upgrade

Well, today was going to be a Dukandia development day, but after going to my site to update text i realized something... The site being made when I first began web and software development sucked. A basic html one only looking good on Internet explorer it was bad so below I have a list of improvements as well as a link to the improved site.

Multi browser support
CSS Frames to keep content nice and neat
New logo to fit
Awesome new design
Slideshow *

*Please note I'm fairly new to slideshows so the buttons are temps, besides that I feel accomplished actually making one.


yes I know the domain does need to change, but I'm in a contract.




Site Mock up

After a week or so of planning, design, and well of course color decisions I have been able to mock up an updated version of my site. The site includes the team selected name of our group / company as well as providing a much better looking slideshow, and information display. There is not much to say although, I might want to hear what you think of my little dog story I wrote half way through the example text, lol and no it does not make sense. I am thinking of replacing the wood top with a different texture, as well as redoing the corners to be smooth, what are your thoughts.





Hey not much to say other then I am limited to the days I can work on Dukandia, but I'm not worried about progress, since I did most of the work on these days anyway:

Dukandia: Friday - Sunday with some exceptions

Side Projects: Mon - Thursdays

The side project is a simple rts game I'll be building during lunch breaks during the week, any actual day off will be given to Dukandia as my primary project. if anyone's interested I will be posting a wip thread on it in the next week or so.




Night 7

Well today's progress was good, but a lot slower then what I thought it would be. I'll break it down into graphics and coding below.

Well, after creating the new main menu, I decided to create a widescreen version. What I mean is, those who have a widescreen monitor will experience "squishing" on the original works, so in the settings a widescreen option is available, when checked your main menu and other menus will be made more compact so that they render more normal then not. I was also unable to go to the character selection menu due to a setback created by the settings menu. Tomorrow After I figure out my coding issues I will be able to get cracking on the menu's functionality, and hopefully getting to the character selection menu.

Ever hear the saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it"? well, I should have listened. I wanted to try a new client layout, and well to say the least it went horrid. I have it working but i'm at a standstill with being able to draw new things when a click is detected. I will have to go back and redo the client from scratch so that it will be functional again. Good news is I know the code by heart at this point having typed it up hundreds of times, I'll be up and running 5 mins into my daily routine tomorrow.

Settings file test was ran successfully though! although it cant detect clicks it can read and load the correct type of background so that's a plus!

Although today had its downs, It was a mostly good day. I got a lot of graphics done (Look at them below!) as well as being able to get feedback from a few people. I realize however, that when character creation is reached there will be a week or so pause. I have to get a sprite that looks decent made so that I can continue beyond that point.


normal view





New projects, Updates, and the next few weeks

These next few weeks I will be working on a few new projects, as for Dukandia, over the next week I will be attempting to finish the temporary male and start on the temporary female sprites. (Can be seen in the Isometric Sprites topic located in the Visual Arts area of the forums.) The Next update on Dukandia will come when character customization is completely done and we can save, and load a characters looks from the server correctly. As for my other projects, most of them are simply engine starters for later projects, websites, as well as a few programs to help me manage my time and such. I will post updates of projects as I see the need, See you next time.




Melting Cube - Dukandia, Tutorials, Entering the realm of 3d and more!

Hello There!
Well before I begin, I should go ahead and say that I will be posting either a lot more often, or posts that contain much more then what I have usually been known to post. I would prefer to use the latter of the two, but this might not always be possible.

I will warn you, I am trying to start posting with "personality" I think my work is rather dull and boring and think that it'd be best if when you read it it sounds like a dialogue with some crazy guy and his dog, then a history book. Enjoy.

Let's start off with Dukandia,
Dukandia planning is going rather well, I am knocking out a page or two a day (very lazy of me actually) and I am also thinking of things that without planning would never have occurred to me. The first one I want to go ahead and talk about is Online Quests, that's right its a title not a vague description of a phony bologna piece of text. Online Quests are simple yet over complicated all at the same time. One example I have come to think of is, let's say you find some ruins and within these ruins is a book. This book could contain anything, the secret to ultimate power, how to forge the perfect sword, the secret to Nan's cookies The possibilities are endless really. Now to open this book you would need a key that would normally have had an inscription to lead you to this location. Now you can either, look for the key (or chance across it), or you can gain the skills to pick the lock or make a key that sorta thing. Now I'm getting a bit off track though aren't I? The idea of the quests is to promote world exploration as well as a way to hide content and well have people work together. If I have the key and you have the book and we are being little guppies and arguing over who gets to read or use what, we might just decide 'screw it, why not we both read it?" in short it's my way if forcing you to work together.
Now, how bout some other "Points of Interest?" I'm thinking of random ruins (as described above) as well as lets say random ghost settlements. There could even be little monuments that hold an item or a book, as well as adding some natural wonders of the world and what not. My ideas for points of interest are rather small and like the quests they are there only for the first players as its simply a mechanism to fill the gap that will be gone once players build over ruins and what not.

That was a mouthful wasn't it? Let's get on with tutorials,
I am thinking of starting a series of Java, and C++ tutorials (video) as well as some text articles for those of you with limited bandwidth and what not. These tutorials are really just something for me to do for those who want to learn c++ or Java and haven't had the time, the money, or found any good tutorials of some sort. They are also for members of my team, a few friends, and anyone who can search something on YouTube and get out of the ordinary results. These tutorials will be as explained as I feel you need to be when it comes to learning these, I'm not going to go on about "The history of JAVA, chapter one..." but I will go ahead and tell you what I know about certain pieces of code as well as some tricks I have learned. Now if anyone who watches these knows a better way to do something I post by all means, please share. I am more or less new to JAVA and I only know what My coding as taught me so chances are those of you with actual years in this language can top me in no time. I am also going to be doing video versions with some graphs and some simple animations for some of my journal entries, as well as any actual evidence of progress that is visual.

Second to last, and a blast from the past, Entering the realm of [s]2D[/s] 3D development,
I Have decided that, 2D is nice and all and I truly do love it, but well games are moving on and it's best I catch the train before it hits me in the face. Now I have not worked with 3D in, well I never actually have worked with much of it. So I'll be looking for decent freeware to start me off before I go out and purchase and overpriced 3d modeling programming of some sort. So if any of you know a nice program that's free or rather cheap, let me know. I also need something or somewhere to learn to animate and what not, texture so on so forth. So if you got Recommendations let me know I could use em.

Lastly the much much more of this entry,
A few of my personal projects have come slightly farther thanks to some concept tests I have worked on, mainly the "Drop Box" I was working on for my own needs, I am thinking of releasing it when it is done It requires a FTP file storage of some sort and a MySQL database but besides that simple setup its self managing. - in theory

I hope I was able to provide a more real "Journal Post" and that i wasn't at all too creepy, thanks for reading,




Looking for Information

Well recently I was "promoted" so to speak, more of just a title change to group/company owner of Iron Genesis. Now I myself have never looked into the information required to know when starting, and maintaining a company but as far as I know there are a few main points. Copy Rights, trademarks, and taxes. I was curios if anyone had some insight as where to start looking into the general information required before I take our group from just that to a company. I hope this doesn't sound at all confusing and I don't mind any advice on the subject at hand either.




Java vs C++

Right so let us redo this. Java and C++ are very similar in syntax but what really makes them different? I will go over some of the differences in as much detail as I am aware, I will then ask that you post your opinion of what language would be best for a computer game. The results of your opinions, my team's opinions, and the information provided will influence Dukandia's progress.

Before we can talk about the very in-detail parts of C++ and Java, we must first talk about why they were first created:
C++ was designed for systems and applications, it was an extension of the C language. It was designed for efficient procedural execution.
Java was designed as a system to interpret printing systems, but later grew to do much more. It uses virtual machine to make it portable and secure. Although it has similar syntax to C++ it is not compatible in any way.

C++ is of course compatible with C, of course exceptions do apply.
Java is not compatible with any programming language.

C++ is write once, compile to run anywhere
Java is write once, run anytime anywhere

Parsing C++ can be more difficult, C++ allows namespace level functions, variables, ect. Lastly C++ objects are values.
Java has a context free grammar that cane be parsed by simple parsers. Java entities must be given a type and be defined as such.

Running applications
C++ is compiled directly into code your operating system can run
Java is compiled into code the Java Virtual Machine reads and interprets at run time

Templates vs. Generics
C++ uses Templates
Java uses Generics

I would delve into more detail but I'm not really good at going over everything if anyone wants to step up let me know and I'll add it in.

That's as much as I know for comparison really.




Im back

Well, after a few hectic weeks, I can finally get back to work on Dukandia, this week we will be adding another brain to our team. His work will mainly involve helping decide what ideas we keep and what we throw out as well as further developing the story. Dukandias summary will prolly be rewrote later this week.




Forum mock

I have decided i'll get a quick mock of the forum done today since I have the time. All opinions are appreciated since I'll be hand coding it don't limit your advice And yes that large block at the top would be the chat box I plan to implement into the main forums page.




Forum Development

In my last post I mentioned how I planned to go ahead and code my own forums system, as well as provided a mock up screen shot. This week I have planned out all the variables How I will go about doing it. For the most part that is all I have to share, but I will go ahead and share some of the core features I think the forums need to have, although as states below this is just a quick list of ideas, I am however working on the forums framework ATM.

I know I say it a lot but; The information below is direct planning information and is not yet official in any shape way or form and is subject to change.




Login name
Display Name
verify password
verify email
random bot prevention question
male or female
age (must be 13+)


Profile pic
short bio
self title


The Iron Genesis monthly news letter

Agree to TOU


Connects to forum
connects to games
connects to "blogs"
connects to main site comment and rating system

-forum features:

scrolling messages
time of day greetings
font size
font color
super script
sub script
non number list
number list
word sensor
report post
vote replies up or down
vote original post 1-5
follow a post
follow a board
follow a blog
follow a project page
chat box
dev only chat box
moderation board
adding as friend
titles based on job or post rank
private messages
developers will get "Job" messages giving you an update on what you have to do this month
change display name
change password
link to your website
sign in as invisible
delete account
un subscribe to news letter
search forum
edit posts by you
mods and admins can edit and delete all posts
delete posts by you
link images




Dukandia Update: 1; A Checkup, Goals, and Some Information


This is a re-post from my blog The Melting Cube

[color=#000000]This week on the Dukandia Dev Team we started work on the engine again! Currently the engine supports window and full-screen mode and is fully capable of giving us what we are looking for in the engine. We may be changing the engine up slightly depending on how research goes, but that's another story.[/color]

[color=#000000]New layout:[/color]
[color=#000000]From now on out all Dukandia Updates will be titled as such with a number, these numbers will start from 1 and go on, since this is new 1 will be placed on today's entry. At the bottom of every entry I will have "The fridge" it will be a summary in some cases, a letter to our followers in others, but is generally just news that I have decided to post, it might not change for weeks or it might change several times before you see it again.[/color]

[color=#000000]Current Features:[/color]
[color=#000000]Window Mode[/color]
[color=#000000]Full Screen[/color]
[color=#000000]Image Support[/color]
[color=#000000]Night and Day menu cycle[/color]

[color=#000000]This week:[/color]
[color=#000000]This week we will be creating the new GUI with night and day options, we will start work on various clothing items for the sprites, and we will also look into a game library. We also have two new projects who have come to fight for our attention, these projects are still in the planning phases however and will not be discussed on here until they are done and the leader of said project gives me the OK to do so. Stay on watch though I am sure I can get you some previews or treats regarding them![/color]

[color=#000000]Next Week:[/color]
[color=#000000]Next week I will show you the progress with the GUI, if I find it even half presentable that it. I will give you insight to a new site design that will better fit our needs. I will also discuss a game engine we are in the midst of planning to help speed up the processes, and I will share some background at what exactly we are doing.[/color]

[color=#000000]The Fridge[/color]
[color=#000000]Although this gave you a little bit of an insight and I know it wasn't a lot of new information, these are our goals and we will keep you up to date with them, thanks to anyone who follows these I'm sure you expected a bit more from us and I promise we will start delivering.[/color]




Dukandia Update 2: Software and Hardware Changes

Hello and welcome,
This week on the Dukandia Dev Team, we have upgraded our engine to include a few features as well as started using a game library to further speed up the development process.

New Features:
FPS Display
FPS Limit (Optional, replaces V-Syncing)
Menu Re-sizes to screen
Starts up at a decently sized window, can be changed in settings to a supported resolution

The Fridge:
In the coming week We will have screen-shots of our menus, we will have a few teasers to hint at alpha rewards and what not. We also would like to inform you that when we get a trailer done, we will be creating a kick-starter, all funds of kick-starter will be used to pay and maintain our servers and any music licensing we may need, additionally it will also lower the price of the full product later on.

Again, although not much, we will soon pick back up to our older larger update format we usually have. This is simply due to background changes being made rather than upfront changes. Stick with us there is more to see next week for sure!




Dukandia "Teaser" Graphic and This Week's Accomplishments

Hello and welcome back,
This week we have re-traced our steps and got back down to basics to do a re-design on our code to allow us to have a more flexible and re-usable framework. While doing so we took the time to also look at the basic features, and Interface aspects of the game and decided to add and change some of these. This week we got the following done:
Toggle between full screen and windowed mode
A Melting Cube logo
Story Mode progress* (Josh got hurt in a sport accident so this has been put on hold until he's feeling up to it.)
Interface changes. (Main Menu teaser below, made to look more toon-like)
Complete redesign of the client's layout hopefully improving speed.

Now before I post the little teaser, I do want to wish Josh luck in getting better.
Please post any opinions on, and suggestions this Interface is new and well looks a bit similar to my original version and thus I won't be surprised if you want a change or two. My biggest question being should I re-include the "remember me" check box? The toon look was achieved by working with a new text idea as well as including a slightly different wood effect. A background change was planned, however the wood did not look good on our other outputs.




Dukandia - This weekend

Hello there,
Now if you've been following Dukandia's progress you'll know that for a while little to know work was being done until last weeks re-design. Now the re-design of course did not go as planned, it went better. The redesign completely changed the speed at which Dukandia can be done. The redesign, however great it is can not protect us from the next road block: Sprites. Anyway below I have a few questions that I hope some of you are willing to answer these questions relate both to personal preference and to what you think is the best idea to keep the project moving.

Server data:
Server data if course is going to be a huge part in Dukandia, and well any other serious online game, and well I just don't have that much experience with server data. In all my years of programming the teams I have worked with, well to put it simply they were the people who said "I hate my job" so the minimum effort was always applied. SO here goes my question:

Do you think on file or MYSQL server data is better, if neither what is a better way?

Sprites now or later:
Now this I am pretty sure comes down to personal opinion although it may be one of those "everyone does this" situations, anyway I was curious I will soon be getting to a stage in development where sprites are needed for sure, should I worry about making them now, or should I use a temp to get programming the rest of the general menus and then come back? In my opinion sprites now but I usually love to hear what people have to say and why, one persona cant identify all the angles after all.

Do you think making a sprite now, or coming back to it later is more efficient / better for development.

Dukandia like all games needs and icon, and well we have a few chosen, not just chosen named! This here is purely personal opinion but it matters to us! So let us know! We have narrowed it down to two contestants:

Bill the leaf, or bob the book (below)?



Sundays inside peek
This Sunday I have decided that I will post a video of Dukandia's menu. This is really nothing to be waiting for however, it does show you the menus, how they look in working order and such and thus it IS worth mentioning, so stay tuned!




Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present idea's, through the progression of Dukandia we have changed the way we've wanted to do things by well least to say a lot. So I thought id share some background information for those interested in the progression of Ideas, below that is this weekends idea and what we have finalized so far.

I'll be honest Dukandia is one of those project's I have always wanted to start and its idea has gone through worlds of changes. Dukandia originally was a simple hack and slash orpg. the game was meant to feature many creatures and a world of creatures you've never seen before, this was approximately two years ago. Now despite all the planning put into it Dukandia never did kick off, then about a year ago, I had a change of heart, I realized that making it this way would be well, too bland in my opinion. So i set myself making the player live in a persistent earth, where they would strive to live off the land, with other players. This however had re-spawning, and well it featured many flaws. Since then Dukandia has been in planning non-stop. I had decided to change many key aspects. Instead of earth, I decided it should be a world "similar" but not exact to earth. Animals you've seen mixing with animals you can only imagine. I also changed it from "normal" 2D to isometric 2D. Death is a constant reminder to watch what you do and form alliances and such. In all Dukandia is ever changing even today, and in my opinion can be summarized as a "life" simulator, I want to see when given the options what players decide to do, how the community decides to handle crime as a whole, how alliances will work, and if like the present day, will people start to have to conserve the resources they have, will terraforming remove some habitats and thus cause the death of entire species in the world I present them? these are questions I greedily await the answers to.

This weekend:
This weekend we want to plan out the first hour to first five hours of possible game play, this includes character creation, possible locations and the resources each area will allow you to use. As well as some of the problems, technology, and skills you will be able to use.

Note: Im directly pasting from a text file so all formatting is "indent" based

*Note: colors are beige, red, blue, and green for startup.
Cloth Shirt
Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
No sleeve
Cloth Vest:
No Under Shirt | Long sleeve
No Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
No Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Long sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Dress:
Cloth trousers:
Long Legs
3 quarter legs
Cloth Skirt:
Cloth Hoods:
Up | New
Up | Torn
Down | New
Down | Torn
Cloth hat:
Long Toung
Short Toung
No Toung
Hidden Attributes:
Hidden attributes and extra bonuses can be unlocked using the redeem code function so expiriment!




Dukandia - This week's progress

Well this weeks had some interesting turn outs,
This week I was able to get the main menu fully functional with text fields and buttons and the like. This week did and didn't go as planned, I was able to get the main menu to work, as well as get it to the settings menu but sadly due to the time I had to spend this morning re-writing some code for lag reduction I was unable to get the settings menu fully functional.

As promised I did upload a video, the video is a short one minute or so video on how the main menu looks when in use, as well as a preview of the settings menu.

The Video can be found here.

This weeks goals:
Naturally, this week's goals are to get the settings menu working, character selection screen up and running. Later this week I should be able to show you guys a preview of the character creation screen for opinions and as a small tease. Sorry for the lack of content, but hours of coding, behind on my work, and hunger is driving me to call it a day.




Dukandia - This Week's goal.

Well after what I think has been two or maybe three weeks we have a planning document finished, we are working out and details and will be sharing the whole document in reversion one or two as soon as we can. The reversions will mostly be re-organizational issues. Making sure the document details core game play and then the things you can do and the objects and so on within. We have also settled on some final planning pieces for the finished GUI, as well as some updates to how we will run the development of future games. The downside to this document is that it is multiplayer centered, it will not detail the single player, this is mainly due to the single player having more features as we progress the progress of the story line. These add-ins are simply ways of making up for the lack of other players and are in no way a better gaming experience.

In short, in the next few days a 20 or so paged document will be for both download and put within a "spoiler" if I learn to use them by then . The document is open for public review as well as questions on every aspect can be made answered and we will change it to fit public ideas. That is however, if anyone is actually interested in reading it xD, it's mostly just for those of you interested in how the whole game will work.

[rollup='What I assume is a spoiler']This is a general testing of said title.[/rollup]




Dukandia - The Last redesign

[font=times new roman,times,serif]Well, once again I'm looking at a redesign, however this one is different. The past redesigns could be put as a "learning" experience, me testing what worked and what was not working in java. This next redesign has a completely different approach after learning enough through what I knew and trial and error I have plotted out a layout of classes that should, and will let me continue to the next stage of development. The following problems will be addressed:
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Mouse detection problems[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Key detection problem[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]Disorganization [/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]Menu handling redesign [/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Settings input[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Screen drawing[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]
I came to the conclusion that this was needed when realizing that I had been treating java at a "arms length" approach, I was using it as if I had never programmed before, after thinking about it I realized I was also looking at threads the wrong way in some cases, I was using them in a way that just wasn't how things should be done! After realizing this I can now be sure that I am going about this since what I plan to do is based off a day of messing around with java.




Dukandia - Some Information

Tomorrow I will be posting the information regarding Controls, Chat, and Skills. I will also be re-posting the skill tree so that you can view it in informative and list forms. The document has been going slow so I've decided I will update you 10-12 pages at a time, so once a week and then when the whole document is done I will place it up for download and complete review. So about this time tomorrow you can expect to see a rather over informative document that explains everything you need to know about movement, actions, chat, and all the skills that Dukandia has to offer. (The skills being the bulk of the document.)

Hope the delay and lack of complete information doesn't bother anyone.




Dukandia - Sneak Peek Skill tree!

Now I am hard at work finishing Reversion 1 of the planning document that will get us back into development, and I have a feeling I can give it to you guys Monday, but... I think you deserve a bit of a sneak peek before I through a huge document at you! So here are all the skills, all 90 of them!

The skill tree follows this format:

-Sub skill (skill that is required before this skill becomes unlocked, separated by " , " 's)
--sub of the sub skill

Please note, as always this is directly copied from a document so it might have strange formatting, it also although mostly set in stone might change with popular opinion so we ask that you raise your voice and let us hear your thoughts!

*Please pardon the strange spacing of a few of the elements, the red is a core skill and the black refers to sub skills.*


[color="#800000"]Lumber Jacking [/color]
--Basic Locks and Bolts
---Yeomanry(Farming, Hunting, Arcane Enlightenment)
----Village Founding(Book Writing, Attribute Magic (rune), Stone Working, Advanced Tools)
---Architecture(Basic Tools)
----Monuments(Advanced Tools)
---Wheel Making
----Carts and Wagons(Carpentry)
-----Stage Coaches(Advanced Tools)
---Boats Construction(Swimming)
----Boats(Basic Tools)
---Stone Working(Basic Tools)
----Road Building
----Mining(Advanced Tools)
-----Black Smithy
------Advanced Locks and Bolts

[color="#800000"]Hunting [/color]
--Deep Sea Fishing(Advanced Tools)
-Animal Husbandry
--Silk Making
-Basic Tools (Lumber Jacking)
--Advanced Tools(Carpentry)
-Leather Working(Animal Husbandry)

[color="#800000"]Plants Lore [/color]
---Wine Making(Basic Cooking)
--Basic Cooking
---Gourmet Cooking
--Herbal Remedies
---Medicine(Arcane Enlightenment)
--Taming Animals
---Bird Mapping
-Basic Cloth Making
--Intermediate Cloth Making(Leather Working)
---Advanced Cloth Making(Silk Making)

[color="#800000"]Athletics [/color]
----Rock Scaling

[color="#800000"]Combat Tactics[/color]
-Melee Combat(Unarmed Combat)
--Basic Weaponry(Basic Tools)
-Ranged Combat(Hunting)
----Ranger Analysis(Scripture)
-Unarmed Combat

[color="#800000"]Arcane Enlightenment[/color]
--Books Writing
--Blue Prints
---Basic Mechanics(Black Smithy)
---Arrow ward
--basic healing (herbal remedies)
---Arcane Medicine(medicine)
----Arcane Healing
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Guards
----Sending Workers
--Basic submission
----Remote Authority
----Animal Binding
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Hounds
----Sending Eye

-Divine Understanding
---Divine Healing
---Divine Shielding
---Basic Poisoning
---Basic Harm





Dukandia - Small Check Up

Over the past few weeks Dukandia has been planned and a few decisions have been made. The first one is that we will stay with Java, this decision was made final. Final planning is finished, however we have decided to not make these plans public due to an unfair advantage that these would give potential players when said features or items n what not are made to be hidden, I will discuss creating a Public version that merely hints at the fact they exist at all why not saying what they are, as to give you more information on the game itself.

Dukandia Updates:

Window Mode support has been added
Double Buffer has been added updated to work with both modes
More Items that use to lag the engine up have been moved to separate threads
Menus re-size from the master size of 2500 x 1875

We are looking into the idea of a Day-night menu system with various particle effects to help add some "Pizzazz"
Menu Music is being developed

We are looking for server host services, or actual servers to purchase.




Dukandia - Progress update

Now if you have been following Dukandia for at the very least the past two weeks, you will know that more recently we have started to do some heavy planning and idea tossing to try and get a feel for what we expect the game to do, and how it will work. Now it is indeed this planning that is going to actually halt development for a week, possibly two. As of late I have been lucky enough to be introduced to some new concepts and such that honestly might or might not be good to introduce, and since I have a lot of things floating in my head I first want to get Dukandia for the most part fully planned out on paper as a guide to follow with very little room for change, this plan however will only serve as a guide and can change. But its of no use if I can;t actually get this done.

In replace of Dukandia Progress, I will be sharing progress on some of my other projects these include:
-File Share System (similar to that of the popular program Dropbox)
-Site redesign to welcome new name change
-New melting cube YouTube channel
-Design ideas [If my scanner starts working again (Dukandia based)]

Feel free to ask any questions on any of these or on Dukandia's situation.



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