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The progress of my 2d world simulation game

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Dukandia "Teaser" Graphic and This Week's Accomplishments

Hello and welcome back,
This week we have re-traced our steps and got back down to basics to do a re-design on our code to allow us to have a more flexible and re-usable framework. While doing so we took the time to also look at the basic features, and Interface aspects of the game and decided to add and change some of these. This week we got the following done:
Toggle between full screen and windowed mode
A Melting Cube logo
Story Mode progress* (Josh got hurt in a sport accident so this has been put on hold until he's feeling up to it.)
Interface changes. (Main Menu teaser below, made to look more toon-like)
Complete redesign of the client's layout hopefully improving speed.

Now before I post the little teaser, I do want to wish Josh luck in getting better.
Please post any opinions on, and suggestions this Interface is new and well looks a bit similar to my original version and thus I won't be surprised if you want a change or two. My biggest question being should I re-include the "remember me" check box? The toon look was achieved by working with a new text idea as well as including a slightly different wood effect. A background change was planned, however the wood did not look good on our other outputs.




Dukandia - As a planet

Sorry for my crazy posting lately, I have just add so much more time! I thought Id inform those of you interested in how Dukandia works, as a planetary body. This idea was one I decided was a must, if I'm going to have biomes, monsters, and make it like a real world, why not make it work like a planet? (This feature actually makes me wonder if c++ would be a better home for this game since I have been told that java can be very limited as far as speed)

Note all information here is just my ideas, I want this in the game, but the methods are just hypothetical and have not yet been tested.

The first bit of information will be travel, the world will have a "wrap around" effect or as some call it the "Pacman" effect. Course I don't mean if you go north you'll end up at the south pole, you'll just end up going down the other side of the world. The size of the planet that is Dukandia is well to say the least going to be hard to make the starter maps. (might make it auto map) The size of the titles is a sq foot. the alpha world will be 80% of the earth so:

if the earth is:
[color=#3A2A34][font=Verdana, sans-serif] 5,490,383,247,360,00[sup] [/sup]ft[sup]2[/sup] [/font][/color]

[color=#3A2A34][font=Verdana, sans-serif]then the alpha world will be about: [/font][/color]
4,392,306,597,888,000 ft[sup]2[/sup] or 4,392,306,597,888,000 tiles

The full game will be 160% of earths so that means:
8,784,613,195,776,000 ft[sup]2[/sup] or 8,784,613,195,776,000 tiles

Now this is just counting the ground level, below the surface are 15 underground worlds that will be "reverse mapped" (where I remove areas to form cave systems) so in total the tiles the game will have to handle (Including the 3 sky layers) is:

79,061,518,761,984,000 tiles, so about 79 quadrillion tiles for the alpha (so I'm guessing I WILL be using an auto mapper for the extra layers and I'll just map the ground level to ensure no weird rivers through mountains occur)

Now lets move onto night:
Night will work like any planetary object. I will manage night by making night an object that is half of the planet, then I will split this object into 12 sectors, the middle 2 will be midnight, the 2 on on either side will be 11 so on so forth. The map will then see how far away a tile is from the absolute center of night and roughly calculate minutes, the object that is night will then move every few mins.

weather will be local every body of water will have a "precipitation rate" this rate is effected by the day-time of the tile. when a "water molecule" evaporates it adds an integer to the sky tile above it. The sky tile then has a "soak" time before it goes into the 2 sky layer used for weather. While the soak time is taking effect the tile can soak up as well as distribute water to other tiles, and a wind variable will effect if the tile moves in any direction. When in the second sky level the tile will move at a very slow pace if pushed at all, and the tile can no longer distribute but can soak up water. When the "water" level reaches 15 or so it will rain.

Wind will be calculated by having the sun heat and the night cool the air value at ground and sky levels, then high moves to low and certain areas and objects will make wind move or stop.

Dukandia will have two seasons summer and winter, winter is optimized so that a new player can survive although it will be a bit difficult.

That's about all the ideas I have floating around right now. Lemme know what you think, and that includes if you think c++ might be a better option.




Dukandia - This weekend

Hello there,
Now if you've been following Dukandia's progress you'll know that for a while little to know work was being done until last weeks re-design. Now the re-design of course did not go as planned, it went better. The redesign completely changed the speed at which Dukandia can be done. The redesign, however great it is can not protect us from the next road block: Sprites. Anyway below I have a few questions that I hope some of you are willing to answer these questions relate both to personal preference and to what you think is the best idea to keep the project moving.

Server data:
Server data if course is going to be a huge part in Dukandia, and well any other serious online game, and well I just don't have that much experience with server data. In all my years of programming the teams I have worked with, well to put it simply they were the people who said "I hate my job" so the minimum effort was always applied. SO here goes my question:

Do you think on file or MYSQL server data is better, if neither what is a better way?

Sprites now or later:
Now this I am pretty sure comes down to personal opinion although it may be one of those "everyone does this" situations, anyway I was curious I will soon be getting to a stage in development where sprites are needed for sure, should I worry about making them now, or should I use a temp to get programming the rest of the general menus and then come back? In my opinion sprites now but I usually love to hear what people have to say and why, one persona cant identify all the angles after all.

Do you think making a sprite now, or coming back to it later is more efficient / better for development.

Dukandia like all games needs and icon, and well we have a few chosen, not just chosen named! This here is purely personal opinion but it matters to us! So let us know! We have narrowed it down to two contestants:

Bill the leaf, or bob the book (below)?



Sundays inside peek
This Sunday I have decided that I will post a video of Dukandia's menu. This is really nothing to be waiting for however, it does show you the menus, how they look in working order and such and thus it IS worth mentioning, so stay tuned!




Dukandia - This week's progress

Well this weeks had some interesting turn outs,
This week I was able to get the main menu fully functional with text fields and buttons and the like. This week did and didn't go as planned, I was able to get the main menu to work, as well as get it to the settings menu but sadly due to the time I had to spend this morning re-writing some code for lag reduction I was unable to get the settings menu fully functional.

As promised I did upload a video, the video is a short one minute or so video on how the main menu looks when in use, as well as a preview of the settings menu.

The Video can be found here.

This weeks goals:
Naturally, this week's goals are to get the settings menu working, character selection screen up and running. Later this week I should be able to show you guys a preview of the character creation screen for opinions and as a small tease. Sorry for the lack of content, but hours of coding, behind on my work, and hunger is driving me to call it a day.




Dukandia - Planning release 1; First Three Core Features.

Below I will have a "spoiler" hidden planning document. This document is about 13 pages long. It gives you a in depth information source on all 90 skills, and the other basic core features, the next document should finish off the core features and should delve a bit into the actual items of the game.

[rollup='Skill List']
[color=#000000]Lumber Jacking[/color]
[color=#000000]--Basic Locks and Bolts[/color]
[color=#000000]---Yeomanry(Farming, Hunting, Arcane Enlightenment)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Village Founding(Book Writing, Attribute Magic (rune), Stone Working, Advanced Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Architecture(Basic Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Monuments(Advanced Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Wheel Making[/color]
[color=#000000]----Carts and Wagons[/color]
[color=#000000]-----Stage Coaches(Advanced Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Boat Construction(Swimming)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Boats(Basic Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Stone Working(Basic Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Road Building[/color]
[color=#000000]----Mining(Advanced Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]-----Black Smithy[/color]
[color=#000000]------Advanced Locks and Bolts[/color]
[color=#000000]--Deep Sea Fishing(Advanced Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]-Animal Husbandry[/color]
[color=#000000]--Silk Making[/color]
[color=#000000]-Basic Tools (Lumber Jacking)[/color]
[color=#000000]--Advanced Tools(Carpentry)[/color]
[color=#000000]-Leather Working(Animal Husbandry)[/color]
[color=#000000]Plants Lore[/color]
[color=#000000]---Wine Making(Basic Cooking)[/color]
[color=#000000]--Basic Cooking[/color]
[color=#000000]---Gourmet Cooking[/color]
[color=#000000]--Herbal Remedies[/color]
[color=#000000]---Medicine(Arcane Enlightenment)[/color]
[color=#000000]--Taming Animals[/color]
[color=#000000]---Bird Mapping[/color]
[color=#000000]-Basic Cloth Making[/color]
[color=#000000]--Intermediate Cloth Making(Leather Working)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Advanced Cloth Making(Silk Making)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Rock Scaling[/color]
[color=#000000]Combat Tactics[/color]
[color=#000000]-Melee Combat(Unarmed Combat)[/color]
[color=#000000]--Basic Weaponry(Basic Tools)[/color]
[color=#000000]-Ranged Combat(Hunting)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Ranger Analysis(Scripture)[/color]
[color=#000000]-Unarmed Combat[/color]
[color=#000000]Arcane Enlightenment[/color]
[color=#000000]--Books Writing[/color]
[color=#000000]--Blue Prints[/color]
[color=#000000]---Basic Mechanics(Black Smithy)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Arrow ward[/color]
[color=#000000]--basic healing (herbal remedies)[/color]
[color=#000000]---Arcane Medicine(medicine)[/color]
[color=#000000]----Arcane Healing[/color]
[color=#000000]--Attribute Magic[/color]
[color=#000000]--Sending Magic[/color]
[color=#000000]----Sending Guards[/color]
[color=#000000]----Sending Workers[/color]
[color=#000000]--Basic submission[/color]
[color=#000000]----Remote Authority[/color]
[color=#000000]----Animal Binding[/color]
[color=#000000]--Attribute Magic[/color]
[color=#000000]--Sending Magic[/color]
[color=#000000]----Sending Hounds[/color]
[color=#000000]----Sending Eye[/color]
[color=#000000]-Divine Understanding[/color]
[color=#000000]---Divine Healing[/color]
[color=#000000]---Divine Shielding[/color]
[color=#000000]---Basic Poisoning[/color]
[color=#000000]---Basic Harm[/color]

[rollup='Planning Document 1']

Alpha Rough Draft: 1 Revision 1 (Online Version)
Public release one - First three core features

Please be aware,
This document contains all there is to know about Dukandia. It will go over all methods of control, all items, buildings, and much much more. I will also try and cover every aspect of every thing, therefore I will be redundant, in fact very much so.


Let us start off with some simple information. Movement will be controlled by two "engines" as I like to call them. For there is more then one way to get around and hell, engines is a cool word. The movement types will cancel each other out however, so beware the usage of them. If you start using type a and then use type b, type a will stop and type b will take over.

Type a, or more correctly "classic" movement. This is pretty simple stuff, you click and you move. The character and camera will move to the location specified and if you click some where else, you will of course move there.

Type b, or as I like to call it tactical movement. The name comes from the fact that you can plan ahead, tactical movement allows you to say "Go here!", "Then Turn left!" This simply allows you to go through a forest or a town without having to click, wait three minutes, click, etc.

Speeds, yep we have em and wait ain't afraid to use em. There will be four speeds. Crawl, the slowest but the guaranteed no energy loss way to move. Walk, decent movement speed, recommended as the best way to travel, has low if any energy . Jog, this has a pretty fast speed, you will will loose a pretty decent amount of energy using it too, so be careful. Sprint, the fastest, and well the most energy consuming thing out there! Only use it if you have a way to replenish your energy and any other vitals you just destroyed trying to run through a swamp with!

Action similar to movement has several "engines" the difference being, that actions are governed by three engines and then kept in check with the movement engines, so its a bit of a complicated puzzle and I will do my best to paint the picture.

Engine a, or more correctly the right click engine. All objects, buildings, and even the ground will have right click options. These options will allow you to do things based on what you have equip and what skills you have. For example if you have nothing equip and you right click a tree, you can collect pine cones or something. If however, you have an ax you will then see the option to chop and collect bark appear.

Engine b, tactical right click. It will work just as the movement's tactical engine did. When you right click and see the menu of actions to do, hold lets just say shift for an example and then click it and that action will stop engines a and c and then start the tactical engine and instantly add that action to the list. Then you just have to do it to the other trees for example to continue with what you are doing.

Engine c, or simply said the quick button menu. The quick button method is simply a way to do things by accessing the "quick" button bar. You will have a bunch of actions you have selected to save and you simply click on this and then proceed to click on an object or even better, tactically click on other objects. Engine c has its own tactical engine built within and thus is in my opinion the best way to do things.

Movement's engines keep actions in check by stopping actions if you attempt to move, this also works vise verse. If you are moving and you attempt to do an action the movement engines stop and the action engines take control. This allows you to put an end to something you wish to stop by simply clicking or right clicking, I may add a command like control shift s or something to force a stop of everything.

Chat is an essential communication aspect of any society it lets you communicate, send warnings, and other great things.. But Dukandia in my vision is meant to be an accurate representation of another world, so what does this mean? This means that text chat is in fact limited to those within a radius of your "voice" good news is capital letters will "travel" twice as far. There are messenger pigeons and spells and the like to help get messages to people but only text chat is instant.

Why?, Well the main reason I am putting such limits on chat, is simply the realism and the "fun" this will bring. You get lost you'll have to find your way back you won't be able to use clues from a friend and what not. The idea is to make players establish ways of communication and make it so you have to work together to get things done.

The bright side, This is for those of us that, lets just say we aren't very "nice." If you have a mine that is farther from the town, and I break in and you see me. Who is to say if you died, in short it brings the realism that at any moment your friend or your outpost could be invaded and killed and you won't know about it unless you have systems to check and find out. This realism is the sort of realism Dukandia is intended to have and it is going to make the game a place of wonder in my opinion.

Let me first start off by saying, this is going to be one confusing section. My ideas for magic are very strange to say the least.

Magic in General
There are two types of magic but first we must understand what magic is. Magic in my mind is a field, similar to magnetic fields. The closer you are or the more fields around you the easier it is to stick magnets together, well the more magic fields around you the easier it is to piece together and cast spells, giving them more power.

The history of such things. There are two forms of magic rune magic and flow magic. Flow magic is generated by the planet just like the magnetic fields. Flow magic however is unpredictable and is fairly weak, so humans developed runes. Much of what was flow magic was then made organized and categorized into what you can call rune magic. It simply is a way for civilization positive magic to be controlled and amplified.

Runes, giant stones of influence. They are like the magnets of the magnetic field, except for magic. Runes have three levels of influence, the first is control influence. Control Influence is small and very close to the stone, it allows a mage to do things such as change the nature of the stone and the magic around it. The next is super influence, this is much larger although still small. Super influence is the place where spells will not age, and deteriorate making them last forever unless erased by a mage. The last and largest of the three influences is general influence. General influence can stretch for leagues and leagues, and can be extended by adding spells to the rune stone. This influence is just the marker of where rune magic can be cast.

Rune magic, the magical force powered and controlled by rune stones. Rune magic is primarily used for civilization to benefit from, it allows you to build buildings, increase the quality of goods and so much more. For combat is is mainly used for defensive and non attack related magics, although there are some spells that can be used against magical beings.

Flow magic, is the magic that either did not make it onto the list of rune worthy, or was deemed too dangerous for use. Flow magic includes that of combat, control, and binding. Can be used for necromancy and destruction. Flow magic is everywhere, but can be amplified if near a tainted rune stone. The magic that flow magic is mostly used for is combat and deception. Flow magic however is not "Bad" it simply has different uses.

How they relate. Flow and rune magic although it will most likely be used separately, if you are a strong enough mage, can be used together. Flow magic for invisibility and strength can be mixed with the rune magic for accuracy and speed to create an arrow that is both invisible, strong, accurate, and fast. This kind of combination will be needed by hermits and villages alike. If you can mix them well enough you may be able to taint or purify rune stones from the general influence field alone, the mixing of magic is very hard to do yet very rewarding.

Then there is divine magic. Divine magic has two sides, one dubbed "ritual" magic the other "holy"magic. Ritual magic requires a talisman or a symbol drawn on the ground, this requires preparation and time. Divine magic however instant requires divine strength or blessing power, this can only be gathered through prayer and is drained with each spell cast.

This is the most difficult section to write, I had to select as well as group a insane amount of skills to come up with this list, and hell its going to be a pain as many skills require other skills and soon.

Lumber Jacking
Lumber Jacking is one one of the six starter skills, it requires no previously gained skills. Lumber Jacking allows you to chop down trees after you have built an ax. A stone ax also requires only Lumber Jacking making Lumber Jacking one of the biggest starting skills you will need.

Hunting is one of the six starter skills, it requires no previously gained skills. Hunting allows you to pick up and kill small animals. This skill is a must for the early player to ensure that they can survive until they find crops and start a farm of sorts.

Plant Lore
Plant Lore is one of the six starter skills, it requires no previously gained skills. Plant Lore teaches you about all the various plants, how to identify them and opens your character up to the world of vegetation. Plant Lore unlocks many skills needed to have a highly civilized persona.

Athletics give your character the ability to run without using stamina, swim, climb fences and cliffs, and fulfill your nerd dreams of becoming a ninja! In short they give you the ability to do what to do, they allow you to sneak in and out as well as go through those cliffs not around them!

Combat Tactics
Combat tactics give your player a basic understanding of combat. Learning this will give your character the ability to fight off attackers, and at the very least defend themselves from animals.

Arcane Enlightenment
Arcane enlightenment gives your character a basic understanding of magic, it allows them to learn and discover the uses and spells of the three types, as well as become a strong mage. Arcane Enlightenment is required by later skills as a simple means of forcing the player to gain the most simple of abilities, to sense and locate tainted and untainted stones as a means of avoiding those you won't want to meet.

Requires only Lumber Jacking, it allows your player to chop logs into planks and blocks of wood, as well as form other complicated wood structures, is required by most all of the latter skills.

Basic Locks and Bolts
Basic Locks and Bolts, requires only Carpentry. This skill allows the player to use simple wood locks for doors and chests and what not. These locks are simple hidden lever type locks and are not at all too difficult to fool.

Construction, requires only Carpentry. Construction gives your player the basic understanding of how things go together, this skill is more of an information based skill and is there to set you up for bigger and better things, you will gain the ability to make a few more containers as a small incentive however.

Pottery, requires only Carpentry. Pottery gives your character the ability to make ceramic objects. These objects can range from simple plates, to large pieces of armor, and even just for pots and trinkets.

Yeomanry, for those who don't know it is a British word referring to a farmer who owns and cultivates his own land, Yeomanry requires Construction, Farming, Hunting, and Arcane Enlightenment. Yeomanry allows you character to own land, as well as allowing them to place an idol of identification if they wish to be known. This idol also informs players when you last went on as to ensure if you are new you are not mistaken as an inactive player.

Village Founding
Village founding, requires Yeomanry, Book Writing, Attribute Magic (Rune), Stone Working, and Advanced Tools, Village Founding like Yeomanry allows you to own land, this land however has more power and on a much larger scale, you can also own land using Yeomanry within village bounds. Villages have a charter stone at their base, the charter stone is what gives the village its power. If one of the founders of the village is killed, and their body put near the charter stone, it will break and the village loses all land and power.

Architecture requires only construction and basic tools, it allows you to build all kinds of buildings. The larger more permanent buildings require a skill or more, but other then that upon getting architecture you can expect to build a cabin that same day.

Monuments require only Architecture, and Advanced Tools. Monuments allows the player to construct Monuments. These structures can hold books, and other forms of identification or information they can also extend the power of a claim and land or magic field. They are mostly permanent and allow people to see who was here what they did and why.

Wheel Making
Wheel Making, requires Construction, and like Construction it does not give you much if anything extra to build, but rather prepares your character with knowledge for future skills.

Carts and Wagons
Carts and Wagons, requires only Wheel Making. Carts and Wagons is a skill that, heh believe it or not allows you to build carts and wagons. Carts refer to single person "chariots" or pulled by person objects that carry an item, either way they are the same thing. Wagons refers to an animal drawn two person ride with the ability to carry objects.

Stage Coaches
The line between stage coaches and wagons is small, why?, that's because a stage coach is a type of wagon. Stage coaches require Carts and Wagons, and Advanced Tools. Although stage coaches are primarily used to house people or very large objects in the back, and are the only wagon that can house a "shop" system.

Boat Construction
Boat Construction, requires Construction, and swimming. It allows your player to build basic rafts for moving just across small rivers. It also gives your character the basic understanding of how to build water worthy vessels.

Boats require Boat Construction and Basic Tools. Boats gives your character the ability to construct row boats, and canoes. The difference between the two being speed. Boats are objects of fast travel as well as decent storage and can be carried with the items within, despite the fact that these object might not make sense to have inside.

Stone Working
Stone Working requires Construction, and Basic Tools. Stone Working allows you to build stone objects like wells and rune stones, although the latter would require a strong mage to complete. Stone Working also sets your character up for better equipment later on.

Road Building
Road Building requires Stone Working. Road Building allows you to make roads, starting out narrow and then increasing the width when the roads are full developed, roads have the option to be auto followed to a marker along them, thus making them great ways to travel.

Masonry requires only Stone Working, Masonry allows your character to build brick buildings and walls, as well as build bigger better bridges and other things. Aqueducts also become available, in other words wanna look strong and powerful? As well as have the technology to back it up, Get Masonry. Masonry also allows you to build messages into the structures.

Prospecting, requires only Stone Working and Scripture. Prospecting allows your character to look at stone and determine if there is ore in the general location, it also allows your character to unlock spells that can do the same job with some preparation but more accuracy and much larger range.

Mining, requires Prospecting, and Advanced Tools, Mining allows your character to dig at cliff walls and cave walls. It also gives your character the ability to make caves by digging into a cliff side and or just mining away the walls of an existing cave.

Black Smithing
Black Smithing, requires Mining. Black Smithing allows your character to make metal tools and objects based on the already acquired skills. They also have the ability to fix metal objects by adding more metal to the mix.

Advanced Bolts and Locks
Advanced Bolts and Locks, requires Basic Bolts and Locks, and Black Smithing. Advanced Bolts and Locks are key driven, metal strengthened sure to keep out ways of safe keeping a building or storage device.

Fishing, requires hunting. Gives your character the ability to construct and use fishing poles as well as simple lures.

Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing, requires Fishing, and Advanced Tools. Deep Sea Fishing allows you to build fishing nets, and fly fishing rods as well as other lures and such that go with hunting larger game.

Animal Husbandry
Animal Husbandry, requires Hunting. Animal Husbandry allows the player to reap the benefits of tamed animals with wild animals, as well as providing your character with a wealth of information regarding the animals, allowing you to tame them.

Silk Making
Silk making, requires Animal Husbandry, it allows your character to breed silk worms, and produce silk.

Tracking, requires Hunting. Tracking allows your character to follow the scent of and hunt down an animal. The larger the animal the longer the track will remain, you will be led in the exact foot steps of the animal however so it may become too confusing to follow and or lead you in seemingly random circles.

Basic Tools
Basic Tools, requires Hunting and Lumber Jacking. Basic Tools allow you to unlock most skills, as well as provide you with well tools. These tools range from better axes to other essential items such as lassos.

Advanced Tools
Advanced Tools, requires Carpentry and Basic Tools. Advanced Tools will give you the ability to make metal tools, mechanical tools, as well as giving you the ability to improve older tools like the stone ax to work to the best of their ability.

Leather Working
Leather Working requires Animal Husbandry. Leather Working allows the player to create tanning tubs, as well as use tanning magic. Leather is an important resource in much of the later technologies.

Foraging, requires only Plant Lore. Foraging gives your character the ability to spot and recognize plants while traveling. This in turn allows you to discover more materials and gain access to more herbal remedies or other items of interest.

Farming requires only Foraging. Farming allows your character to use seeds and harvest crops. Farming also grants your character the ability to "colonize" bees and other insects to benefit your society.

Wine Making
Wine Making requires Farming, and Basic Cooking. Wine Making grants your player to brew beers and make wine. It also grants your character the ability to make Vinegar. Wine and Beer grant your character small a small bonus to all stats until over done in which case the bonus has negative effects.

Basic Cooking
Basic Cooking requires only Foraging. Basic Cooking grants your character the knowledge of simple culinary techniques and dishes. These techniques are simple methods developed only to enhance the quality of foods.

Baking requires only Basic Cooking. Baking teaches your character the basics of how to bake. You will also gain access to ovens and some new materials to go along with this skill. Foods that are baked last longer and can be used as a dish enhancer for set tables. (More on this later when we delve into the aspects of hunger and other status bars)

Gourmet Cooking
Gourmet Cooking requires only Baking. Gourmet Cooking is the best type of cooking in Dukandia. The culinary genius that is produced can largely increase an attribute as well as guarantee survival. Gourmet Cooking is largely just allowing a character to mix several dishes to form a singular dish of great importance.

Herbal Remedies
Herbal Remedies requires only Foraging. Herbal Remedies allows your player to concoct simple yet effective cures to attributes, as well as grant positive attribute bonuses. These can range from increased stamina to masking your scent.

Medicine requires Herbal Remedies, as well as Arcane Enlightenment. Medicine is a mix of both science, and magic granting larger bonuses as well as creating an immunity to some effects. Medicine is also a way to create instant heal methods rather then time based healing methods.

Taming Animals
Taming Animals requires only Foraging. Taming Animals grants your character the ability to domesticate wild animals. These animals can then be used for a assortment of jobs as well as be held as a back up source of meat.

Bird Mapping
Bird Mapping requires only Taming Animals. Bird Mapping grants the player the ability to teach a bird to come "home." The bird can then be brought anywhere and will return to the home location when set free, this allowing for messenger pigeons. A Bird can also learn several homes and when set free can go to a specific home, allowing for multiple settlement communication to occur.

Basic Cloth Making
Basic Cloth Making requires only Plant Lore. Basic Cloth Making allows your character to make basic clothes, either from leafs or simple fabrics.

Intermediate Cloth Making
Intermediate Cloth Making requires Basic Cloth Making and Leather Making. Intermediate Cloth Making allows your character to make leather based clothing such as boots, and jackets. These clothes can also be colored and built with pouches.

Advanced Cloth Making
Advanced Cloth Making requires Intermediate Cloth Making, and Silk Making. Advanced Cloth Making grants your character the ability to make silk clothes. These clothes can be both extravagant and simple and can grant political power as well as show the status of one within a society or show their general skill level. Is light weight and will increase ones stamina gain.

Swimming requires only Athletics. Swimming allows your character to well, swim across bodies of water. Swimming however is slow and can drain stamina rather quickly, if one is unsafe swimming can be deadly, and must be a skill you take slowly at first. It also ignites a curiosity of what is beyond the water and allows your character to learn boat construction.

Running requires only Athletics. Running allows your character to move at running speeds more effectively and thus you will use less stamina.

Acrobats requires only Running. Acrobats allows your character to move at jogging, and running speeds much more effectively, and will allow your character to hop over small objects like stumps and small animals while at these speeds.

Climbing requires only Acrobats. Climbing allows your character to climb walls and rocks. Your character can only climb non-enchanted walls and can not climb all forms of walls. The walls are limited to the more basic ones and require some time to climb, leaving you vulnerable.

Rock Scaling
Rock Scaling requires only Climbing. Rock Scaling allows your character to climb cliff faces, giving you the ability to cut travel time in half when it comes to an area where cliffs are common. A skill a seasoned Traveler must have.

Melee Combat
Melee Combat requires Unarmed Combat and Combat Tactics. Melee Combat Gives your character the ability to wield objects with skill, and use them against those looking to do you harm to great effect.

Basic Weaponry
Basic Weaponry requires Melee Combat and Basic Tools. Basic Weaponry allows your character to construct and use weapons such as swords, maces, clubs and the like.

Pole-Arms require Carpentry, and Basic Weaponry. Pole-Arms are close ranged weapons, they consist of a shaft with some sort of ax or spear at the end. Pole-Arms give your character the ability to construct and use them.

Ranged Combat
Ranged Combat requires Combat Tactics and Hunting. Ranged Combat allows your character to judge distance and attack his foes with, a thrown stone. Although primitive this is the start for all improvement on this subject.

Slings requires Ranged Combat and Foraging. Slings is a skill that allows your character to construct slings, this allows the player to deal more damage, as well as fire farther.

Bows requires Slings and Carpentry. Bows is a skill that allows the players to construct bown n' arrow type weapons. These are weapons that use arrows versus rocks and deal more damage and fire much farther.

Ranger Analysis
Ranger Analysis requires Scripture, and Bows. Ranger Analysis allows the player to pinpoint vitals, hunt more effectively and overall have the skills of a seasoned veteran marksman. When grouped with tracking, the player will gain a bonus to hunting down players.

Unarmed Combat
Unarmed Combat requires Combat Tactics. Unarmed Combat allows your character and the very least protect themselves, and at the very most become a stone cold killer. Although Unarmed Combat is harder to master its effectiveness can not be denied.

Scripture requires Arcane Enlightenment and Foraging. Scripture is the art of letters and symbols. Your character will become fluent in the letters of their language and the symbols of that make up the magic that flows throughout the world.

Cartography requires only Scripture. Cartography allows your player to map out the landscape as well as plan ahead using said maps.

Book Writing
Book Writing requires only Scripture. Book Writing allows your character to right on parchment and to bind books. These books can be titled and placed within the world. This skill also allows the player to write letters and what not.

Blue Prints
Blue Prints requires only Scripture. Blue prints like Cartography is a way to map out your landscape. The difference being that Blue Prints contain plans for future construction while Cartography does not.

Basic Mechanics
Basic Mechanics requires Blue Prints and Black Smithing. Basic Mechanics grants your player the ability to design and build basic mechanical devices such as locks and bolts, as well as printers and the like.

Rune requires only Arcane Enlightenment. Rune allows your character to identify weather a magical field is Rune in nature. You will also be able to look and analyze Rune spells but will remain unable to use them.

Shielding requires only Rune. Shielding allows you to unlock the secrets to various shields. These shields are primarily against Flow and Divine Magic although there are a few physical protection spells.

Arrow Ward
Arrow Ward only requires Shielding. Arrow Ward is the only true physical protection in Dukandia. It can protect your character from all arrow damage for as long as you remain casting it. This allows it to remain strong, while having the drawback of no movement. Can be bypassed by a stronger then your ward spelled arrow.

Basic Healing
Basic Healing requires Herbal Remedies and Rune. Basic healing allows your character to begin to enchant Herbal Remedies to increase their effectiveness.

Arcane Medicine
Arcane Medicine requires only Basic Healing and Medicine. Arcane Medicine allows your character to enchant medicine to improve its effectiveness and power. Can also be used to remove medical properties from a cure.

Arcane Healing
Arcane Healing requires only Arcane Medicine. Arcane Healing is the only way for a Rune Caster to heal themselves or others directly. This set of spells are long, hard to master, and for experienced casters only. Until Mastered there is a chance to do more damage.

Attribute Magic (Rune)
Attribute Magic requires only Rune. Attribute Magic allows your character to add Rune attributes to objects, these can range from shields to accuracy, from speed to color and much much more.

Sending Magic
Sending Magic requires only Rune. Sending Magic allows your character to begin to understand and study sendings. This will help you develop and build your own basic sendings and then later on expect them to preform tasks. (Sendings are "creatures" made of pure spell usually humanoid in shape weather a hand to open a door or a whole guard to save your life, can not be touched but can touch)

Sending Guards
Sending Guards require only Sending Magic. Sending Guards allows your character to spell a guard. This guard will be equip with a sword. The sending can blend in recognize people by phrases, items, or village and has the ability to stop and or kill monsters and players.

Sending Workers
Sending Workers requires only Sending Magic. Sending Magic allows your character to spell workers weather they open doors, cook, mine, fix your home or other neat jobs they can preform them. But the quality of their work will drop with time until eventually the farmer tries to harvest trees and the logger is cutting your plants.

Flow requires only Arcane Enlightenment. Flow allows your character to identify weather a magical field is Flow in nature. You will also be able to look and analyze Flow spells but will remain unable to use them.

Basic Submission
Basic Submission requires only Flow. Basic Submission allows your character to begin attempting to control or stop an animals movement. Basic Submission also is the starting place for a necromancers skill set.

Necromancy requires only Basic Submission. Necromancy allows the player to begin to control and animal after it has died, they may also practice or master their skill on player corpse. An advanced Necromancer can make a corpse appear alive.

Remote Authority
Remote Authority requires only Necromancy. The Necromancer will gain the ability to control a dead animal or players spirit, and guide them through the world of death to locate someone something or perhaps to gain in strength and eventually walk there himself. Useful for spying on villages or other settlements that don't use flow magic.

Submission requires Basic Submission. It allows the caster to stop a player or slow them down, stop control and kill an animal without thought. Most of all it allows a player to possibly overwhelm a rune stone and taint it from the general influence sphere alone.

Animal Binding
Animal Binding requires only Submission. Animal Binding allows the player to permanently control an animal. This animal will be tamed in a sense, but it will not produce any goods and its life span more then cut in half.

Attribute Magic (Flow)
Attribute Magic requires only Flow. Attribute Magic allows your character to add Flow attributes to objects, these can range from damage to invisibility, from strength to reflection and much much more.

Sending Magic
Sending Magic requires only Flow. Sending Magic allows your character to begin to understand and study sendings. This will help you develop and build your own basic sendings and then later on expect them to preform tasks.

Sending Hounds
Sending Hounds requires only Sending Magic. Sending Hounds allows one to make and control up to five hounds, the more you make the less free will they have, although they will also lack intelligence.

Sending Eye
Sending Eye requires only Sending Magic. Sending Eye allows you to construct an invisible eye to spy or keep watch on an area, this eye can be toggles to and from the mini-map with controls to move.

Divine Understanding
Divine Understand requires only Arcane Enlightenment. You give yourself to the gods, you learn the names of them, you pray to them and you gain power from them. This is the first step to working for them and eventually becoming like them.

Holy requires only Diving Understanding. Holy allows the character to use blessing power, it allows you to be fueled by the gods and to do things only they have previously done. Power like no other, limited yes, but power like not other.

Divine Healing
Divine Healing requires only Holy. Divine Healing allows the character to heal depending on the amount of blessing power left.

Divine Shielding
Divine Shielding requires only Holy. Divine Shielding allows the player to generate an impenetrable shield, powered by blessing power which drops with time and damage absorbed.

Ritual Magic requires only Arcane Enlightenment. Ritual allows your character to learn the symbols and blood amounts required for the power spells of this type. Though it requires preparation and is of one or two times use the spells here have as much power as one who has mastered both rune and flow.

Basic Poising
Basic Poising requires only Ritual Magic. Stops, prevents magic from casting, Damages, slows, and confuses the target and destroys all of their defense. Can only be cast once per preparation.

Basic Harm
Basic Harm requires only Ritual Magic. Basic Harm allows the character to cast a few sift but power filled attacks. These attacks range in damage but usually can kill or mortally wound an unshielded target.

Submission requires Ritual. It allows the caster to stop a player or slow them down, stop control and kill an animal without thought. Most of all it allows a player to possibly overwhelm a rune stone and taint it from the general influence sphere alone.





Dukandia - In-depth details, inside look, and a few fan targeted questions.

Hello and welcome,
Today's update includes some insight on some planning that might have not been discussed in as much detail as I would have hoped, as well as to get some opinions on the ideas presented as well as the "logo" Id like to attack to the top of each post to add some more "style" since I'm getting a bit bored of just text.

This update will be split into several parts, the first part will discuss in details some of the 'For Sure' ideas and by that I mean the ideas we want to include, and are still being developed but never dropped. The Ideas will be presented and with hopes that some of you might be interested enough to voice your opinions.

Random Events:
Random events are not necessarily events at all, they are simply small bits of extra features that can occur over time as you play, some good some bad. All events use a percentage per action equation, the equation for example could be 35% per attack, or even 2% per every 800 attacks it all depends. Information in individual events will be published as we finalize, or at the very least draft them out discuss [s]argue[/s] Debate That sort of thing.

New G.U.I:
Now the new G.U.I was more then just a "toony" look upgrade, the old G.U.I was actually a lot more limited then what we wanted, we want to develop components that can be universal and moved by the player, the wood is just too "fixed." The new G.U.I will feature a more "color" centered style while still trying to keep the theme the idea is to create a color based pattern of sorts that can either be generated or easily altered into several forms as to save both loading time as well as general file size. This new G.U.I is all in all an upgrade that although it may not have been expected or "wanted" is one that I think was going to happen as the game progressed art got better so on so forth, and we hope by bringing in a more modern design we won't have to worry about a redo down the road.

Window Mode:
I gave you a very brief and short summary of how it will work and why it was included, but lets be honest that was just the bare bone reason. The first reason simply is, ease of access, It is a lot easier to debug and test features if I can run a client in a few seconds rather then wait for full screen to load. Other reasons include monitors and video card compatibility, as well as the ability have multiple games running at once, and well its very rare for a online game to be full screen limited. there are other reasons I am sure, and I can bet you can think of a few yourself, but these are my top few and I think that these alone justify my reason for adding it in.

Story Mode:
The story mode has been something I have wanted to add in for ages, but my lack of "ability" has not allowed me to do so for a while. Josh Cole, the extra brain we have recruited however, is a wonderful novelist. He will be the primary brain for the story while I add in my two sense and bring our minds together so we can best steer it in a direction you won't expect. The idea of the story is to give you a reason to play, online yea its fun but well, if your a hermit, whats your motivation to keep playing? The story mode will simple add that reason into the normal survival, we are still debating adding "co-op" and other neat features to it but for now that's I have to share. (Please see my last blog post to see the starting of the story)

Code Updates:
Once again I go to do a complete overhaul on the code, this is primarily because the current screen handle will not work with a windowed mode being added, and well to be honest I have re-thought a few of my major systems so that they can run on separate threads and hopefully make the game load faster, and run smoother. Some of the code updates will also work on adding a custom cursor to the game, some main menu music as well as possibly opening up with some "studio" images, or possibly the opening line or a quote from are story, all possibilities are being considered.

Hidden H.U.D Components:
These are pretty simple actually, these are simply menu items and 'gauges' that will measure the pollution levels of an area around you, they might point out air toxicity and other interesting aspects. the idea behind them was, the world reacts to what you do, and well like a real person we can't just assume you can tell polluted air or ground from non polluted air or ground, so by adding skills that give you the intelligence / the know-how to differentiate these signs and signals, then more advanced skills to get all information using tools to aid. This is both to add realism and to inform the players that "hey this is a world, don't abuse it" if the world becomes too polluted overall, the world will end, resulting in all online player profiles to be cleared of characters and a randomly generated map to be created. All players that were on will receive a "I was a witness" bonus giving them a slight edge or special feature to add incentive to not rage and leave if the world does end, but then again it only ended due to lack of action on the players part as a whole.

How Structures work:
What do I mean?, I mean how exactly do we determine how big this is and what it can do and why it can do this or that of course! Every structure has a formula that determines its size, and its inside size and or the capacity of storage it has and what not. Example Unlike some games a house 10x10 on the outside will be 9.5x9.5 on the inside, this is so that one, it makes sense, and two to retain that realism we would like to have in this game. In my own experience this is worth mentioning only due to as far as I have witnessed most games keep buildings outside and inside separate, no formula or reasoning for why this is what it is.

well, we got that out of the way and well, in my opinion anyway that should explain some ideas and updates that have got very little explanation in the past and needed to be re-explained a much more detail. Now this next bit of text will first off provide you with a bit of an inside peek on how we work, and well in short how I decide what to do, what to add to our small weekend meet ups and such, but before we get to that what else will you see in today's update? Well besides that I got a few questions towards those actually interested in keeping up with the project and such, some of these will slow down the progress of the project while giving you more clarity, while some might speed it up but leave you with vague details, all in due time.

Now Dukandia like any other project, requires inspiration,. My inspiration came from the idea that a game is a false reality created by the developers so that players can experience a world never seen before. Now I myself mostly agree with this idea but wanted to do something you normally might not see, and that is a recreation of sorts of our own "reality." Now obviously this comes with some differences, such as the creates of Dukandia won't all be from this world in fact most stem entirely from our imagination, but for the basic mechanics, how things work, and the basic "science" of the world should remain the same. Now How do I decide what we add and what we don't, well lets start at the well duh, the start. An idea can either be suggested by a friend indirectly, or I could just be staring into space when it appears but when one does, I don't usually let it go I usually develop the bulk of it right there. Once the idea meets my standards of "Ideaship" (yep its a word now) I will either say Its in or if it is one of those ideas where you know it could work it might not, I ask the rest of the "team" is it good, do you like it and then if they say yes or sometimes no, I ask random strangers or people I have met over the years. In the end it is my decision but by taking these opinions I usually side with the majority rules kinda deal. When idea is accepted it is typed, wrote and even sketched to ensure it is there to stay and be further developed.

Questions for you the "fan":

My first question simply is, should I video-tape EVERY moment of the development progress, I have noticed that more then one project does this and well, its not a bad idea; If your into that kind of thing let me know now before progress kicks back off.

When reading my updates and such, do you find my language easy to follow?, I find that sometimes I can be a bit confusing and well completely destroy an update with grammar and spelling issues to let me know now so that I can better myself in the future.

Less of a question and more of a, who is actually interested in this project? Now I know it may seem weird but I'd love to see how many Fans I actually have so that I can better know you know I should get more updates or you know the current update schedule works and such, knowing a number or at least an approximate would really help me out when writing these.

Well, I have to ask this one is the logo alright?, I think it might be a bit much or maybe it should fade into white or transparency I honestly don't know, so let me know!

These are honestly all the updates and then some of what I had planned to talk to you guys about, I would love to hear what you all have to say so like I sated above, if your interested at all let me know, give an opinion don't be a shadow. I hope everything said can help bring clarity as well as give you an idea of what is to come, and hopefully gave you interest if you have none already.

Yours truly,




Dukandia - In-Week Update, and this weekends goals!

As some of you might know, last week, along with this week Dukandia has been making a lot of progress, as far as finally having something to show for all the hard work being put into the game. Below I will go over what has happened this week, and then I will discuss what I will be doing for this weekend,

Well, this week I was able to get in a few hours off work, I usually don't have the pleasure of having. During this time I've as some of you know, made the character selection screen, as well as released a rough idea of what I plan to do with experience. (I feel that I did not explain the idea in enough detail and this weekend's video will provide a better explanation and some graphs to assist your understanding) I have also got the settings menu pretty much done!, it currently lets you change the sound and music bars percentages, and it saves when you click save, and reverts if you click back! Now all that's left is normal versus wide screen!

This weekend my goal is pretty small since I don't know how hard it will be, will update tomorrow if its easier then expected. Anyway, the first goal is get the settings screen fully functional. The second goal is getting the server set up to log you in! The second goal is the one that I'm worried about only because I will be making user registrations happen on a webpage, so this might be the bulk of my weekend. However if it isn't:

If the second goal is done a lot easier then I expect, the third goal is to make a placeholder for the head shots in the character selection screen as well as make the character creation menu! The fourth goal is to get the character creation menu semi-working, if anything at least get the name choosing set up for this weekends video, if That happens I think it will be one hell of an update in comparison to all our other weekly updates. I am finding the more I use java, just like my bell graph idea states, the faster and easier I am learning to do new things and thus end up getting closer to "mastering" the skills I need. I call that proof of concept.

Let me know how this all sounds, and any questions regarding Dukandia can also be answered!




Dukandia - A week of progress!

well as some of you might know last week, we released our first video on Dukandia progress! we decided that we should try and publish a video every week, and this week is no exception to our new goal. This week has also been amazing as far as visual progress goes. Last week we left off at a barely functional main menu / log in menu and the ability to view the settings menu. This week we have a lot more done as far as menus and their functionality! This week was also one of our most active IN the week, usually we have other things to do but this week we got lucky. I informed you of our new Character selection menu, as well as gave you a rough idea of our new experiences system, and hey it doesn't stop there! read below, video will be displayed at the bottom!

Character Selection:
This menu has really been on of the more "big" menus. The buttons are well big and its one of are more clustered menus at that and the first to feature multiple Blocks of wood! The left will show a portrait of your character as well as symbols about them (see video)

Character Creation:
I will be honest, this menu has me worried, it is the most daring; has the most new interface options and well covers most of the screen! However I really do like it, it has options that we can later use for amazing features in the game. So let me know how it looks and if we did good at trying some new techniques, button size was returned to normal for this menu.

This idea is really hard to explain, so well useless block of text this is; see the video below however here are some graphs to help try and explain it, follow along with the video if you must.



Note: Audio get weird here and there, sorry, will prevent this in the future.

you can view the video here:




Looking for Information

Well recently I was "promoted" so to speak, more of just a title change to group/company owner of Iron Genesis. Now I myself have never looked into the information required to know when starting, and maintaining a company but as far as I know there are a few main points. Copy Rights, trademarks, and taxes. I was curios if anyone had some insight as where to start looking into the general information required before I take our group from just that to a company. I hope this doesn't sound at all confusing and I don't mind any advice on the subject at hand either.




Melting Cube - Dukandia, Tutorials, Entering the realm of 3d and more!

Hello There!
Well before I begin, I should go ahead and say that I will be posting either a lot more often, or posts that contain much more then what I have usually been known to post. I would prefer to use the latter of the two, but this might not always be possible.

I will warn you, I am trying to start posting with "personality" I think my work is rather dull and boring and think that it'd be best if when you read it it sounds like a dialogue with some crazy guy and his dog, then a history book. Enjoy.

Let's start off with Dukandia,
Dukandia planning is going rather well, I am knocking out a page or two a day (very lazy of me actually) and I am also thinking of things that without planning would never have occurred to me. The first one I want to go ahead and talk about is Online Quests, that's right its a title not a vague description of a phony bologna piece of text. Online Quests are simple yet over complicated all at the same time. One example I have come to think of is, let's say you find some ruins and within these ruins is a book. This book could contain anything, the secret to ultimate power, how to forge the perfect sword, the secret to Nan's cookies The possibilities are endless really. Now to open this book you would need a key that would normally have had an inscription to lead you to this location. Now you can either, look for the key (or chance across it), or you can gain the skills to pick the lock or make a key that sorta thing. Now I'm getting a bit off track though aren't I? The idea of the quests is to promote world exploration as well as a way to hide content and well have people work together. If I have the key and you have the book and we are being little guppies and arguing over who gets to read or use what, we might just decide 'screw it, why not we both read it?" in short it's my way if forcing you to work together.
Now, how bout some other "Points of Interest?" I'm thinking of random ruins (as described above) as well as lets say random ghost settlements. There could even be little monuments that hold an item or a book, as well as adding some natural wonders of the world and what not. My ideas for points of interest are rather small and like the quests they are there only for the first players as its simply a mechanism to fill the gap that will be gone once players build over ruins and what not.

That was a mouthful wasn't it? Let's get on with tutorials,
I am thinking of starting a series of Java, and C++ tutorials (video) as well as some text articles for those of you with limited bandwidth and what not. These tutorials are really just something for me to do for those who want to learn c++ or Java and haven't had the time, the money, or found any good tutorials of some sort. They are also for members of my team, a few friends, and anyone who can search something on YouTube and get out of the ordinary results. These tutorials will be as explained as I feel you need to be when it comes to learning these, I'm not going to go on about "The history of JAVA, chapter one..." but I will go ahead and tell you what I know about certain pieces of code as well as some tricks I have learned. Now if anyone who watches these knows a better way to do something I post by all means, please share. I am more or less new to JAVA and I only know what My coding as taught me so chances are those of you with actual years in this language can top me in no time. I am also going to be doing video versions with some graphs and some simple animations for some of my journal entries, as well as any actual evidence of progress that is visual.

Second to last, and a blast from the past, Entering the realm of [s]2D[/s] 3D development,
I Have decided that, 2D is nice and all and I truly do love it, but well games are moving on and it's best I catch the train before it hits me in the face. Now I have not worked with 3D in, well I never actually have worked with much of it. So I'll be looking for decent freeware to start me off before I go out and purchase and overpriced 3d modeling programming of some sort. So if any of you know a nice program that's free or rather cheap, let me know. I also need something or somewhere to learn to animate and what not, texture so on so forth. So if you got Recommendations let me know I could use em.

Lastly the much much more of this entry,
A few of my personal projects have come slightly farther thanks to some concept tests I have worked on, mainly the "Drop Box" I was working on for my own needs, I am thinking of releasing it when it is done It requires a FTP file storage of some sort and a MySQL database but besides that simple setup its self managing. - in theory

I hope I was able to provide a more real "Journal Post" and that i wasn't at all too creepy, thanks for reading,




Dukandia - Character Selection Preview

Well today as some of you may know, I got off work early today, so I decided to finish the "rough draft" of the character selection menu. This menu in my opinion might need some changes, so If you have any suggestions or advice on the design, layout, or anything else let me know!

The menu is comprised of a few parts, one is the three character spots on the left. These have a square where the future character head shots will go. The head shots are there to help you pinpoint the character you want to use, while clicking on it will make the character's information show up on the large right panel. To use the character you double click the character after the information appears on the panel.The information panel will tell you their "experience" some of their skills, I might add an inventory preview and you will get a small preview of your stats. Your hunger, Stamina, and health bars.




Dukandia - Small Check Up

Over the past few weeks Dukandia has been planned and a few decisions have been made. The first one is that we will stay with Java, this decision was made final. Final planning is finished, however we have decided to not make these plans public due to an unfair advantage that these would give potential players when said features or items n what not are made to be hidden, I will discuss creating a Public version that merely hints at the fact they exist at all why not saying what they are, as to give you more information on the game itself.

Dukandia Updates:

Window Mode support has been added
Double Buffer has been added updated to work with both modes
More Items that use to lag the engine up have been moved to separate threads
Menus re-size from the master size of 2500 x 1875

We are looking into the idea of a Day-night menu system with various particle effects to help add some "Pizzazz"
Menu Music is being developed

We are looking for server host services, or actual servers to purchase.




Forum mock

I have decided i'll get a quick mock of the forum done today since I have the time. All opinions are appreciated since I'll be hand coding it don't limit your advice And yes that large block at the top would be the chat box I plan to implement into the main forums page.




Been busy but I'm back!

Well, the past two weeks or so have been a bit hectic for me, so development has gone well you can say it had stopped! No worries to any of you interested in "Dukandia", I will be getting back to work tomorrow at noon! I would also like to add that I will now be categorizing all my posts, mostly due to the fact that this way I don't need to only inform you on my Dukandia work. I will be posting a link to my personal "portfolio" or well my site. Although my site won't contain updates as frequent as the updates on here, they are put in a way I like; so of course I'll ask you to check it out when we get there! Below I'll post some small news on projects and let you know my plans.

Well I have to start with my favorite and well my "first" project that I myself have come up with. Dukandia has been a bit of a mess really, I have images, and ideas but being new to java its taking me some time to actually learn the tricks that come when making a project, I keep redoing the engine for speed, and then discover a faster way to do this or that, so please bare with me; I might start making a side windows single player version as a side project so that I can help bring in an audience, comments on this would be appreciated so I know your thoughts on doing this. The windows single player version would be built in a separate language of course.

My Site
Well I haven't bought the domain yet, but I plan to use a free co.cc one!, I don't plan to but the domain till its up and running with some small services that will hopefully keep itself up and running as of now I have a planned psd2html service, small web builder with html export and maybe some more! The sites name? Kapuck, as said above its my personal portfolio that hopefully will grow into an actual site later on.

anything else?
Not much else has been happening but lets not assume to much!, I have been a bit busy and by the looks of it I'll be getting even more busy on the weekdays, I will be spending a lot of time working on projects during the weekend but due to this sudden increase in work I won't have a lot if any time on the weekends.

Hope this isn't too much, I felt my first post was too small! enjoy, comments are asked for as they help me out.




Dukandia - This Week's goal.

Well after what I think has been two or maybe three weeks we have a planning document finished, we are working out and details and will be sharing the whole document in reversion one or two as soon as we can. The reversions will mostly be re-organizational issues. Making sure the document details core game play and then the things you can do and the objects and so on within. We have also settled on some final planning pieces for the finished GUI, as well as some updates to how we will run the development of future games. The downside to this document is that it is multiplayer centered, it will not detail the single player, this is mainly due to the single player having more features as we progress the progress of the story line. These add-ins are simply ways of making up for the lack of other players and are in no way a better gaming experience.

In short, in the next few days a 20 or so paged document will be for both download and put within a "spoiler" if I learn to use them by then . The document is open for public review as well as questions on every aspect can be made answered and we will change it to fit public ideas. That is however, if anyone is actually interested in reading it xD, it's mostly just for those of you interested in how the whole game will work.

[rollup='What I assume is a spoiler']This is a general testing of said title.[/rollup]




Dukandia - Sneak Peek Skill tree!

Now I am hard at work finishing Reversion 1 of the planning document that will get us back into development, and I have a feeling I can give it to you guys Monday, but... I think you deserve a bit of a sneak peek before I through a huge document at you! So here are all the skills, all 90 of them!

The skill tree follows this format:

-Sub skill (skill that is required before this skill becomes unlocked, separated by " , " 's)
--sub of the sub skill

Please note, as always this is directly copied from a document so it might have strange formatting, it also although mostly set in stone might change with popular opinion so we ask that you raise your voice and let us hear your thoughts!

*Please pardon the strange spacing of a few of the elements, the red is a core skill and the black refers to sub skills.*


[color="#800000"]Lumber Jacking [/color]
--Basic Locks and Bolts
---Yeomanry(Farming, Hunting, Arcane Enlightenment)
----Village Founding(Book Writing, Attribute Magic (rune), Stone Working, Advanced Tools)
---Architecture(Basic Tools)
----Monuments(Advanced Tools)
---Wheel Making
----Carts and Wagons(Carpentry)
-----Stage Coaches(Advanced Tools)
---Boats Construction(Swimming)
----Boats(Basic Tools)
---Stone Working(Basic Tools)
----Road Building
----Mining(Advanced Tools)
-----Black Smithy
------Advanced Locks and Bolts

[color="#800000"]Hunting [/color]
--Deep Sea Fishing(Advanced Tools)
-Animal Husbandry
--Silk Making
-Basic Tools (Lumber Jacking)
--Advanced Tools(Carpentry)
-Leather Working(Animal Husbandry)

[color="#800000"]Plants Lore [/color]
---Wine Making(Basic Cooking)
--Basic Cooking
---Gourmet Cooking
--Herbal Remedies
---Medicine(Arcane Enlightenment)
--Taming Animals
---Bird Mapping
-Basic Cloth Making
--Intermediate Cloth Making(Leather Working)
---Advanced Cloth Making(Silk Making)

[color="#800000"]Athletics [/color]
----Rock Scaling

[color="#800000"]Combat Tactics[/color]
-Melee Combat(Unarmed Combat)
--Basic Weaponry(Basic Tools)
-Ranged Combat(Hunting)
----Ranger Analysis(Scripture)
-Unarmed Combat

[color="#800000"]Arcane Enlightenment[/color]
--Books Writing
--Blue Prints
---Basic Mechanics(Black Smithy)
---Arrow ward
--basic healing (herbal remedies)
---Arcane Medicine(medicine)
----Arcane Healing
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Guards
----Sending Workers
--Basic submission
----Remote Authority
----Animal Binding
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Hounds
----Sending Eye

-Divine Understanding
---Divine Healing
---Divine Shielding
---Basic Poisoning
---Basic Harm





Dukandia - Forgive the delay, let me know what you think!

Hello and welcome,
Well the past weeks work has picked up, I have had a few more things so, I'm sorry for any delay's that occur and I'm also sorry for how late this update is coming.

Dukandia, Currently we have some great progress, almost getting on the in game side of things, but sadly we will be scrapping the coding progress, as well as the menu graphic progress due to some overhaul we have done on the planning side of things. Now these new update's won't actually set us back too far, in fact most of the slowness caused in the past, was due to me not knowing java and thus I was unable to do things I would have otherwise needed to know how to do. well, this is just a summary below I have outlined reasons for, each new update as well as give you some inside peeks of our new NEW features.

Graphical User Interface (G.U.I):
Now one of the biggest realizations was that the G.U.I was a bit showy for a 2D game, so we have decided to work on it and give it more of a "Toon" look, this look will allow us to use a 3D like menu while still retaining the "fun" and "2D" aspect that is allowed when making a 2D game interface.

Windowed Mode:
This has been a feature that well, I simply had decided I disliked, however I have come to realize that not all graphic cards support re-sizing as well as the fact that windowed mode is a rather good feature, it allows you to close the game if it crashes, ect, ect.

Hidden H.U.D Components:
We decided to add the possibility of the world ending, now by this we don't mean doomsda- well actually we sorta do, In Dukandia your technology and such advances with your progress and attempts at survival, so in doing so you can actually pollute the world, now what happens if the whole world becomes polluted, it begins to get toxic, if 65% of the world is toxic, the world ends. When you get the correct Skills otherwise hidden H.U.D components will become visible informing you that your in a ##% Polluted area and the toxicity of the current location is ##% in other words survival know-how.

Single Player:
After a lot of thinking and realization that an online world could get rather boring and such without the plot and events and such that usually drive someone to play a game, that and the possibility of a single empire arising ruining the game for everyone, it only seems right to have a fall back, maintenance free version for you to enjoy. The single player version is much like the multi-player except it offers a tutorial, an explanation of why you're on there and well the plot events, story and other interesting aspects are sure to keep you busy and wanting more.

Story outline:
Please note that the following information is unfinished planning material that I have decided to release for public opinion, it is not set in stone and does not actually represent working and or completely thought out ideas.


[size="4"] Dukandia: [size="4"]Story and Quest Plan [size="2"][size=2]- Josh Cole

[size="3"]This script orchestrates the overarching story of the game, which will be broken into segments or Chapters, with certain in-game effects triggering new chapters. This means that there will be no blazing through the story. To progress, the player will actually have to explore, survive, and expand the game as it was meant to be played. The story should not effect the sandbox aspects, but should provide something of an incentive for more story-driven gamers.
[size="4"] [size="4"]Key: [size="3"]Throughout the script, I will be writing notes to the reader (Mainly to Ice, since he's in charge of Dukandia).
[size="2"][size=2]*Notes asking for confirmation on certain aspects of the game will be written in bold, and centre orientated.
[size="2"][size=2]*Notes explaining certain aspects of the script and how I assume they would work will be in Italics, and left orientated.
[size="2"][size=2]*If, God forbid, the font of inspiration runs dry, notes asking for help or input will be written underlined.

[size="2"][size=2]Intro/Tutorial - Prologue

[size="2"][size=2]The character creation screen fades out to black, and the screen slowly fades back in to view, looking down on the dark, dank cargo hold of a ship. The wood is greying with rot, and the only light originates from a small lantern hanging from the ceiling. The character (for the purpose of the script, lets call him Jenson) awakes, and walks into the centre of the room, to a circle of other people (perhaps sitting, but I can't be certain the game will allow that), all wearing ragged clothing, with dirty faces.
[size="2"][size=2]'Oh, you're awake!' An elderly man slowly stands up and comes over to Jenson. 'I thought we'd lost another one.'

Basic Mechanics:
Please note that the following information is unfinished planning material that I have decided to release for public opinion, it is not set in stone and does not actually represent working and or completely thought out ideas.

Tile Type Change

"[font="Cambria, serif"][size="5"]When a player moves from one type to another..."[/font]

[font="Cambria, serif"][size="4"]When a player moves from one type [of tile] to another type of tile, the server will generate a randomized number, we can then say if this number is (1-100) 0-25 for 25% and such to generate interesting events. Such as 45% of stubbing your toe if you are barefoot and go from dirt to paved so the randomized number would be checked for a number 0-45[/font]

[font="Cambria, serif"][size="4"] The exception is when you go from stone paved to lets say gold paved or cobble paved, or if you go from shallow to deep or water to swamp and such since these are similar tiles there is no need to call an event or wed overload a player with shit tons of events if lucky/unlucky (tick + eel bite + stubbed toe or something weird like that)[/font]


"[font="Cambria, serif"][size="5"]When an attack towards or from the player is made"[/font]

[font="Cambria, serif"][size="4"]When an attack towards or from the player is made, the server will again do a randomized number, and using 0-# can create percentages for an event, one of the ones I really want to do is a 35% chance of your ammo when using a ranged weapon dropping to the floor for use again, and if this happens actually rising the quality to 110% of its original.[/font]

[font="Cambria, serif"][size="4"] The exception is player versus player combat.[/font]

That is all we have this morning, but the days still young, this week we are sure to have more of the story, some new graphics, get our coding re-done and for sure improved as well as introduce a melting cube logo and a video or two outlining our progress. Stay tuned and let me know how this all sounds too!

Yours truly,




Dukandia - Graphical Design Update, Video E.T.A, and Some More Planning

Hello and welcome back,
Now if you have been following what has been going on this weekend, you will know that we have been trying to get a G.U.I complete and acceptable, after looking at the ideas presented and fixing the general "problems" as well as looking at how I can implement the G.U.I at larger screen resolutions I think we can continue. You can find the G.U.I's at the bottom of this post.

The video displaying our code upgrades, testing our new speed, as well as showing or well testing our new debug features will be coming in either tomorrow or next Monday, this has to do with background noise and such contributing to the decision. the video will show you a working mode select, and a working log-in system and we hope we can show you how we go about adding buttons using our new debug features I coded earlier this week.

Now we best get onto the bulk of this post, as of late I have been trying to plan out both in my head as well as on paper the more "framework" ideas of Dukandia, and by that I mean the Ideas that both set the limits as well as determine the flexibility the game will provide. This week, rather then tell you some of the games main idea's I will be going over the different User Interfaces, Interactions, and basic controls and how they can limit as well as make the game flexible and like last week I will be looking to hear an opinion on some of the ideas presented.

Well before we begin, let em first say that this section is split into a few parts, so please bare with me since movement will be no small coding task. The first type is simple click here and you go there, this movement type is pretty widely used by ISO games, involving you clicking and with each click you character moves in a straight line to the destination, stopping if you encounter any objects. Now we also want to add on to this with click movement type B, this is slightly different, when you click the middle mouse button you set a "checkpoint" for the character to travel to. This allows you to more easily move the character through forest without having to wait for the character to get to a certain point, all checkpoints however are final unless canceled by a regular left click. Now finally we have the arrow key method, this allowing you to simply control direction with arrow keys, the downside however being that as an ISO game it will require mostly diagonal movement so you would be pressing two keys for the majority of your travel.

Completing Actions
Completing actions for the most part will be, right clicking to bring up a menu with several options, however I am thinking that adding a "I'm feeling lucky" button will also help in scenarios such as, Right click pant > harvest. This allowing you to do an action much faster then having to right click and select a menu with only one option. I am also thinking that we could add a command such as ctrl + right click to stack events onto each other, so you can add events similar to middle mouse button movement. Now that's all nice and dandy, but well theres one more crazy idea I'm willing to code and thing it could add a bit of multitasking ability usually not seen in games like Dukandia. Area select, lets say you have a field with plants in it, we could add an option to area select the whole field, then what ever action you do such as harvest will apply to all plants possible within this area. Now the downside to this would be that any extra seeds and such that don't fit in your bag would end up on the floor, however it does mean less clicking.

Skill Levels
Now when I talk about skill levels I want to clarify here that I mean values that one would build up over time, strength, intelligence, patience, balance, and other interesting values. These are not skills such as lumber jacking and metal working, those have been renamed to talents to help clear any confusion. Skill levels will be controlled using two methods. One will be skill training, these are little "games" and such you can do in game to pass time as well as gain a few points towards your skills. This would be like, a game were your character lifts heavier and heavier items to build up strength. Another method will allow you to spend the experience that would normally go towards talents on skills, this method however will cost more and more as you progress.

Friends (with benefits?)
Friends will have an interesting interaction with you. You either start off with them if you join someone via their joining code, which will automatically add them and anyone who also used said code, or you meet and add them manually through player to player interaction. friends will serve many purposes many of which I can't wait to see and hear about via the community, but one of the extra ones includes, that's right "benefits" (of course not those benefits ;D a bad pun goes a long way in a wall of text) these benefits will include things such as "A helping hand" in which if you visit a friends property all decay will be reversed by one "tick" and all plants will gain a growth tick unless counter productive. Now things like this won't happen every time, in fact they have a small window of opportunity that will be managed via a random event starter and event time manager the server will be equipped with. These events however small can in fact make a difference as well as add a reason to make friends.

"New" G.U.I
This first menu has been changed a bit to accommodate changes to the Multi-player menu as well as incorporate an idea contributed by Servant of the Lord We would like to thank him for his idea of the signpost exit button for lower resolutions

This next menu has had changes involving allowing in game registration, removing an exit button as well as making the text more legible as advised by Black-Rook.

Questions for the "fans"
Just two questions this time nothing big:

1. Do you think that the idea of the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel as I should have referenced it) is a good move or bad?

2. Do you agree with and/or like the idea of allowing a selected area of action to apply to all those that it can, my select a field harvest all example being the biggest advantage it would provide.

Simple Message to the team, expressing my thanks
Thank you to all that are interested and watching our progress, I would also like to add how happy I am to see this project kicking off, Dukandia has been an idea for many years and I must say if it hadn't been for the people I have helping me develop it no matter how small their contribution was I doubt I would have as much confidence or devotion to getting my own project finished, what started as a personal goal, and project as developed into a "production" by a team of truly talented individuals and I feel that I should send them my thanks. This has mostly been brought on by the work I'm seeing being put in to it by all as well as me going over all my old notes and marveling at how much more this game has become. (no words can express how cheesy this thank you message sounds in my head, but none the less its the best way to express my gratitude)

New Team Member
I'm not entirely sure if this is a permanent team member, as I myself don't have all the details too, but we have recruited at least for now an artist to further help us develop a logo, if she will be doing other work I don't know I should have more information next weekend, or well this weekend, for now that's all I got.




Java vs C++

Right so let us redo this. Java and C++ are very similar in syntax but what really makes them different? I will go over some of the differences in as much detail as I am aware, I will then ask that you post your opinion of what language would be best for a computer game. The results of your opinions, my team's opinions, and the information provided will influence Dukandia's progress.

Before we can talk about the very in-detail parts of C++ and Java, we must first talk about why they were first created:
C++ was designed for systems and applications, it was an extension of the C language. It was designed for efficient procedural execution.
Java was designed as a system to interpret printing systems, but later grew to do much more. It uses virtual machine to make it portable and secure. Although it has similar syntax to C++ it is not compatible in any way.

C++ is of course compatible with C, of course exceptions do apply.
Java is not compatible with any programming language.

C++ is write once, compile to run anywhere
Java is write once, run anytime anywhere

Parsing C++ can be more difficult, C++ allows namespace level functions, variables, ect. Lastly C++ objects are values.
Java has a context free grammar that cane be parsed by simple parsers. Java entities must be given a type and be defined as such.

Running applications
C++ is compiled directly into code your operating system can run
Java is compiled into code the Java Virtual Machine reads and interprets at run time

Templates vs. Generics
C++ uses Templates
Java uses Generics

I would delve into more detail but I'm not really good at going over everything if anyone wants to step up let me know and I'll add it in.

That's as much as I know for comparison really.




Dukandia - Progress update

Now if you have been following Dukandia for at the very least the past two weeks, you will know that more recently we have started to do some heavy planning and idea tossing to try and get a feel for what we expect the game to do, and how it will work. Now it is indeed this planning that is going to actually halt development for a week, possibly two. As of late I have been lucky enough to be introduced to some new concepts and such that honestly might or might not be good to introduce, and since I have a lot of things floating in my head I first want to get Dukandia for the most part fully planned out on paper as a guide to follow with very little room for change, this plan however will only serve as a guide and can change. But its of no use if I can;t actually get this done.

In replace of Dukandia Progress, I will be sharing progress on some of my other projects these include:
-File Share System (similar to that of the popular program Dropbox)
-Site redesign to welcome new name change
-New melting cube YouTube channel
-Design ideas [If my scanner starts working again (Dukandia based)]

Feel free to ask any questions on any of these or on Dukandia's situation.




Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present idea's, through the progression of Dukandia we have changed the way we've wanted to do things by well least to say a lot. So I thought id share some background information for those interested in the progression of Ideas, below that is this weekends idea and what we have finalized so far.

I'll be honest Dukandia is one of those project's I have always wanted to start and its idea has gone through worlds of changes. Dukandia originally was a simple hack and slash orpg. the game was meant to feature many creatures and a world of creatures you've never seen before, this was approximately two years ago. Now despite all the planning put into it Dukandia never did kick off, then about a year ago, I had a change of heart, I realized that making it this way would be well, too bland in my opinion. So i set myself making the player live in a persistent earth, where they would strive to live off the land, with other players. This however had re-spawning, and well it featured many flaws. Since then Dukandia has been in planning non-stop. I had decided to change many key aspects. Instead of earth, I decided it should be a world "similar" but not exact to earth. Animals you've seen mixing with animals you can only imagine. I also changed it from "normal" 2D to isometric 2D. Death is a constant reminder to watch what you do and form alliances and such. In all Dukandia is ever changing even today, and in my opinion can be summarized as a "life" simulator, I want to see when given the options what players decide to do, how the community decides to handle crime as a whole, how alliances will work, and if like the present day, will people start to have to conserve the resources they have, will terraforming remove some habitats and thus cause the death of entire species in the world I present them? these are questions I greedily await the answers to.

This weekend:
This weekend we want to plan out the first hour to first five hours of possible game play, this includes character creation, possible locations and the resources each area will allow you to use. As well as some of the problems, technology, and skills you will be able to use.

Note: Im directly pasting from a text file so all formatting is "indent" based

*Note: colors are beige, red, blue, and green for startup.
Cloth Shirt
Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
No sleeve
Cloth Vest:
No Under Shirt | Long sleeve
No Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
No Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Long sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Dress:
Cloth trousers:
Long Legs
3 quarter legs
Cloth Skirt:
Cloth Hoods:
Up | New
Up | Torn
Down | New
Down | Torn
Cloth hat:
Long Toung
Short Toung
No Toung
Hidden Attributes:
Hidden attributes and extra bonuses can be unlocked using the redeem code function so expiriment!




Site Mock up

After a week or so of planning, design, and well of course color decisions I have been able to mock up an updated version of my site. The site includes the team selected name of our group / company as well as providing a much better looking slideshow, and information display. There is not much to say although, I might want to hear what you think of my little dog story I wrote half way through the example text, lol and no it does not make sense. I am thinking of replacing the wood top with a different texture, as well as redoing the corners to be smooth, what are your thoughts.




Dukandia Update: 1; A Checkup, Goals, and Some Information


This is a re-post from my blog The Melting Cube

[color=#000000]This week on the Dukandia Dev Team we started work on the engine again! Currently the engine supports window and full-screen mode and is fully capable of giving us what we are looking for in the engine. We may be changing the engine up slightly depending on how research goes, but that's another story.[/color]

[color=#000000]New layout:[/color]
[color=#000000]From now on out all Dukandia Updates will be titled as such with a number, these numbers will start from 1 and go on, since this is new 1 will be placed on today's entry. At the bottom of every entry I will have "The fridge" it will be a summary in some cases, a letter to our followers in others, but is generally just news that I have decided to post, it might not change for weeks or it might change several times before you see it again.[/color]

[color=#000000]Current Features:[/color]
[color=#000000]Window Mode[/color]
[color=#000000]Full Screen[/color]
[color=#000000]Image Support[/color]
[color=#000000]Night and Day menu cycle[/color]

[color=#000000]This week:[/color]
[color=#000000]This week we will be creating the new GUI with night and day options, we will start work on various clothing items for the sprites, and we will also look into a game library. We also have two new projects who have come to fight for our attention, these projects are still in the planning phases however and will not be discussed on here until they are done and the leader of said project gives me the OK to do so. Stay on watch though I am sure I can get you some previews or treats regarding them![/color]

[color=#000000]Next Week:[/color]
[color=#000000]Next week I will show you the progress with the GUI, if I find it even half presentable that it. I will give you insight to a new site design that will better fit our needs. I will also discuss a game engine we are in the midst of planning to help speed up the processes, and I will share some background at what exactly we are doing.[/color]

[color=#000000]The Fridge[/color]
[color=#000000]Although this gave you a little bit of an insight and I know it wasn't a lot of new information, these are our goals and we will keep you up to date with them, thanks to anyone who follows these I'm sure you expected a bit more from us and I promise we will start delivering.[/color]




Day 5; Complications and in-deph update

Today all is well; with the Log in and Loading screen done I can continue to code,

Graphics side of things:
Today I will be doing the settings menu, and possible the character selection menu. These bring us closer to coding to the main game. I should also start trying my hand at character pixel art, my last attempts were horrid to say the best. I do know however that practice truly does make perfect with pixel art for I have seen my work drastically improve over time before. If today's the day I make a great character model, today will also be the day I start on character clothing, With paper dolling looking a bit to advanced for my novice java skills I'm thinking of making all the sprites myself, Since Gunner* can't do human pixel art. In the end the message is "Today's a good day to make graphics."

Coding side of things:
Well, for those who don't know I plan to do this game in Java. I can't say I have ever done java until this game, I know many other programming languages, how hard could it be? Apparently, very. I am however only in day 5, I am learning what I need and I pretty much have almost all the logic a game would need down. Threads are my favorite, with them I didn't have to look up "How to use threads with sockets" I was able to take the basic server socket code and port it to use threads, so kudos to me!

Sadly, I have discovered I need a whole redo on my client, the main class I am using isn't suited for game development, so I'll need to rewire it, good news is it's mostly just porting the necessary functions to a core class and then calling a super class for use and then making a keyboard exit function for testing, and that'll mean I have my game loop back! Learning; today I got to read up on keyboard and mouse listener's having those should mean I'm done learning what needs to be learned for what I need to do, but who knows, right?




Forum Development

In my last post I mentioned how I planned to go ahead and code my own forums system, as well as provided a mock up screen shot. This week I have planned out all the variables How I will go about doing it. For the most part that is all I have to share, but I will go ahead and share some of the core features I think the forums need to have, although as states below this is just a quick list of ideas, I am however working on the forums framework ATM.

I know I say it a lot but; The information below is direct planning information and is not yet official in any shape way or form and is subject to change.




Login name
Display Name
verify password
verify email
random bot prevention question
male or female
age (must be 13+)


Profile pic
short bio
self title


The Iron Genesis monthly news letter

Agree to TOU


Connects to forum
connects to games
connects to "blogs"
connects to main site comment and rating system

-forum features:

scrolling messages
time of day greetings
font size
font color
super script
sub script
non number list
number list
word sensor
report post
vote replies up or down
vote original post 1-5
follow a post
follow a board
follow a blog
follow a project page
chat box
dev only chat box
moderation board
adding as friend
titles based on job or post rank
private messages
developers will get "Job" messages giving you an update on what you have to do this month
change display name
change password
link to your website
sign in as invisible
delete account
un subscribe to news letter
search forum
edit posts by you
mods and admins can edit and delete all posts
delete posts by you
link images



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