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The progress of my 2d world simulation game

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Day 5; Complications and in-deph update

Today all is well; with the Log in and Loading screen done I can continue to code,

Graphics side of things:
Today I will be doing the settings menu, and possible the character selection menu. These bring us closer to coding to the main game. I should also start trying my hand at character pixel art, my last attempts were horrid to say the best. I do know however that practice truly does make perfect with pixel art for I have seen my work drastically improve over time before. If today's the day I make a great character model, today will also be the day I start on character clothing, With paper dolling looking a bit to advanced for my novice java skills I'm thinking of making all the sprites myself, Since Gunner* can't do human pixel art. In the end the message is "Today's a good day to make graphics."

Coding side of things:
Well, for those who don't know I plan to do this game in Java. I can't say I have ever done java until this game, I know many other programming languages, how hard could it be? Apparently, very. I am however only in day 5, I am learning what I need and I pretty much have almost all the logic a game would need down. Threads are my favorite, with them I didn't have to look up "How to use threads with sockets" I was able to take the basic server socket code and port it to use threads, so kudos to me!

Sadly, I have discovered I need a whole redo on my client, the main class I am using isn't suited for game development, so I'll need to rewire it, good news is it's mostly just porting the necessary functions to a core class and then calling a super class for use and then making a keyboard exit function for testing, and that'll mean I have my game loop back! Learning; today I got to read up on keyboard and mouse listener's having those should mean I'm done learning what needs to be learned for what I need to do, but who knows, right?




Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present idea's, through the progression of Dukandia we have changed the way we've wanted to do things by well least to say a lot. So I thought id share some background information for those interested in the progression of Ideas, below that is this weekends idea and what we have finalized so far.

I'll be honest Dukandia is one of those project's I have always wanted to start and its idea has gone through worlds of changes. Dukandia originally was a simple hack and slash orpg. the game was meant to feature many creatures and a world of creatures you've never seen before, this was approximately two years ago. Now despite all the planning put into it Dukandia never did kick off, then about a year ago, I had a change of heart, I realized that making it this way would be well, too bland in my opinion. So i set myself making the player live in a persistent earth, where they would strive to live off the land, with other players. This however had re-spawning, and well it featured many flaws. Since then Dukandia has been in planning non-stop. I had decided to change many key aspects. Instead of earth, I decided it should be a world "similar" but not exact to earth. Animals you've seen mixing with animals you can only imagine. I also changed it from "normal" 2D to isometric 2D. Death is a constant reminder to watch what you do and form alliances and such. In all Dukandia is ever changing even today, and in my opinion can be summarized as a "life" simulator, I want to see when given the options what players decide to do, how the community decides to handle crime as a whole, how alliances will work, and if like the present day, will people start to have to conserve the resources they have, will terraforming remove some habitats and thus cause the death of entire species in the world I present them? these are questions I greedily await the answers to.

This weekend:
This weekend we want to plan out the first hour to first five hours of possible game play, this includes character creation, possible locations and the resources each area will allow you to use. As well as some of the problems, technology, and skills you will be able to use.

Note: Im directly pasting from a text file so all formatting is "indent" based

*Note: colors are beige, red, blue, and green for startup.
Cloth Shirt
Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
No sleeve
Cloth Vest:
No Under Shirt | Long sleeve
No Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
No Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Long sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Dress:
Cloth trousers:
Long Legs
3 quarter legs
Cloth Skirt:
Cloth Hoods:
Up | New
Up | Torn
Down | New
Down | Torn
Cloth hat:
Long Toung
Short Toung
No Toung
Hidden Attributes:
Hidden attributes and extra bonuses can be unlocked using the redeem code function so expiriment!




New projects, Updates, and the next few weeks

These next few weeks I will be working on a few new projects, as for Dukandia, over the next week I will be attempting to finish the temporary male and start on the temporary female sprites. (Can be seen in the Isometric Sprites topic located in the Visual Arts area of the forums.) The Next update on Dukandia will come when character customization is completely done and we can save, and load a characters looks from the server correctly. As for my other projects, most of them are simply engine starters for later projects, websites, as well as a few programs to help me manage my time and such. I will post updates of projects as I see the need, See you next time.




Site Upgrade

Well, today was going to be a Dukandia development day, but after going to my site to update text i realized something... The site being made when I first began web and software development sucked. A basic html one only looking good on Internet explorer it was bad so below I have a list of improvements as well as a link to the improved site.

Multi browser support
CSS Frames to keep content nice and neat
New logo to fit
Awesome new design
Slideshow *

*Please note I'm fairly new to slideshows so the buttons are temps, besides that I feel accomplished actually making one.


yes I know the domain does need to change, but I'm in a contract.




Been busy but I'm back!

Well, the past two weeks or so have been a bit hectic for me, so development has gone well you can say it had stopped! No worries to any of you interested in "Dukandia", I will be getting back to work tomorrow at noon! I would also like to add that I will now be categorizing all my posts, mostly due to the fact that this way I don't need to only inform you on my Dukandia work. I will be posting a link to my personal "portfolio" or well my site. Although my site won't contain updates as frequent as the updates on here, they are put in a way I like; so of course I'll ask you to check it out when we get there! Below I'll post some small news on projects and let you know my plans.

Well I have to start with my favorite and well my "first" project that I myself have come up with. Dukandia has been a bit of a mess really, I have images, and ideas but being new to java its taking me some time to actually learn the tricks that come when making a project, I keep redoing the engine for speed, and then discover a faster way to do this or that, so please bare with me; I might start making a side windows single player version as a side project so that I can help bring in an audience, comments on this would be appreciated so I know your thoughts on doing this. The windows single player version would be built in a separate language of course.

My Site
Well I haven't bought the domain yet, but I plan to use a free co.cc one!, I don't plan to but the domain till its up and running with some small services that will hopefully keep itself up and running as of now I have a planned psd2html service, small web builder with html export and maybe some more! The sites name? Kapuck, as said above its my personal portfolio that hopefully will grow into an actual site later on.

anything else?
Not much else has been happening but lets not assume to much!, I have been a bit busy and by the looks of it I'll be getting even more busy on the weekdays, I will be spending a lot of time working on projects during the weekend but due to this sudden increase in work I won't have a lot if any time on the weekends.

Hope this isn't too much, I felt my first post was too small! enjoy, comments are asked for as they help me out.




Im back

Well, after a few hectic weeks, I can finally get back to work on Dukandia, this week we will be adding another brain to our team. His work will mainly involve helping decide what ideas we keep and what we throw out as well as further developing the story. Dukandias summary will prolly be rewrote later this week.




Dukandia - The Last redesign

[font=times new roman,times,serif]Well, once again I'm looking at a redesign, however this one is different. The past redesigns could be put as a "learning" experience, me testing what worked and what was not working in java. This next redesign has a completely different approach after learning enough through what I knew and trial and error I have plotted out a layout of classes that should, and will let me continue to the next stage of development. The following problems will be addressed:
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Mouse detection problems[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Key detection problem[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]Disorganization [/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]Menu handling redesign [/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Settings input[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif] Screen drawing[/font]
[font=times new roman,times,serif]
I came to the conclusion that this was needed when realizing that I had been treating java at a "arms length" approach, I was using it as if I had never programmed before, after thinking about it I realized I was also looking at threads the wrong way in some cases, I was using them in a way that just wasn't how things should be done! After realizing this I can now be sure that I am going about this since what I plan to do is based off a day of messing around with java.




Dukandia - This Week's goal.

Well after what I think has been two or maybe three weeks we have a planning document finished, we are working out and details and will be sharing the whole document in reversion one or two as soon as we can. The reversions will mostly be re-organizational issues. Making sure the document details core game play and then the things you can do and the objects and so on within. We have also settled on some final planning pieces for the finished GUI, as well as some updates to how we will run the development of future games. The downside to this document is that it is multiplayer centered, it will not detail the single player, this is mainly due to the single player having more features as we progress the progress of the story line. These add-ins are simply ways of making up for the lack of other players and are in no way a better gaming experience.

In short, in the next few days a 20 or so paged document will be for both download and put within a "spoiler" if I learn to use them by then . The document is open for public review as well as questions on every aspect can be made answered and we will change it to fit public ideas. That is however, if anyone is actually interested in reading it xD, it's mostly just for those of you interested in how the whole game will work.

[rollup='What I assume is a spoiler']This is a general testing of said title.[/rollup]




Night 7

Well today's progress was good, but a lot slower then what I thought it would be. I'll break it down into graphics and coding below.

Well, after creating the new main menu, I decided to create a widescreen version. What I mean is, those who have a widescreen monitor will experience "squishing" on the original works, so in the settings a widescreen option is available, when checked your main menu and other menus will be made more compact so that they render more normal then not. I was also unable to go to the character selection menu due to a setback created by the settings menu. Tomorrow After I figure out my coding issues I will be able to get cracking on the menu's functionality, and hopefully getting to the character selection menu.

Ever hear the saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it"? well, I should have listened. I wanted to try a new client layout, and well to say the least it went horrid. I have it working but i'm at a standstill with being able to draw new things when a click is detected. I will have to go back and redo the client from scratch so that it will be functional again. Good news is I know the code by heart at this point having typed it up hundreds of times, I'll be up and running 5 mins into my daily routine tomorrow.

Settings file test was ran successfully though! although it cant detect clicks it can read and load the correct type of background so that's a plus!

Although today had its downs, It was a mostly good day. I got a lot of graphics done (Look at them below!) as well as being able to get feedback from a few people. I realize however, that when character creation is reached there will be a week or so pause. I have to get a sprite that looks decent made so that I can continue beyond that point.


normal view





Dukandia - Experience a new idea!

I have been taking a few extra classes lately, and I have noticed an obviouse pattern when it comes to learning (getting Expirience) when it comes to new skills and the like. It's a bell graph isn't it? You start of gettIng little to no Results or progress, then reach a point where your advancing rather quickly, then you'll eventually slow down as you master this skill.

I want Dukandia to have a similar learning Expirience. You start off at What a normal game would game would normally give you then you'll start getting more and more and speed up the time it takes you to do it, then your Expirience gain will level back to normal but the new speed and better results remain. In other words if you get lumber jacking your first few logs will give you lets say 25 exp. Then you will rise from 25 to 30 to idk 50, then after a while it will go back down to 25 with better quality logs and fast logging speed still intact.

sorry was typed mobile and for some reason it dint safe most of what I had.





Hey not much to say other then I am limited to the days I can work on Dukandia, but I'm not worried about progress, since I did most of the work on these days anyway:

Dukandia: Friday - Sunday with some exceptions

Side Projects: Mon - Thursdays

The side project is a simple rts game I'll be building during lunch breaks during the week, any actual day off will be given to Dukandia as my primary project. if anyone's interested I will be posting a wip thread on it in the next week or so.




Day 8 plans and this weeks agenda

The weekend returns and with it, Dukandia's development.

Three day weekend
This week I will have the pleasure of having Monday off, I will be using it to try and get Dukandia up and running into a gameloop. (currently uses a timer since exit button has yet to be made functional)

Plans for the weekend:
You've prolly seen me put the exact same day after day, but not being familiar with java you have to give me a break lol.

Redo client
Add mouse click detection
set up menu manager
get menus to switch on click box cord style.




Day ; Back to buisness

yesterday I posted saying it may take me a few days to figure out the areas of java I was unfamiliar with, luckily it only took yesterday! The Game is completely rewritten to work faster, and is set up so that future functions can be placed without re-writing much code. One of the biggest changes code side, was our new mouse listener; Here soon we will be able to get making the menus!

Although small, this update should help you understand where we stand in development; Planning was officially closed on the beta, All skills, structures, items, settings, animals, abilities, resources, ect. Are all set in stone until either the beta, or we decide to change something fundamental. Since it is done, this also means I can begin to get permission to make this public!

Your input:
I'm looking for opinions on my Log-in Menu I feel that it's components are too large for a full screen display; what are you're thoughts?

Coming next update:

A new menu or two, maybe four!
More images and possible a video!
game icon choosing and poll!

On a side note, I'd like to thank Black-Rook for suggesting making a development journal; It helps keep myself organized as well as remind myself of yesterdays progress and the tasks at hand, as well as keep me motivated to do what I must, so thanks!




Day 7: A larger step towards realese

Whats new today?
Well, if you haven't already check out our post in the announcements section (click here)
The post hold A LOT of information now regarding the basic planning and development of Dukandia, Below I will only be able to announce what needs to be done today, since all up to date information is right there.

Today is going to be a long one, we plan to get settings menu done, as well as make log in and maybe testing character creation setup. Create data files for settings and maybe get the server prepped for counting players.



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