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I have to practice ma stabbin' Yaaa!

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Well, work is driving me nuts at times. Having to deal with IE and its constant problems rendering a perfectly good style-Sheeted page that works in Firefox ( or any other Mozilla based browser ) is driving me crazy. I mean - how hard is it to follow standards? Standards are there for a reason, but Microsoft with their "Holier-than-thou" attitude decide not to implement certain parts of the W3C CSS2 recommendation properly - or not at all! The worst part is that we have to wait until Longhorn for a new broswer that _might_ work properly with the standards.

I ran into the "Carriage Return" bug a few days ago. Up until now I had never known about it or even run into it, which is quite surprising given the characteristics of this bug. In IE, this line here ( it happens with other tags too, such is and
  • ):

    "link" border="0" alt="image" />

    Looks fine doesn't it? Well... it's not. Apparently those of us who like to format our (X)HTML nicely so that it can be read and debugged efficiently ( god forbid! ) are doomed. The carriage return after the img tag causing a newline to be generated in Internet Explorer!

    Soooo this will fix it:

    "link" border="0" alt="image" />

    Which isn't too bad, but with a large page this can get qutie confusing.

    To be a little fairer on IE, this bug has been around for quite some time and in other browsers ( such as Netscape ). But IE is the only browser that STILL has the bug ( as of Version 6 ).

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