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About this blog

A journal documenting the beginning and progression of Lateral Creations, an indie dev team birthed from

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Hello independent game development!

Hello everyone, this is Ben from Lateral Creations, I decided to start a journal here on to hopefully gather up some fans, get advice from great developers out there and I owe it to as it brought James and I together to create this awesome partnership.
After joining and forming Lateral Creations we looked to start our own game, we didn't want anything too big in scope, nothing too ambitious, we just wanted a fun, manageable and interesting first game. We have been developing Onslaught! for just over a month now, and we are making great progress. Onslaught! is a top-down shooter defense game where you play a robot defending his home from hordes of tribal aliens, to put it bluntly.
We have made heaps of progress especially considering James is from California and I am from the UK. We have a website up and running, with all the add-ons including Facebook and Twitter. We have also managed to complete 3 development diaries so far, being heavily influenced by Wolfire's approach to showing progress during development which is pretty awesome.
We've gone through a few builds already, James is an awesome programmer, and definately deserves a career in it, and well, I get by with the art. I will try to update this journal as much as possible, any feedback would be so great and would really help us.
Check us out and see how we've come along so far,
Show us some of that indie love we crave.

Thanks for reading, Ben Bird-Jones.



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