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Reports of events and sessions from the 2012 Game Developers Conference

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Welcome to the 2012 GDC with GameDev.net!

Time once again for a large fraction of the games industry to descend down upon San Francisco and attend the Game Developers Conference, including several of the staff, moderators, and members of the GDNet community. If you're going to be at the show anytime this week, swing on by The Lounge and let us know. I even left my phone number there in case anyone wants to call and meet up. Got something on your mind related to GDNet? I'll be happy to listen to it personally.

Just like last year, we've set up a journal, gallery and news stream to help keep you informed of all that's going on at the conference, which has gotten to be A LOT of stuff. So much that no one outlet can cover it all, although each year everyone tries their hardest to do so! Since we can't get to everything we've pulled various other site RSS feeds into a single stream set to keywords from GDC, IGF and GDCA activities - you can get the RSS link to this feed and also see what we're posting about on our main coverage page. There you can also watch the #GDC twitter stream and see the latest updates from our account @gdevnet.

Remember though that while this "live" coverage page is only a temporary location to pull everything together in one place, after GDC is done all our coverage and images will continue to be available here on this journal and in our gallery for later perusal and reference. We will most likely continue to add stuff here to the GDC journal in the following week of the conference. We'll probably be adding even more photos to our Facebook gallery as well like last year.

Here's to another great GDC!



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