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About this blog

A 2d space shooter where you salvage spaceship parts to build your own ship and space stations

Entries in this blog


Spaceship pixel art, bullets & ship design

You can see in the image below the first graphics for SpaceBeam. As I'm not a pixel-artist, the final result is not perfect, but it's already good to have some graphics & colors. Also, determining graphic styles helps to define target audience.

There are also bullets (only pushing ships, not destroying anything yet), yes waaaaar !

Different ships designs, like the picture, leading to different behaviours (you can see this in the video, the funny thing is the big ship pushing me at the end is completely unxpected

You can also check Youtube video #3 showing all this, but animated !
[media] [/media]

If you have any comment or suggestion, advice or expectation about the art or the game, feel free to share it with me, as I'm totally open for feedback !




Start of SpaceBeam : Inspiration & ideas

I think I'll start a game. A 2d game. About space, ships, building your own ships & stations. Exploring unknown areas. Would like to have it asynchronous multiplayer.

Start with a small ship. Mine asteroids. Get resources. Transport. Build bigger ships. Fight with other ships. Harvest parts. Optimize your ship power supplies, weapons, thrusters, shields. Find light speed engines & move to other parts of the galaxy. Build your own base, setup defenses. Resist to alien waves. Have the best base. Test you base against real players. Go to fight other player bases. Be a hero.

Possible scenario
You have a small mining ship and work as mining asteroids. Sometimes, you get stuff, from old ships crashed on asteroids. One day, you find a transmitter, transmitting signal from what seems a big alien ship. You start looking for this ship...


Captain Jameson
Space Chunks 2
Blast Works
Tikumi Fighters




New 16x16 blocks for a better looking spaceship

Redefined blocks from 8x8 to 16x16 (thrusters & wings not updated yet).

Few visible progress because I'm designing and coding the fact to place blocks that are not only 1x1 square, with some smart rules so blocks like weapons to know that they can only be added near a hull, and so on (these already exist but were hardcoded).

Anyway, the ship above is 100% procedural




Video Game Art (all about crates and barrels)

I just want to introduce my new blog, about thinks I'd like to share about technical art-related things in videogames.

Feel free to comment content or ask for new articles I'm always open to suggestions !


Here are the first 3 articles:

How to model a sphere


Polygon repartition on humanoid


How to count vertices


Thanks for watching !




Destructing spaceships

Structure of breaking
These last days I worked on spaceship structure. As I want it to be break nicely, I built some kind of structure from ships described in text files. The result is not perfect yet, but it works, ships can be broken firing at them ^^

Here's an image of a ship structure, built automatically starting from cockpit and kinda path-finding in the ship (I highlighted a ship in red to see arrows better).

One element is only attached to a single other. This leads to quite "weak" structures, that is what I want. If you break a block all the connected parts will be "freed" from main ship.

Unlike Captain Forever, the ships will break down into smaller pieces (they won't be destroyed). These parts, in certain cases, will continue to live as independent ships (yes, like lizard tail : ). If a ship is broken in two parts, and each one has engines, they will try to flee (or even attack the player if they have weapons left).



As you can see, structure is already important. With a single shot on the side, I can easily break the big square in 2 parts, because its structure is made in "S". But after this, i shoot multiple time in the center, with nearly no effect. Fighting strategy coming




Background & offensive ennemies

After some reflexion on structure (I'll be back to this later), I worked on some cosmetic features:
Explosion effects
Background planet
Zoom in/out
Enemies can now fire on you

[media] [/media]

You can see in the video that it's really hard to survive when they are setup to be aggressive !




SpaceBeam : How fixed level design change combat

Previously, space combat was mainly in a open space environment.
I can now place fixed elements, and combat is much enjoyable and tactical.
Even if ennemies have no proper IA, you can hide behind crates and try to sneak them... promising !

You can see in the video below new features of SpaceBeam:
2d HUD showing enemies
Different ship designs
Some level design blocks (fixed & moving containers)
Speed boosters, triggered when a ship enters a zone
Placeholder sounds & music.

[media] [/media]

Next to come : Some deeper game design




SpaceBeam : With trails, you can feel projectiles !

Added two different weapons : Bullets and missiles.
Bullets are short-range, high-speed. Missiles are slower, longer range, and can be "controlled" with the ship direction.
Added some particle emitters for thrusters, bullets and missiles, that give a trail feeling.

The video shows a combat between my small ship and 3 generated ennemy ships.

[media] [/media]

Next steps ? Hud & Objectives




Using thrusters to move the spaceship

Here are 2 videos showing progress manipulating a ship.

The first shows how system activates the good thrusters at the good time, depending on player inputs.
More explanation here : The physical ship
Proto1 : Thrusters physic

The second video shows player and enemies ships. You are the "big" ship top left, and enemies are the smaller ones. They try to face you (in order to fire sometime), and stay at a reasonable distance.
To do this, they use the same commands as the player : Turn left/right, forward and backwards (they do not strafe atm). Of course, the result is quite different depending on where the thrusters are placed ! You may notice the difference between the small 6 thrusters ship & the bugger square ship with less thrusters...
Proto2 : Ennemy ships AI

Hope you like this, I'm really excited about what this game could be in the future ^^



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