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Android game dev mark 0

Hello, Android?

So, after a very long hiatus, I have decided once again to make an attempt to make a few games. My ambitions are small, but I told myself that if I didn't make at least one game I'd really be pissed at myself. My ulterior motive is that I really want to begin learning to develop on A mobile platform, and since I have an android phone, android it is. Not to mention my day job is .net web developer and java is a close cousin to c#, which I'm used to (and I don't want to buy a mac just now or build a hacintosh etc.). I've even been offered a job developing on the android OS, so this could branch into new career options. Wins all around.

When I initially was interested in game development straight out of college, things were much simpler than they are now. I didn't realize it until trying to find a starting point for this adventure how the myriad of platforms, technologies, languages, and libraries have just exploded since I last was learning. My choice back then was basically OpenGL vs DirectX. Now it's ??? vs ????????.

I like learning from books so that is something I am considering. But, since I am totally new, I believe I will just start off with some really simple programs working from the Android developer's guide. I've already read parts of it, and compared with msdn, which I'm unfortunately accustomed to, it seems amazingly informative.

We'll start with Hello World, and go from there to basic interactive UIs, and the most rudimentary of games. I'm starting this journal both to log my successes and/or failures, keep myself honest, and possibly get feedback from others here.

PS. As I write this, we are awaiting QA confirmation for a patch code deployment of our current site software. Making games just seems so much more interesting than that...



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