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Development on Nox Aeterna

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#2 Lots of new things

Hello Everybody.

A lot of new things have been happening this week. We would like to welcome our new member to the team RockSauron. His role will be to write the story of the game and create lore of how the world came to be. Also we got crafting finished, it's not very pretty and needs a lot of touch up and needs to be added to the editor, but at least its in and working. Another part we got done was Npc dialogue:

Again its not very pretty and it still needs branching support but it works to an extent and i can now start on adding event triggers to it and then quests.

Sorry it was short post i just wanted to announce some things. The pixel artist position is still open so if you like what we're doing and want to join the head on over:

Thanks for reading.




A New Beginning

Hello everybody.

This is my first Journal or blog for a matter of fact, so comment would be nice. Sorry if I annoy any grammar Hitlers but English isn't my strong subject. So anyways how about I introduce myself.

I'm a 16 year old male from Australia. And I'm currently working on a game in C# XNA called Nox Aeterna. Its been in development for oh what 6 months now and I think I'm ready to start posting my progress on the game. So Basically Nox Aeterna is a Rpg set in medieval yada yada yada you guys know the deal right, But as any young developer when i first wanted to make a game it was going to be like World of Warcraft but better. But soon i came to realize that programming games was harder than it seems and i had a massive reality check... about4 reality checks later and now I'm here creating Nox Aeterna.

So anyways Chris(My development partner/Artist) has been trudging away at some devious art

(And yes i was being a bit of a d*ck and uploaded it as jpg ;D)

So hes being doing a great job. And Ive been working on the Editor and Engine of the game.

So far health and mana are working. Attacking was working then i broke it. Map and Content/Item creation are working even though I would like to extend it more, And inventory is working but in a very buggy state.

What I'm working on at the moment is the crafting system, character customization, Equipment and just fixing up the inventory.
The current state of the inventory is it works data wise but only have game wise. For example dragging the inventory around and moving with the camera is a Neddy no no in the inventory's eyes.

Anyways that's about it for my first post any comments would be appreciated and we are look for an artist and a writer so if your interested head on over to my classifieds page:

Thanks for reading.



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