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journal bye bye

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Journal closure

I know I had said I'd "clolose" my journal when mithrandir gets laid... well, he's still a virgin, but I have to close my journal now.

I don't think anyone would really miss it because I didn't really post anything development related anyway. I'll probably make myself a blog elsewhere.

So I just canceled my GDNet+ membership, and while doing so convinced mithrandir to cancel his as well. It's really not worth getting it.
Back then, there were people running gamedev whom I liked and I wanted to support. Now, unfortunately, they're all gone and the site is being operated by a... different style of people.
I figured if I wanted to support some mentally delayed people, I'd be much better off donating to charity instead of giving money here.

Anyway, I still have a few more months of my subscription (paid for a whole year), so it's not like I'm completely "gone".

Also, what the hell is this with paypal not having a section for listing your subscriptions? I had to go through the history for a while trying to find the payment to gamedev, just to get a link to the subscription plan.

Oh, here is one last gift for you guys:

Good news everyone!

So.. today I have my M.Sc. defense. Went on for 2.5 hours, I was so exhausted by the end of it.
Good news: I passed my defense. Now I just have to submit the final revision of my thesis (after all the suggestions that my defense committee has given me) and I'll have a brand spanking new M.Sc. degree :D

I've also made my request to transfer to the Ph.D. program, we'll see how that goes fairly soon.

Woa, an update?

I've been very inactive lately...

I'm almost done with my masters thesis. I'll post a copy here when I'm done with my defense so you guys would be able to see it, too.
Right now, a few people have a draft of my thesis, basically reviewing it for me and finding mistakes and such.

Other than that, I'm almost done converting my engine to use Xna instead of the Tao solution (OpenGl/glfw/OpanAl bundle). The reason is because the only part of Tao that worked well was the OpenGL part; as the other components really, really suck.

Oh, did I mention the new engine is coded entirely in F#? :)

My goal is to have as much of the engine working to remake TTT in F# + Xna. I'm maybe about half way there now.
You'll see the new TTT when I'm done, but it'll most likely take another month since I have to prepare my thesis and defense.


Sorry for lack of updates.
Been really busy with me thesis. I'll actually post my final draft of thesis here before going to my defense, although probably none of you guys would read it anyway.

On a side note, I made this just to piss off mith: Bob the Blob in javascript/dhtml.

Edit: Added highscores! Only for yourself, and they're kept in cookies.

And ignore this little section:
Host gator
gator web hosting
Hostgator review
dedicated server

Teh House

You know the house that I bought? I looked into its history, and the woman owner originally bought the house for $2

... from her father.

I guess that's a smart way of transferring the ownership of the house and avoiding taxes.

Internet holiday

It looks like today is an internet holiday.
There's no one on MSN, and the couple of people on googletalk are all idle. I logged into the non-existent place and there was only 1 other person in there, who was also wondering why is there no one else on the Internet.

I need an Internet calendar, to see all these holidays and such.


You know, ever since that huge gamedev downtime, I haven't actually come back to the site.

I reset my password now, and remembered that hey, I actually had a journal here. I should try writing on it some time.

Here I am, writing in my journal. There was a time back a couple of years ago where I was writing a new entry every day. I don't know what happened, but I don't really feel like updating this anymore.

AS for updates: I'm going to have my defence (for master's degree) around mid April. I bought a house for $650,000, and now I'm starting to hate all the people even more than before.

I also seem to be unable to talk to other people.

TTT source code

Since some people had shown interest, I'm going to post source code to TTT. (If you still don't know what TTT is, look here)
The engine (LOL.Engine) I haven't decided to release yet, so I'll just put the dll here to link to it.

Step by step guide

  1. Download the C# source code here - You will need Visaul Studio 2005 (or C# express)

  2. If you don't have Tao's OpenGl/Al libraries already, download the dependencies. You don't need these for compiling, but you'll need them to run the project.

  3. I have included a csproj file, but if you don't like that for some reason (or are trying to do it with mono), you'll need to add the cs files in the "src" and "Properties" directories, and add the reference to LOL.Engine.dll which is placed at the root of TTT directory

  4. To modify game data, change the XML files in the "media" directory. The file ttt.xml is loaded first and decides how the screen looks like and everything, and then each stage has a separate resource file and some map files there

  5. If you run the game in release mode, it will automatically package the media directory into a ttt.pak file, so don't forget to delete that when you modify your media files. When distributing, you can just run your release .exe file from the root TTT dir and get the pak file, so you wouldn't have to release your media files with it


In before the milk

Small update: Since a lot of people were confused, I need to point out that this is "copypasta" and all I have done for it is to change the audience to "Gamedev" on the first line.

Hello, Gamedev!

4 month ago, I met this girl. I talked to her and soon after that I started dating her. Now she is my girlfriend and we're having sex and shit.
Well, she has a nice body and awesome breasts. I touch them often for no reason. Sometimes she let me suck around on them. She loves it too.

But last week it started. Liquid was coming from her breasts. It seemed that she started to lactate, because I overstimulated her breast by my sucking. Now she needs to get milked three times a day. I told her I like the taste of her milk, and she loves it to nurse me.
Yesterday she bought a breastpump to increase the amount of produced milk. She pumped nearly a pint of breastmilk (from both breasts) about one hour ago.

I really like where this is going. I love her very much and her milk too.

TTT Update

I just updated TTT and added sound effects to the game.

The sound effects are taken from around the web and the free sound effects websites. (I made sure they're public domain)'
It's better than me banging the mic on my desk [wink]

This is probably the last thing I'll add to TTT (other than bugfixes if any came up), from here on I'll start working on other projects.

TTT basically started as me testing out my engine (you'll notice LOL.Engine.dll in the archive), and it helped me stabilize the engine a lot.
It's a 2D engine written entirely in C#, and uses the Tao framework for OpenGl, glfw, and OpenAl bindings.

I'm thinking the next game I'll make with LOL.Engine would use more features of the map system, such as scrolling and collision detection. I already have some ideas in mind, but suggestions are welcome.

Update: Some computers seem to be unable to load the sounds. Right now the reports I'm getting say that half of people can load them and the other half can't. I'll have to investigate this further.

clolosure again?

You know how I have "Journal not clolosed until Mithrandir gets laid" as my journal description?

Well, it looks like I'll have to clolose my journal now [sad]

Ah, I guess no one fell for that joke. Everybody knows that it's virtually impossible for mith to get laid.

Happy New Year

If you go to google and search for "Pouya", I end up being the 3rd result.

I should be able to do better than that. I guess first step is to update this journal more often.

So a new year's gift: I have uploaded a new version of TTT (The TA Towers) in my showcase.
Now you have multiple stages, with new maps and towers.

The next step is probably to make it multi-player. I have to work out the details first. Suggestions are welcome.

And I also have to finish writing my masters thesis :/

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all choke on your dinner.

Merry TTTmass

Merry Christmas everyone!

I started making a tower defence clone at the end. For those of you who don't know it, you should check out the lounge thread about it.

Update: Showcased! Download the game or view screenshots.

I'm making the levels more balanced. The gameplay is not finalized yet so if you have suggestions, go ahead and throw them in.

You have choices when upgrading towers: You can upgrade one of the three stats Damage, Speed, or Range with each upgrade. Towers differ in their upgrade factor and number of times they can be upgraded.

Thank you mr. Java

So through some weird accident, I had to write two applets in Java.
I used the netbeans IDE. The first applet went fine, then I started with a new project and wrote code for the next applet, which was really short.

Compiler, package, and sign the code, run it, and nothing happens.
Here is a mock dialogue that I had with Java:

Me: Ok, let's run the applet.
Java: Sure, here we go!
Me: It's not doing anything.
Java: Looks all good to me
Me: Ok, here, I'll put some status message output on the applet and rerun it.
Java: Sure, here's the result in your status bar after running: null
Me: But I told it to print out "ID = {ID}" in there (where ID is an applet param)
Java: ...
Me: Ok, tell me what the paramter is
Java: The parameter is: null
Me: Uhh, weird, what's the list of all the parameters supplied?
Java: The list of parameters is: null
Me: That's weird, show me the sample code for making an applet with params, maybe I'm doing something dumb that I've forgotten (even though the same code worked on the first applet)
Java: Ok, here is your sample code
Me: Run please
Java: Sure, the argument to the applet is: null
Me: But that was YOUR example...
Java: Would you like me to generate debug information about the applet context?
Me: Yes please.
Java: The applet is running in browser window X, here is the code: "" and the value of param id is: null
Me: Fuck you.
Jave: Would you like me to compress the jar archive before signing it?
Me: ... I give up.

Then I manually compiled the applet instead of getting stupid ant to do it, and it worked fine.

That wasted 2 hours of my day [sad]

lolo new post

I actually have a story to post today!

I supposedly have a profile on an online dating site, except that my profile doesn't contain anything sensible in it. It used to be entirely written in Morse code, but now it has been replaced with other equally useless information, such as made-up words, pirate sounds, and sentences written backwards.

So yesterday some chick who is almost exact opposite of me e-mails me saying
your a crazy bitch
to which I respond
You spelled "you're" wrong. Thanks.

Surprisingly, she responded today. Now any Internet whores would have got annoyed at that correction and ignored/blocked me, but she sends back
haha people are always yelling at me for that one. my fingers get lazy on this key board and your welcome
to which I again respond
You spelled "you're" wrong again.

I wonder how long I can keep this up before she gets annoyed.

Update: She wrote back now:
hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaa omg that is too good. well YOU ARE WELCOME? hows that any better?
There are a few things I can correct in that, I think I should continue with this.

OMG Update?

Well, it feels like I've been away for months.
Anyway, first post this month.

  • I was supposed to draw some comics like 2 weeks ago, I haven't had time to draw it yet, though I do have the idea

  • I got new web hosting! dreamhost with 200 GB of storage and 2 TB of transfer per month. I have a new image/upload board now: img.lepouya.com. Since I have crap tons of bandwidth and storage, I'm letting people upload their images and files to my server and share them.

  • I learned Scala, which is an amazing language, and it compiler and interacts with Java bytecode. I don't understand why would any sane person choose Java over Scala now.

  • Penis.



I always wanted to make some web comics

So here we go, my first attempt. TA Comic #1:
(yeah, I'm not that good at drawing)

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