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This is the fourth beta release of Castles.
In Version 0.3 it would just close when a castle was destroyed,
now you can see the result of the Game at its end.

Additionally i improved the AI, because it was a bit too easy to beat.

You can download it here for free:


More informations can be found on the website.

i hope you enjoy this little game and i would be happy to get some feedback & bugreport ;)
Its a small game i wrote with C++ and SDL.

Here's the Link: http://www.langeder....ordpress/?p=152 for download and pictures.

Its basically 2 castles, yours and your enemies.
The Goal is to destroy enemies castle.
You can upgrade your weapons, to do more damage,
Upgrade your farms to gain more money (for any upgrade costs money),
upgrade your castle for more HP
and employ workers, who constantly repair your castle.
The enemy also does these actions, since i programmed a simple AI for it ;)
I'm not sure how long it actually took to make it, i guess somewhere around 15-20hours in total, but its just a beta and not finished yet.
I want to add more features, such as farms, factories and walls in future, maybe also some units to make attacking more realistic.

Currently the damage is applied quiet constantly,
i want to add a catapult to each castle and the ability to hire knights and everything depending on the buildings.
ie you need a blacksmith for units using a sword or axe.

I dont want to directly controll the units, but give the ability to tell them what to do,
attack, hold, and hide inside the castle.

If anybody is interested in joining the development, please send me a message to michael(at)langeder.org
I want this to be freeware and just for fun :)
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