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Ruins, my new 2D platform-puzzle game

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WarMage developments

Hello devs! I wanted to share the recent progress I had on this game in hopes that I get some feedback and ideas. So here are the news: - Spellcasting domain areas and the visual appearance of this. - Entangling vines spell that can be shot on a hex and will spread to slow down the enemy. - Bard unit that sings battle song that gives temporary ability bonuses. Domain This is the area where you can cast spells. You can build summoning towers and can capture obelisks to extend it. When you start casting and select the target the domain boundary is visualized by swirling blueish particles. Entangling Vines This will spread and the enemy will have to use valuable move points to cut it down and will be damaged a bit in the process (due to thorns). This image I use to show the vines was edited by me using Wesnoth images and I am not really happy with the result. I want something that looks like it is bigger, poisonous and more threatening. Now it looks like it can be simply stepped on. So if you know of a free to use image that is a better fit please let me know. Bard The bard is working, it gives a bonus at the start of the battle to Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. It looks cool and it just plays his song during the whole battle. But what I am still missing is a cool free-to-use song that sounds like a medieval energetic song with male voice that I could use as a battle song. That is all for now. If you have comments, ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment! These changes are not released yet so if you try the game do not be surprised to find a bit older version.





At the moment I am working on the blob unit. Anybody remember gooey blob from Chaos - The Battle of Wizards?
This video shows a battle between various WarMage units.[/font][/color][color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica]
[/font][/color][color=rgb(29,33,41)][font=Helvetica] Dwarf That is a full circle. There is no best unit in this game, all are good in different situations.
Note that the blob is under development so this is not the final version.[/font][/color]




Beta testing at Play Store

Hello! I created a new indie Android strategy-RPG game called WarMage and I am looking for beta testers: [font=verdana] https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.warmage.game [/font] Most of the game graphics and sounds are from Battle for Wesnoth. So I am really grateful to all artists who contributed. At the moment I am especially interested in your device resolutions and Android versions and if the game can be installed and runs okay or not.
Any ideas/bug reports/suggestions are very welcome:
[email="nb@georing.net"]nb@georing.net[/email] The game is much more stable now than in previous versions. This is SpellCraft but I changed the name to WarMage. Regards,
Bela Novak




SpellCraft feedback and testing

Hello! I am really happy with the progress on SpellCraft the game works. Now we have a somewhat user-friendly game with confirm dialogs, drag&drop, music, sound effects. The text adventure works with a background service and it is really cool to walk or ride a bike knowing that I can collect gold and artifacts neanwhile. I have a story map and I have random generated maps.
So the next step would be to include ads and in-app purchases and publish at the stores.
But when I make gameplay videos or get feedback from testers they always say that the game needs more work.
So I would like to know which direction should I take?
improve GUI
add more units and map objects
add two player hotseat option
add enemy AI that builds, collects treasure, attacks, expands his evil castle
Can I make a poll here? Download .apk file from here:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_qhyxHugUTOTUFsUEEwMm1POUk New gameplay video:
Like it on Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/SpellCraft-190522681363834/ Please let me know what do you think if you tried the game.




SpellCraft update and adventure mode

Hello! It has only been two weeks since my last entry but I wanted to show my progress and talk about adventure mode so here I am again.
So what is new:
- using libgdx ViewPort so now it should run on all devices with a screen size of at least 800x480
- screen backgrounds
- creature graphics: removed the ugly magenta placeholder color
- GUI improvements like nicer buttons I would like to start with screenshots, video and the apk file because that shows more than mere words. Here is a new apk file.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_qhyxHugUTOaXgyVHk1dDdkOFE Here is a short video with a new game started and a battle:
And here are some screenshots from adventure mode:
[sharedmedia=gallery:images:7486] So adventure mode is like a text story where a single hero descends into the dungeon. The player can choose who he will send, equip the hero and start it. Then the gyroscope in the phone will activate and count the footsteps of the user. For every tenth step a new event is generated randomly. So he is supposed to lock the screen, put the mobile in his pocket and start walking, running or doing any other type of exercising that requires physical movement. When finished, he should check the game and see what did happen in that time. Maybe the adventurer will get killed in a battle or by a trap, but it is also possible that he will find a rare and powerful magical item.
If the adventurer is killed the user can see what happened. Perhaps his dexterity was low and he did not get to avoid a trap. So next time he can send someone with higher dexterity score.
This is a nice method to motivate to use bike or just walk a bit instead of using public transportation.
On the screenshots you can see some adventure encounters. A particularly interesting one is the one with the old dwarf. If the adventurer is a dwarf too and the charisma check succeeds the old dwarf will give the player a key that could be used in the other encounter the dwarf fortress. With it the adventurer can open the secret door to the treasury where some really powerful artifacts are.
So some encounters may depend on others.
And adventure mode will also good for leveling the heroes. Any comments are welcome! And please let me know if you installed the .apk file!




SpellCraft battle demo video

Please check out this new demo video. At first I had to find a screen capture software. Fraps seemed good but there is a 30 sec limit in the free version. Then I found Bandicam and it is really cool, easy to use and there is no limit. The only bad thing is that it puts a small "www.bandicam.com" line in the video. But that's fine for me.
So I made the video and this shows how you can build buildings, use them and go to battle. Later I would like to make another one that will show the text adventure mode. And perhaps I will make a longer video with a short campaign.
I seems like I am not permitted to upload video files so here is a youtube link: Any kind of comments are welcome!




New engine, new game: SpellCraft

About one year ago I abandoned JGame and started working with libgdx.
I find it much easier to use and now I can make games for Android. :)
I thought it will be more interesting if I abandon my half-ready sci-fi action game that was written in JGame and start a new one. This time I picked fantasy/stategy. The main idea is to create a frame for a game that can include lots of options to improve your team and lots of different mini-games. [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] So SpellCraft is a strategy game for Android and it is still under development. It does have a text adventure mini-game. Nearly all of the art is from Battle of Wesnoth. (Which is okay I asked them.)[/font][/color] Download URL (.apk file for Android):
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_qhyxHugUTOZEk0S05TWGIwMUk You can install this file most easily by sending it to your Gmail.
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] Screenshots:[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]Here are some screenshots from a battle:[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] [/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] The adventure:[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] [/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] In the adventure you can find common, uncommon and rare items and locations.[/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] And a world overview:[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]System Requirements: any Android smartphone with 480 x 854 resolution [/font][/color] :) I only tested it with my Lenovo A536 yet. I will try different resolutions with the libgdx GWT compile mode. [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] Please report bugs and crashes with your device info. Any recommendations on how to improve the game regarding GUI, game mechanics or any other part of the game are welcome.[/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] Most functions should work but there is a tricky part in the game: if you take the flat looking brown building on the east side on the map you can start an adventure there. To do so you have to select an unassigned unit on the top unit selection bar and tap the "Start adventure" button. Then it is started, but you will see that nothing happens. This is because this part of the game is meant to motivate users for physical activities like walking, running or riding a bike. When you started the adventure you are supposed to lock the phone and start any of those activities. Then the step detector will generate new events at every 10th step. (or you can shake the phone but that is not fun :))[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]This may sound strange, but I tested it and it is really cool to travel or do jogging when you know that while you do it you gain gold and maybe you find some cool items in the game.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]So I hope you like this very unique feature [/font][/color][color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] [/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]It is like merging a game with a step-detector (pedometer).[/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] The goal of the game is to kill all monsters on the map. If you do so then nothing will happen. [/font][/color][color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]Yet. Of course that is to be improved in the future.[/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] Tips:[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]- At the start you will have a squad of 3 dwarf fighters, 2 archers and a mage. These will stand beside your buildings. Tap them and tap the surrounding hexes to move. You can change which units are in this squad before doing battle or by tapping the brown house.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]- The battle runs in auto mode so after deploying your units please sit back and enjoy.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]- If you place any unit in your towers these will prevent the enemy from burning your buildings within the tower's range which is 2 hexes.[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato]- You can use health potions to heal your units if they die. Or you can just wait for them to heal. The healing potion icon appears below the shield item slot in the unit info window if the unit is wounded and you have potions.[/font][/color] [color=rgb(44,44,44)][font=Lato] So any feedback is welcome! Please let me know if something does not work.[/font][/color] I will add a gameplay video soon.





Here is this game I am trying to develop as a java applet. I use JGame engine.
The game is something like a 2D Elite with modular spaceships. If you know Space Rangers 2 then that is a very nice game that inspired me much.
The game is about 10% ready so at the moment I am playing with the mechanics and doing some tests to see how to improve.

The small ship is a pirate, the big ones are merchants.
On the front of the player's ship is a deflector module that deflects laser shots.




Visitor statistics and some news

Here are my statistics on GameJolt and Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store


(I have two games on their servers that's why there are two graphs)

It seems that Chrome Web Store has more traffic, but GameJolt pays better (soon I will have my first dollar ).

I did not do much marketing, I only asked a few friends to give me ratings.
Still I have about 200-500 impressions per day on CWS. This gives some hope that the game will spread over time. Perhaps not now but if the game will be improved enough maybe it will see more traffic.

And the news
I am working on the gorilla monster that will be able to throw the player and the snakes away.
I only need to add some more graphics and check a few test cases then I will release a new map with some gorillas.
With these now it will be possible to design a map where two gorillas can play tennis with a snake (or the player) being the ball




Going to Chrome Web Store

Two days ago I managed to install my game to Chrome App Store.

During installation the only notable problem I encountered where I had to change the url in the manifest file from this:*://belanet.ujmappa.hu/ruins/
to this:http://belanet.ujmappa.hu/ruins/
This was necessary because I had to disable https (the * allowed it).
And the other problem was I had to pay 5$. (instead of paying me for my game I have to pay them to accept it as a gift)
But now my game is there, so it might happen that someone finds it on App Store and plays with it. So far I have no ratings and no visitors . It's even worse than GameJolt, where a few people usually plays every day. I will have to put more effort into marketing (and/or improving the game), it seems.

So please help me with advices on how to get more traffic to my App Store page.
And if you would be so kind and give me a good rating or share the game I will return the favor one day.

Here is a link to Ruins on App Store:





Going to Game Jolt

I uploaded Ruins to Game Jolt:

My old game called Alchemist TD is there as well:

Please give me good ratings if you have a Game Jolt account. I hope I will see some traffic and comments there.

[size=2]edit: fixed second link




Two new 20x20 single player maps with stone block generator fun

First of all, here is a link to play the game:

Sigle player level 1

Here is a screenshot:

I enjoyed playing this map because it is not very difficult but makes the player have to think before doing something and also it gives much freedom in how to complete the map. Generating much stone blocks and crushing snakes while doing it is fun. If you generate too many stones then it is possible to open the trapdoors in the bottom so the stones will fall into the depths and then you can start again. It's like resetting the map.

Single player level 2


This map is much more harder and there are many ways to die here. The goal is to reach the top where a snake is periodically pushing a plate that causes boulders to be generated that roll across the whole map. I wanted to make a map that shows how many different type of traps can be created in the game. There are some places on the map where some puzzle-solving is required, too. My favorite part is on the left-middle section where the single stone block stands. There you have to climb up somehow. Let me know if you find out how

Future plans
A way to visualize the connections between the triggers and the traps. Maybe some pipes could do the trick
Make the perpetuum mobile map the title screen
Pedestal (ancient scroll) generators
Wooden blocks that can be crushed by falling stone blocks
Other types of animals (rats, rabbits, monkeys that can jump, gorillas that can throw the player )
Objects that can be picked up (like a weight)
Cages that can be used to capture animals
Doors in the background that would work like teleporters

Other notes
From now I will only use the bigger 20x20 level formats as the 10x10 size was not enough to build complex maps.
The level designer is much better now, feel free to build your own map and send me the screenshot. Level building works with the mouse and the shift key. The shift key toggles the tile palette that should be used with left clicks. You can place tiles with left click on free areas and 'copy' tiles with right clicking on something that is already there.

Have fun with the game!

Comments are welcome!




Perpetum Mobile

Here is a video about how does the perpetum mobile work that I created in Ruins:

Watch it on Youtube:

The video file is attached to this entry, too.

I am not really happy about how the traps and switches work right now, but it's still nice to see that at least it works

The game itself was not updated yet, but here is a link anyways:


As always, comments are welcome!




Elevators, old scrolls, more sophisticated snakes and a new level

New tile object: elevator
Elevators caused a lot of problems during development. I had some new situations that I had to handle like when a player or a snake is standing on a rising elevator and is crushed against a wall or when multiple stone blocks are on an elevator and are being lifted by it. By now I handled most of these cases.
I suspect there are still some bugs that can appear in multiplayer where the two players can cause some strange situations. (Like pushing a stone block onto a moving elevator)
A new level with elevator
I added a new level which is level 1 now so you do not have to complete the previously known levels to play it. I hope this new scene is not too difficult to complete

Bible quotes
When the player reaches the ancient book, a random biblical quote is displayed. This is selected from about 20 quotes.

Small and large level handling capability
Later I plan to have small (10x10 tile) and large (20x20 tile) levels. The game can now run in both mode depending on the parameter it gets from the html page. But I do not have any large maps yet.

A new map
I added a new map for single player mode. This is level 1 now. It can demonstrate what elevators can do.
Here is a screenshot:

Other changes:
o Pedestal can now fall and can be pushed if on a pushable stone block
o Snake movement is much nicer now
o Push plates can now be triggered by pushing a stone block on it

Comments are welcome so feel free to share your thoughts ideas!
And let me know if you managed to finish (or you did not) the new level

Edit: here is a direct link to the playable demo:




Ruins: level building/load/save and a new single player level

Level building
Now it is possible to build levels using the mouse. This option is intended to be used only by me for now to build new levels but maybe later with a nicer user interface I could make a real level editor. But the feature is not disabled so anyone can try it in the demo. Right click selects a tile. Left click places a tile of the same type that was selected. Middle button can cycle through tile types and then you can paste those tiles with left clicks. The current selection is written to the Java console. Right clicking an empty area or cycling to OPEN type switches to erase mode.
For push plates it is possible to select them with right click and then see the door connections by pushing 'x' key and switching on graphical debug display info. You can even toggle connections by left clicking doors.

Level saving
Pressing the CTRL key saves the current level as it is. But this works only on my pc in Eclipse because of applet security measures. All visible game objects have a common type (like PLAYER, SNAKE, WALL, etc...) that is an enum and this is saved for all tile positions. For empty tiles an OPEN value is saved. That saves all map objects. Then I have the push plates that are connected to the doors. These connections are saved as well. The program checks all push plates and for those that have doors (I use Observer design pattern for this) it places a 'p' char in the file. For those that have no doors connected, an 'n' char is placed. Then an int value is written that holds the number of doors connected. And then for all doors the x y tile coordinates are written.

Level loading
This was a bit difficult because this has to work in browser mode and normally the above mentioned applet security rules do not allow the applet to read a file. But fortunately it is possible to use getClass().getResourceAsStream("filename.txt").
ObjectInputStream ois = null;
ois = new ObjectInputStream(getClass().getResourceAsStream(filename));

New level
Using the new build feature I made a new level for single player mode. Now it is possible to use the '1' and '2' keys to change game mode when the game starts.

You can try the demo here:

If you find bugs or have some ideas (like what new tile type to make) then comments are welcome!




My new platformer/puzzle multiplayer game: Ruins

So this would be my new journal about the new game called Ruins.
First of all, let me apologize for any spelling or grammar errors as I am not a native English speaker.
Then I have to note that this game is a simple game, I am working on it alone. I use JGame engine and Eclipse and Java applet technology.

About Ruins, the main idea is to create a coop platformer (with some single player maps as well) that would have a lot of special game objects like traps, pushable stone blocks, doors and some monsters. The player cannot shoot or use weapons so he will have to use the environment to get through the monsters and other obstacles.
Right now I have a very simple map that is playable for one or two players. But if you play in single player mode, you have to control both players. (it will not be like this later).

Use the WASD and cursor keys to control the players. The game is started with space. The goal is to get to the ancient scroll on the pedestral.

Here is the link to the applet:

Good luck!



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