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Minority 7 - WebGL Isometric Roundbased Game

Hi all, i just picked up again the work on my homage to the old xcom games.
I just started to put the 3d models together and use them in my self written webgl engine.
Its impressive how fast you can make progress in java-script. Still i need a good 3d low poly style modeler to make it really look nice, but in the meantime i am making
good progress in game dev.




Little nonsense Game looking for Alpha testers

Hi all,

i just like to find some testers for my little fun game: Peaces in KaIsland...
Its just a nonses island bombing game ... but could be fun for a short time...
You my just donwload it here:

A short maual is included as a pdf file.
This is only multiplayer only. So you need to wait for someone else to come online..
otherwise you cant do mutch...

remember - just nonsense fun !





Programming Support Hotline - call me crazy ...

Hi all,

i operated the 'php-hotline' for some years now, and got a lot of nice people to know ..
so now i just thought : " why not expand it .. " .. so i did..

so now there is the:

covering every topic you like - and i can support...

.. and don't ask my why, i guess something is wrong with me ...





CODE 2013 - Conference for Developers from Europe

At the CODE 2013 ( Conference for Developers from Europe ) we will once more celebrate a big meeting of developers and discuss a wide range of topics from the modern programming world.

Call for Papers
Event: CODE 2013
Dates: September 2013
Location: Germany - NRW - Oberhausen ( or near by )
Deadline to Submit a Proposal: January 31, 2013

Submitting a Proposal:
Please send the following materials by e-mail to kn@mbon.de:
- A short abstract / keywords on the topic. Please include a working title.
- Contact info., including:
- Name/Title, phone/fax numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses of the proposed speaker AND
- Name, phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address of the PR contact or speaker's assistant.
- A biography of the proposed speaker. Remember, NO SALES PITCHES are allowed. CODE 2013 accepts only vendor-neutral proposals and presentations.

If you have any questions, please contact Kai Niklas, Head of Conferences via e-mail at kn@mbon.de
Of course, you are welcome to pitch ideas that do not appear on the following list as well.

CODE 2013 will focus on the wide range of the following subjects
- PHP,
- Typo3,
- OpenGL,
- JS ,
- Mobile Gameing,
- e-commerce,
- HTML5,
- Java ,
- Python,
- C/C++

Feel free to bring in a new topic !






Prototype Alpha 0.001 of my E.G.L. Game

Hi all,

i am just working on a new game.
Everything so far was rapid prototyping to get an impression how the game may 'feel'.
Even if it is still missing all the small nice feats. i would be happy about some feedback.

you can find the current version here:

- no design at all - designer wanted !!
- drive close to the walls to get more points
- 3 Levels to complete so far
- online mode works, but is not optimized yet
- it its to fast - you are to slow :-)
- no design at all - designer wanted !!


I am looking for a designer to help me with some models to make the game look like a GAME.



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