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swf file uploaded pt 2.

This entry is nothing but just in case swfcabin is taking a little longer than usual, here's another link ( this is just hosting my short swf so far, the real one will be posted on newgrounds ) : http://megaswf.com/s/2469118

Also my birthday was on the 30th August so I'm 15 today... YAY




swf file uploaded

I've uploaded what I've done so far. Two buttons below Play doesn't work just yet but I'm proud that I've finished the cutscene animation for the intro so here is the link. Give me some feedbacks would be nice and Thanks





Done a tiny bit more for the cutscene

I've added one more thing to the cutscene animation for the intro to my game. Right now I'm scared if I will finish this project, I've done a small things in the past but I end up throwing it in the trash and forget about it but I will force myself to finish. All I need to worry about is the images and the coding and hopefully upload it to newgrounds.com

Oh and by the way, my birthday was yesterday 30th August, now I'm 15... YAY




I practically done the main menu + One other...

I've done ( I think ) a nice animation for my intro when the player starts the game. Again I created all the images by myself and hey, I'm only 14 and I don't have a drawing tablet. I think I will post a swf file up on my next entry after I've done finishing scripting the other buttons.




The Menu Interface

Everything was done by me except for the background. Though I think I should take that as a working prototype because I think I can improve on it.




The story of the Game

So I was thinking about the story and I was inspired by Fallout and the Fog Fall series. I like the story of Fallout and I like the artwork in Fog Fall.

This is a draft:

It was 30th August 1912, that fateful day when the atomic bomb unleashed its devastation across the globe. People had to live in vaults to sheild themselves from the heat, harmful radiation and the toxic gas. On that fateful day a child is born.
The prophecy has stated that a man will free everyone...

And that's how much I got. I think I still need to develop it a bit more but I was thinking that I won't tell the player too much but give the info in the game.




I've got an idea!

I remembered when I was in year 7 and read a few books titled, "Fighting Fantasy". I was just thinking that it would be cool to make a flash game like that, forcing the player to make a choice and show the player the outcome of their choice.

I will be programming in as3 and I'm still learning, though something like that wouldn't be too much for me but I guess I just have to wait and see.

Anyway, with this game, I'm hoping to start soon and with someone, preferrably a game designer so someone could draw the graphics and assets. And I'm hoping that game designer is someone first time, so I don't want an experienced designer who put a lot of work into their art when it turned out I made a crap game. Also someone that I could talk and give ideas to would be nice and they would do the same back.

Hopefully I should write the 2nd entry soon so I can give anyone interested an update.



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