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Unto the Horizon

So in the first month of development, our main environment modeler has come up with some good stuff for one of the locations in the game, and asking plenty of questions about another.

The character modeler is making good progress on the first of the main party of characters, which unfortunately I haven't seen yet.

The programmers are coming along fairly well on the framework of their tools and engine.

As for me, the Design Documents are taking alot more than I expected, I keep changing things even if minor which starts to throw the whole thing out of order and I find myself redoing the whole thing. I've been working more on website and tool design more than anything, trying to make sure the team has everything they need (Which they don't yet)

I have two audio tracks that the composer is working on which sound pretty good. One of the tracks is very much what I'm looking for in the music, so I'm really enjoying that.

And then there's all the different systems... Thinking about systems really is interesting thing because, you can see it all happening in your head, but then the challenge comes of putting that on paper so the programmers and effects artists can see all of that and make sense of it.

I guess that's where gamedev comes in because as I go through all of this I'd like to share that experience with others looking to do something similar. Hopefully provide insight into what goes on and how the Design side happens and what's required from a designer from their team. I'm hoping I can at least convey that to aspiring developers and team leads.



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