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About this blog

Just me, providing updates to games I'm making, as well as demos, videos, samples, and maybe tutorials.

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Alright guys, I'm very sad. Hopefully in this article you can relate and keep me in your thoughts OR find some helpfulness. We recruited a team member who had a team. He has a very talented team member with him, and when I asked for work, he showed me the good guys work. Since then, we've discovered that he does no work and mooches off of others. So we fired him. He has since spammed our forums with complete lies. We then showed a proof of purchase, showing that he was lying about us using HIS assets. Now, he's been private messaging me and telling people on our facebook that we've shut down. Thankfully, there was only one facebook fan and we'll create a new one soon. We cut advertising for the old one. See the forum here:http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/158344-Not-Dead-Enough-a-zombie-apocalypse-simulator-now-in-production!/page30. Feel free to create an account here and drop him a PM :D. Anyway, he's Backwardsstudios if you want. He should be banned soon anyway :D. Anyway, it's very troubling, but he's done more damage to himself now, he has no power :). Anyway, here are our tips!

  • Do your research. Make sure this guy is legit. Do google image searches for stuff similar to the work he shows you.
  • Ask many questions, don't be afraid.
  • Make sure he's not a jerk when you hire him.

    That's all I can say, thanks guys. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Alright, I've had to re-write this 3 times, thanks to my computer. First off, thanks Milcho for requesting this! If you have any questions about our game, feel free to ask, we'll write something up. Anyway, we'll be discussing our 12 levels of quality in Not Dead Enough. So each item has 12 levels of quality- 12 is best, 1 is worst- including guns and food. We decided to do this when we were on Skype one night. We knew we would need some kind of System for things to deteriorate, because in real life, all things do that! We couldn't think of anything, but then we decided on levels of quality. Once again, in real life, An item deteriorates by time, not just instantly, so that's why we decide on the 12 levels of quality. We went for 12, because that seems like a reasonable amount of steps. 1st step is normal, second is a little bit stale, 3rd is more, and so on until 12. Now we'll go more in-depth about the system!

First is guns. Guns can take a total of 100 shots before being destroyed. You'll never get off 1000 shots most likely, because you'll probably never find that much ammo- melee is the way to go. But with several shots, your gun goes down a level or two, and with each level it goes down, there is more of a chance of it jamming and\or breaking unexpectedly.

Lastly we have food. It deteriorates and gets moldy over time, just like guns. But with food, I think that your health and food bar goes DOWN if you eat something too nasty.

Hope this helped Milcho!

In our final game, you can look forward to:

Alpha release- EARLY!

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Hello everyone we have been hard at work to get something playable for the public! Now we finally have a alpha tech demo ready for you. We are working on all the animations since the third person walking animation sucks and result in poppy movement and makes the locomotion tweak out.[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Item Quality Q1-Q12[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q1 is the best quality for items.[/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q12 is the worst.[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q1 guns have lowered recoil, raised damage and higher chance to knock a zombie down. [/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q12 guns have raised recoil, lowered damage and lower chance to knock a zombie down. [/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q1 food and drinks are full[/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q12 food and drinks are almost empty [/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)](In the future this will be used to determine if you should eat it, resulting in sickness if its bad quality)[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q1 bullets[/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Q12 bullets[/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)](Quality of bullets doesn't effect anything yet. I Might make it jam the gun if its bad quality) [/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Player Control[/background]

[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]The player uses locomotion so his feet align with the ground, this still needs some work. You can decide if you want to play if first person or third person. Third person allows shoulder switching. The player can also crouch to increase shooting accuracy.[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Newspapers will be used to tell the story of the game. Basically how the zombie Apocalypse started. Collect all of them to get the full story.[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Download Here[/background]


[color=rgb(17,17,17)][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]

[background=rgb(254,254,254)]Video Here[/background]

We're so close to BETA that I can literally taste it. When I came up with the idea of this game, I never dreamed that it would come nearly as close as it did. I have to thank my team for that. BETA will be in a month if you didn't know, and if you're interested, drop a comment and I'll PM you with the download link. So, here's the zombie and character models!


securedownload (1).jpeg

Tell us what you think!
[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font='Trebuchet MS', sans-serif, Tahoma, Arial, Verdana]

[indent=1]Hey guys, sorry that I haven't updated in a while, we've been heavy at work. Today, I'll be discussing some exciting news with you all. Fro you too lazy to read it all, I'll put bold-faced headings for categories.


[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font='Trebuchet MS', sans-serif, Tahoma, Arial, Verdana]

[indent=1]What We Have Left Until BETA Release/How To Get In
The first thing I want to talk about is the upcoming BETA. All we need to do until beta is finish zombie and character models, and then animate them. This should be done in the upcoming weeks. The BETA will most likely be closed, so here is how you can get a chance at receiving it. All you have to do is comment anywhere, either on this news article, on the game page, or on our company page. That's all. If you win, then we will PM you with the link to the download. Sound good? Well, good.


[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font='Trebuchet MS', sans-serif, Tahoma, Arial, Verdana]

[indent=1]New Team
So, we are now partnering with another team called backwards studios. They will help with models and animate, decreasing the amount of time that it will take to complete the game.


[color=rgb(51,51,51)][font='Trebuchet MS', sans-serif, Tahoma, Arial, Verdana]

We now have about 5 more pictures up, check them out!


Planning for the Future

Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello, and we haven't done an update for a while. We have a new gun ready for you, as well as our character controller. You can try out the controller here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28501152/Cus...WebPlayer.html
t's a bit glitchy because while the controller is almost done, zombie AI is still in there, and it's a WIP. Also, we have some terrain: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/135029092/Assets.html and a gun that can shoot with firework particles at the moment: http://eclipseofwar.site40.net/Map.html. But today I wanted to talk about the future. This game still has several months of development, but the future and the end of the game, which is sad, is inevitable. I've talked to a couple of people on the team, and while we still have to confirm several members, we plan on keeping the team long-term to produce more games and quality content. And with that, we have a good foundation for another game that we plan to start development with after this project: The biblical end times: every Christian disappears, leaving the world in chaos. Husbands looking for wives, parents looking for children. People become savages. There are many excuses for what happened: alien invasions, nuclear radiation. But you know the truth. You turned from the ways of God, and now you've been left behind while the Christians were taken to heaven. The last seven years of mankind have began. Then a strong man will rise to power, claiming to be able to solve the worlds problems, performing miracles. Many believe him to be the messiah, but you know better: he's the anti-Christ, the Deceiver. He is here to destroy. Soon, he makes people take a mark of loyalty in the left hand or forehead. Many people do it, but you know that if you take it, you will burn in Hell for all of eternity because the Bible states in Rev. 14:9-12 states: "For any man takes the mark of the Beast and worships his image, for he will burn in brimstone and fire for all of eternity." Christianity is soon banned. People are allowed to kill christians on the streets. If you don't have the mark, you'll be beheaded. Then, it's the war between good and evil. Weapons of mass destruction are revealed. People are executed on the streets. Will you be able to live for the seven years, and be there for Christ's return? Because in the end, God will crush the anti-Christ, and all of the Christians and the people that turned to him will be in a New Heaven and reign with Christ for eternity. And the cool part? This is all predicted in the book of Revelation in the Bible! This will be a very explosive and unique idea for a video game. We want to finish our first game first, and then we will start development on this.

What do you guys think of this idea?

Did I hear playable BETA?!

Hey guys, we have some exciting news. Not Dead Enough, our ambitous open world zombie apocalypse simulator, will have a playable BETA in early march! We hope to have the Beta ready by February 28th, then we'll release it soon after! This has been a very exciting educational experience for us, and we can't wait for you to be able to try it out, too! The game has been tough and very hard, and with a team of only 12 people and no budget, nothing of this scale has been pulled off ever before! Thanks guys, can't wait for you to be able to try it!

Game Design Document- Getting work done

Yes. We're alive. And our game is still in production. Not Dead Enough, our ambitious zombie apocalypse simulator, is still in production. If you don't know about it, read it and all of it's updates here (we post here more than the dev journal): http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/158344-Not-Dead-Enough-a-zombie-apocalypse-simulator-now-in-production!http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/158344-Not-Dead-Enough-a-zombie-apocalypse-simulator-now-in-production!

For this post, I just want to say that we are working on a little game design document, and when we finish that one, we will have a much more detailed one. The less detailed one that we're working on now is roughly 25 pages, while the more detailed one will be about 50 pages, and we'll upload a small pic sneak peek in a while. I was thinking about doing a small give-a-way where I would send you a digital copy of the Game Design Document once it's finished (personalized). Just comment below if you would be interested in a copy and we'll do a giveaway. Thanks!

Game Over the Holidays- Day 1 Complete

Today I finished some things for my small free roam game that I talked about in my last post (If you haven't seen it, you might want to check it out first). Here's what I finished:
-Downloaded placeholder models/animations
-Worked on terrain a bit
-Worked on some code for AI
That's pretty much what I finished today! I might not have much time tommorow or the next day (Christmas), but I will try to implement these features by the 27th:
-Finish AI
-Finish Terrain
-Start on character controller (FPS)
-If I have time, work on HUD.
After I finish this, I will try to upload a vid of it. PLEASE comment and tell me what you would like to have added/show that you would like something like that, and I will work on some more things after I finish the main part and my deadline is up. (I'll work on it part time, I have another project that comes first biggrin.png.)

Game Over the Holidays- Introduction

Hey guys, I'm going to try something that will hopefully brighten my game development skills. I want to try to complete a small game with a deadline of January 3rd. It will be just a small first person free roam game over a small area where you can shoot at things. I want to add a couple of things:

Police system
cover system
Maybe a couple other things.

Since I want to be realistic, I will probably focus mostly on gameplay and use already made assets mostly (Buildings, terrain, weapons will probably be mine.) And then if it does good, I will add more things/ my own assets after the main gameplay is finished and the deadline is up. I'll update here daily starting the day after tomorrow (I'll be traveling home.) I'd like some ideas of more things to possibly add slash feedback, so I'm open to anything. Thanks and tell me what you think!

HUGE news!

Hey guys, I know that I haven't been writing alot lately. But soon that will pay off. Hopefully in early 2013 we will have a demo of our ambitious zombie apocalypse survival simulator, Not Dead Enough. The terrain is almost complete, and once that is done, we will implement the randomly spawned zombie generator that our awesome programmer Levi has been working on, then hopefully soon we will have a custom character controller! After that, we will have the demo almost complete. For the demo you will be able to walk around on the suburban terrain (or the forest terrain, we haven't decided yet.) and slay zombies. You will be able to enter houses and find weapons, shoot zombies, etc. The zombies and characters will be placeholders. The terrain, possibly the houses, and the code will all be ours.

Single Player Announced With Details!

Hey guys, I'm back, and I'm happy to say that single player has been announced! We didn't want ANYONE to miss out on the action, so there will be ALL of the features of multiplayer in Single Player. There will be AI characters spread throughout the world, and if you find them, you can shoot them, keep them or whatever. But just because they are CPUs, that doesn't mean you can trust them. You will still want to watch your back, they could kill you. With this new single-player, you can test your skills as a leader, or just hang around in the back of the group. Now, you can create your own story. Become the leader of a group that you want to be. Or go solo. It's all up to you. With the character progression system, your character will grow based on everything you do. This makes it where you have all of the free roam of multi-player by yourself! I also want to say that the WHOLE word is interactive, so that means you can enter almost every house, drive almost every car, go into department stores, military bases, sporting good stores, etc. and use EVERYTHING as your weapon! I think that with single player, everyone with bad/no internet and people that prefer single player will have a great and enjoyable experience.

Behind the scenes- terrain!

Hey guys, I want to start a new kind of "series", where we tell you how we do things technically so you won't feel that we're lying about what we can do. So this is kind of like a 'How will you pull that off' answering series.
So, today I want to go over how we're planning on doing the terrain. If you have been following our game updates, you would know that it's an open world zombie survival game. At that would be one of the big challenges- the world! Our game will be a huge world; with places ranging from big cities to farmland to small towns, it will be massive! So a question may be- how in the world will you pull this off?
There are a couple problems with how the terrain will work. First off is the Unity game engine. It's a great engine, no doubt, but it definitely isn't a god, so we don't know exactly what it is capable of (which is why I eventually want to write my own engine). The second thing is that with a world this big, it would lag on even the best computer. Yea, it's that big! Anyway, we have a simple solution to this problem.
The solution is this- we break the terrain into bits. Yes, there will be some loading screens, but it will definitely help in the long run. This way, you don't have to render everything in one scene- it will be in several different ones! This is a very simple solution to a problem.
We wanted to make it where you weren't just walking into a forest when you randomly hit a loading screen, so we've decided to do something. The map will have the boundaries of each zone- so whenever you go the boundary line, you'll know that it is about to have a loading screen. Even then, we will still have a message pop up, saying 'Are you sure you want to travel to _____?" This will solve that problem!
Alright guys, that's mostly it! Hopefully we will finish the terrain soon and then we can have a trailer for you! We will also soon have a confirmed announcement of something great for people with no internet. Thanks for reading, blog to you later!

Something Depressing...

One of the worst fears of a game developer is that someone big would start developing something like your game. This happened when I was checking out my Work-In-Progress forum on the Unity 3D website when someone brought something depressing to my attention. Undead Labs is in development of State of Decay: http://www.polygon.com/gaming/2012/9/5/3285711/state-of-decay-is-about-surviving-managing-the-zombie-apocalypse. If you have been following our game updates, you know that by the sound of things, this is very much like what kind of game we're building. We promise you, I had never even heard of this game when we started development up until the other day. I was sad, and I thought that for sure we were done. But we aren't done. You would think that with something big like this, a team would surely have to give up. That's what I thought at first, as well. It really discouraged me. But in the long run, this will keep us strong and encourage us. This inspires us to push on and keep going. We worked too hard to quit now. This isn't a quitting point, it's a learning experience. We can definitely learn from what this game does, and it will help us. So, this game won't bring us down. Thanks for reading guys, I just wanted to post this to let people know and remind them not to quit, no matter what. Thanks for reading guys, we'll have a terrain trailer coming out soon. Thanks guys, blog to you later!

Choice for graphics style.

Hey guys, I'm back with another update, and the team has finally decided what graphics style we're going for. We've been discussing this for a couple of days because we don't know the full power of Unity yet. That being said, we didn't know how much the game could hold without getting about 5 frames per second unless you have a supercomputer. So, we've decided to go with a stylistic graphics setting, also because it is unique to the zombie survival genre. This is a big step for us, because now, we are really moving from the "thinking" stage to the "doing" stage. Tell us in the comments below what you think of our choice. Also, if you have any questions or ideas, you can put them in the comments as well.

Some Screenshots+Q&A day!

First off, if you don't know what our game will be, you should probably check that out first, or this might not make much sense. Actually, I'll just summarize it right here: Our game, titled 'Not Dead Enough', will be a zombie survival MMO (as well as a short 'story' with tasks), with more realism than most. Think DayZ concept, with totally new ideas. Let's just jump right in. Here is what our awesome 3D artists (James, Tobias, August, Mark) did:





We also have a terrain (A very large terrain that hasn't been done in many games before), but there is pretty much nothing but hills and trees yet, so they will soon be added.

Now, we have our FAQ:
Q: Do you have a price or a release date yet? No and No. We've been working hard on this game, however there is no release date planned yet.
Q: How are you working on and planning your game? We have really used games like this (DayZ and WarZ) and learned from them. We are looking to improve on their flaws, if you will.
Q: Will you have a demo soon? We will not have a multiplayer beta released anytime soon, however, we may have a short single-player demo ready for you soon.
Q: We see that people have been bashing the idea of an MMO considering how you were shot almost every time you were seen by another player in games like this. How are you looking to fix that? We have a couple of solutions to solve this. One way is that you will be able to set up and build a base, whether you are in a group or not, so you can stay safe if it is stable. Another way is by playing this same survival mode, except in a private match by yourself or by inviting people you know. Another thing is our communication system. Not only will there be a mic and text chat option, but the player will be able to surrender to the person, showing that you mean no harm.
Q: What kind of environments can we be expecting? That's the cool thing, see, because really, you can travel everywhere, anytime. There will be big cities, small towns, farms, forests, etc. which brings me to something else. You can really "shape" your environment, because you can build things such as walls, forts, anything. So really, you as a player can restore humanity. Do you want to build a town? Heck, if you have the equipment go for it! If people trust you enough, you could rebuild a civilization. Of course, with our zombies, the could still break in, and that's your job to stop them from doing so. With this feature, I think people will be excited. Of course, this is survival, so you will still have to find food, water, medicine, etc. for your town, so trust me, it won't be easy.
Q: What kind of zombies will be here? Well, these zombies will be the slow moving, brain-dead (no pun intended) zombies. They will be attracted to noises, and in hordes they could be quite dangerous.

That's all for todays Q&A, however, if you have questions, you can either PM me or type it into the comments below, and it could be featured in the next Q&A! Also, be sure to leave feedback, because we want to hear what you think, especially about the new "build" system. Thanks for reading!

Update 3- 3D models and animations!

Hey guys, as you know, we're making a zombie apocalypse simulator. You can read about the full concept in my earlier journal entries. Anyways, I have a couple of photos to share with you:gaspump_bumpshader.png gaspump_nobumpshader.png As you can see, there are two different gas pumps. Which one do you like best? They were both developed by our 3D artist. Also, this other photo's not much, the character is just a placeholder. The photo is just me making some animations: bandicam 2012-11-10 12-39-51-140.jpg
Thanks for reading guys, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please feel free to comment. Also, we need someone to do zombie models, so if you can, please email me at dazdakota@yahoo.com. You can read about it more in the hobbyist classifieds section.

Blog to you later! :)

Update 2- Final Decisions about Game, New Team Members

Hey guys, so as you know, we're making a zombie survival game. I have told you details about the game, but they're small compared to what we've decided to do and expand on. We've finally made some changes and decided the overall ties for it.
What is World War Z?
(WWZ is a placeholder now, as I've been informed that the name is being used ?) Anyway, World War Z is a survival game during the apocalypse. After thinking for a while, we've realized that so many games have been made where you stand around and blow endless waves of zombies' heads off. I've decided that it's time for a change. Our game will be less of a shoot 'em up and more of a "simulator." This means surviving by looting houses, eating, sleeping, drinking, boarding up walls, and basically, surviving the apocalypse.
After thinking for a while, I've decided to integrate a story into this game. However, it will be your choice. For example, during the story, you might find someone who asks you to do a task that effects the game later on. Our story mode is still in the thought process.
This is where everything is. Like I said before, it's not standing around blow endless waves of zombies' heads off. It's surviving. It's eating, drinking, sleeping, shelter on several HUGE maps. You can explore different maps from forests to big cities. This isn't an arcade game anymore, it's a simulator. This game will also have a day and night cycle.
This will be the best but most challenging part to make. However, it's going to be the best part. During survival, you can choose to do single or multiplayer. If you choose multiplayer, you will be on a map with other people. The rest is up to you. Will you have them join your team, or will you shoot them so they won't take all of your food? The choice is yours, whether you want to form a team or be a one man army.
The core mechanics of this game will be based on a system our awesome programmer made. Here's what he said about his system: "That's great! I'm basing my ideas mostly on Skyrim, but also on Fallout 3. If you don't need a mechanic from the system you can disable it, or you can adjust the mechanics to fit fantastic, modern or futuristic settings. Well, at the moment I have fully designed 6 roles for the player: warrior, hunter, magician, adventurer, thief and landlord. Here you can read more:
The roles are just categories to define skills trees, like in Skyrim. There are several trees per role, for example in magic there is invocation, elemental, transmutation and sensing. But to differ from Skyrim, the alchemy, incantation and conjuration skills will be dispersed among the magic trees. That way sub-roles are not monotonous.
I also designed lockpicking in a more advanced way than Elder Scrolls/Fallout. You don't only have lockpicks (and maybe a lever), you also have wooden probes and metal bars. And the mechanisms will not only have pins inside, but also various components allowing to create simple or very complex puzzles. Pins move lineally and are unlocked in a given position. Gears rotate and are unlocked in a range of angle. Active crystals are unlocked by fragments of the same crystal in the tip of the probe. Active metals vibrate when touched with the same metal, since tools (except the probe) can be made of different metals. Traps are opened by bars, but can suddenly close and break probes and lockpicks. And there is also the magic inscription that has a code-break logic, and is unlocked with symbols written in a bar. In this system the enemy of lockpicking is vibration. Some components produce it and the player has to be careful. Might sound like a lot of complexity, but lockpicking in not perceived as a "good" behavior, if a player wants to do it, it shouldn't be easy.
The combat system is an hybrid between Toribash and classic fighting. Here you can read more:
I designed "imaginary" training sessions, where the player can craft it's techniques unarmed, with direct contact weapons and shields. I recently summarized the concept in that thread, so I'll copy-paste it here:
"There will be some pre-defined parameters for the techniques, and the combination will give a large amount of decorative poses and movements. For example if the player wants to mimic a mantis, he can choose a similar starting stance and pose (frontal, with arms up, hands down), but also a slight decorative movement like moving arms back and forth and the head side to side. That will do the illusion trick. After that the player can choose the movements that his character's anthropomorphic anatomy is able to perform... in other words, kicks, punches, turns, etc. Everything will be predefined, but blended with the poses. The statistics of the character will also affect the execution of each technique."
I'm just waiting for Mecanim and it's IK solving API to begin implementing this mechanic.
I also fully designed the economy and government, which I'm afraid, might not fit with some deep story designs since it's kind of chaotic. Here is more information on it:
For material objects, my idea is to allow unlimited production of unlimited-lifespan items and unlimited inventories (no space/weight limits), with a balanced economy... a totally contradictory concept, since this will generate hyper-inflation. That's why I'm introducing a chaotic mechanism: pests and plagues. These features work as a natural recycling system to balance the game's economy. The pests basically degradate specific materials: mold (for food and ingredients), moth (fibers, cloths, leathers), termite (wood), vitriol (metals; except pure gold, ie. money), weevil (bones and large scales) flash (gems and glass), ghostly entity (ethereal). The good side is that players can benefit from this pests in the way of accelerated mana generation, and food for pets (not decided/designed yet).
Services will be controlled with fees and taxes which is not as chaotic, indeed it's pretty normal in games.
I'm also working, but haven't completely designed yet the character customization system, here is an early idea:
He also said this: "The kit will have some useful mechanics that can be applied to a survival game. I have based my ideas on Fallout, yet I'm going a few steps further. In a survival game the player will gather most of his items from loot, and here the lockpicking mechanic will make the game more interesting and realistic. I'm thinking on a DayZ style, where you are afraid of being surprised by a zombie, and you hurry to unlock a vault that might contain some weapons. You have to decide whether to spend time lockpicking or run to a safer place, so there is a portion of strategy. But the locks are not as simple as in Fallout, there will be several parts that you have to move in order to unlock it. These puzzles can be as easy or as complex as the designer wants. Another mechanic that will be useful is the skill trees, that are pretty similar to Fallout. I haven't decided yet, but there will probably be drugs, and the player will suffer withdrawal effects when he runs out of supplies just like Fallout. The combat system won't include V.A.T.S., because it's not possible to implement bullet time in a MMO game (you can't freeze everyone's time). But I'm adding customization with fighting techniques that I think people will like, and won't see in other games. And finally there are crafting and hunting mechanics, so the player will be able to build weapons and survive in the wilderness." This kit as well as the game will take time, but in the end we can create a great game.
Well, there is so much to write about the details of these mechanics, and what he has implemented. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Well, that's it guys. Also, we still need someone to do zombie models, so if you have good modeling friends, please, ask. Also, I posted something in the Unity 3D collaboration forums as well as the gamdev.net forums, so we should be hearing from them soon. Also, I have created a simple chat/forum site, so if you ever want to discuss the game or talk with us, you can go there: http://zombiegamepro...itetoolbox.com/ the chat on the top bar is a chat room, while the chat in the bottom corner is for a 2 person private chat. It's not pro, but it'll do for now. Thanks guys, I think that this is an ambitious project, but if we work together, we can get this done. Like I said, it'll take time, but it will get done, and we won't give up. Also, I would like to welcome a few new team members today. Today we have gotten a level designer/3D artist, sound designer, and graphic artist!

Update 1 plus questions for YOU!

Here's how I've been working out the layout of the game for our zombie survival as I've written the script: I think that the story mode won't be too long, maybe 8 or 9 chapters. Survival will be where most people will play. It will be DayZ style, like you said, and the player will find food, water, shelter, etc. Also, the cycles will switch between day and night, and as you play, your count will show of how long you've played over all. I have a couple of questions for your taste:
1): Would you prefer a "simulation" style (think DayZ mod) or would you prefer fast-paced action (think Black Ops)?
2): How would you like the story to play out? Give us your ideas for missions, and we might feature them in the game!

Working on first major project.

Hey guys, this is my first post here, and I'm very excited. I'm about to work on my first major project! It's a zombie survival game, and here are the details:
The Gameplay
There will be a couple of modes. The first mode will be Story. It will follow the campaign of a survivor as he finds more people and makes important decisions. Next will be survival, which is where you survive against oncoming hoards of zombies on a free-roam type map. You will have to get ammo, food, water, etc. If we have the chance, we will make co-op. This isn't required, however.
The Game's Backstory
You play as Eric Reece, a man with no memory. The game starts as he wakes up in a field, having no recollection of anything. He will do whatever it takes to find what he wants.
An inituative combat system- We are bringing a combat system into a zombie game, something I haven't seen much of. You can stab a zombie with anything from a knife to a screw driver, or you can smash their skulls in with a baseball bat. The choice is yours.
Decision Process- As the story progresses, you choose decisions that could affect the outcome of the game. Will you choose to kill that person, or let them join the team? A player was bitten. Do you put him down, or try to cling on to the last bit of hope you have? This option allows you to make decisions while still being in full control of the character without making a storybook feel.
Wear-and-tear system- A new system design that affects how your character progresses. Based on your decisions, your character could become very dark, or he could be a saint. Our programmer has been working ont this one for months, before we joined as a team, and it's still in production.
Group effectiveness- the choices you make will decide whether the group likes you or not. Will your group hate you or look up to you?
Multiplayer- You can play in Survival co-op, where you can create classes and customize your character's looks based on the currency you earn. Also, in head-to-head, you can be infected OR you can be a human.
My Backstory
My name is Dakota Grossman, and I am an animator. I can do modeling, but I can only do weapons and characters. I have worked with unity for a month or two, but I have worked with animation for about a year.
The programmer for our game is making an FPS kit system based on the mechanics of Fallout: New Vegas, and you can read about it here. It will be the base mechanics of our game:
The Programmer's system
Our programmer is making an amazing system for our game, and here's what he said about it:
"The kit will have some useful mechanics that can be applied to a survival game. I have based my ideas on Fallout, yet I'm going a few steps further. In a survival game the player will gather most of his items from loot, and here the lockpicking mechanic will make the game more interesting and realistic. I'm thinking on a DayZ style, where you are afraid of being surprised by a zombie, and you hurry to unlock a vault that might contain some weapons. You have to decide whether to spend time lockpicking or run to a safer place, so there is a portion of strategy. But the locks are not as simple as in Fallout, there will be several parts that you have to move in order to unlock it. These puzzles can be as easy or as complex as the designer wants. Another mechanic that will be useful is the skill trees, that are pretty similar to Fallout. I haven't decided yet, but there will probably be drugs, and the player will suffer withdrawal effects when he runs out of supplies just like Fallout. The combat system won't include V.A.T.S., because it's not possible to implement bullet time in a MMO game (you can't freeze everyone's time). But I'm adding customization with fighting techniques that I think people will like, and won't see in other games. And finally there are crafting and hunting mechanics, so the player will be able to build weapons and survive in the wilderness."
Thanks for reading, and I will provide more updates for the game as soon as it happens.
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