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Follow us creating the humor-filled world of the The Tribes - A Survival Crafting Game

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Ok So What is "The Tribes"

Our vision with The Tribes is to create an open-ended fun. humor-filled whilst challenging world in which the player plays a survivor. They must learn to live off the land. Will they remain a loner? will they simply survive or thrive? will they discover the history and secrets of "The Aneshunt Wons", or will they perish at the very hands of mother nature itself!

The game itself is being developed in Monkey and will be released in Seasons. Each season introducing major new additions to gameplay. Thios will also help us keep our eye on the end result!

We have bags of humor waiting to be added and are busy working on season one as we type. We're actively seeking "Sprite enthusiasts" who can work with it's fun and cartoon-like theme. If this is you, get in touch.

For now check out our very-early development version live at http://www.lioncoreg...etribes/season1

Please feel free to give us your suggestions, comments or bug reports should you find any.

Thanks for reading. Now enjoy and stay tooned for our next update!



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