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Progress and updates on the cross-platform text based game inspired by Minecraft, by Eddie from Digitally Analogue

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Hi all, I'm Eddie, and I'm a developer for an up and coming games company Digitally Analogue. Back in August 2012, I had created 'Minecraft: Text Based Game' for Android. It was very rough, and took me only about a week, and received mixed reviews. It wasn't all that good as I thought it could be, and eventually, it was pulled from the Google Play Store, when someone from the Mojang legal team, emailed me to inform me the this was a copyright infringement. I should have seen this coming. But anyways, I thought I should remake the game (probably under a different name this time, but for the time being, I'll call it MCText), but instead, actually put some effort in to it, and make it cross-platform (I'm aiming for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android this time around). If you would like the .apk file for the initial version of MCText, comment, and I'll include it in the next entry.
So anyways, right now I'm coding it as a Java console application. After I've done that, it'll be easy to port to a Java Swing GUI, and Android GUI, instead of coding the GUI and the game logic at the same time, which is what I did last time.
I've actually done a lot on the game, and there are a lot of improvements. I have a working day/night system, a world with randomly generated structures that you can move around in and peaceful mobs, mobs spawning at night, and the ability to battle with them, and the ability to collect blocks.
In terms of what I NEED to do for the initial full release, is as follows:

That's the basic features the initial 1.0.0 release will include. In the future I will be including other features like enchanting, brewing, the nether, etc.
Also, I have one other developer from Digitally Analogue working with me on this, InfiniteCoder.

So this was a brief introduction to MCText. Hope you guys enjoy the updates, help me out when and if I need it, and will download the full release. Have a nice day!

- Eddie (Digitally Analogue)



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