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About this blog

Gameplay code and Gamedesign posts from the development of the indiegame Colony

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Hello World

First entry, hurray!

This dev-journal is all about the project Colony which is an initiative from an indie-group scattered over Sweden. The project is currently at an early pre-production stage and right now we'r focusing on prototyping different aspects of the core gameplay and art-style. The game is created in Unity and coded in C#.

In short Colony aims to be a game that combines the creative sandbox construction systems seen in Dwarf Fortress and MineCraft with NPC interaction systems inspired by The Sims and Caesar 2, and finaly a combat system inspired by War of Roses and Chivalry.

Yes.. it will take a while to create all that, we know

For now we are focusing on a prototype for a house construction system. Here is the design document for the basic functionality.

And a short video showing the work in progress prototype for designating a build area and placing the corner-stones for your house construction.



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