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About this blog

My public attempt at developing a Capcom/SNK style fighting game. (Since Jan 2009)

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Updated Screens

Ok, here are a few updates in the way of mock game screens. The first image is the splash screen and the following screen is a mock up of what the actual game will look like.

I'm just about ready to start coding.... [cool]

Splash Screen

Game Mock Up

All that is left is to round up some sound effects and create some music. Then it's off to coding it.




Tomato on my face

This weekend I installed Visual Assist X not realizing that my license had expired. After the the uninstall it appears that my intellisense stopped working. Ended up searching Google high and low but nothing I found helped. Out of frustration I tried writing some code with intellisense and that was pure torture. It's bad enough that I didn't have Visual Assist. I've been using VA so long that I forgot what it was like without it let alone intelli. Needless to say I'm in hell right about now.

Finally, I broke down and accepted the fact that I'm being pimped by Whole Tomato. Hell, I don't know if their tool breaks the intellisense on purpose (kidding obviously) but I cant live like this. Now I'm impatiently waiting on my renewal key.

On the flip side, I've been trying to come up with some ideas for this side scroller. The best thing I've done so far was actually play quite a few. I'm still leaning towards hand drawing just about everything and taking it into photoshop. Right now, I'm not sure how much 3D if any I will add graphically.

Have not even begun to flesh out the outline for my design document yet. Giving myself until Sunday to get it done was unrealistic because I'm still not sure of the game type yet. Plus, I would like to get something up on the screen before I nail down any specifics.

Hopefully soon I will have something to show even if it's not the end product. Pictures and vids beat text any day of the week (sometimes).




Two months later...WTF?

Life has a way sometimes of reminding you who's in control and most of the's not you.

Looks like it will be while before I go back to C++ & DirectX game development. In order for me to stay employed, I need to re embrace that which is JAVA. This means acquiring certifications such as SCJP,SCJD,SCWCD & SCBCD in order stay competitive as well. I've already paid for three vouchers and looking to take the SCJP (or will it be OCJP?) in early June.

Truthfully, I was a little upset due to making some nice headway with my current game engine. It was refreshing to get back into working with Microsoft technologies and C++. Now, it looks like I'll have to convert everything over to JAVA 6.

As my disappointment began to fade, it dawned on me or rather I had an epiphany of sorts. Why would/should my goals change? Why couldn't I continue on and develop my fighting game engine using Java technologies? Surely there are some decent API's to choose from right? The demos games I've tried that were built with JAVA run pretty fast too. Also, I wouldn't be limited to distribution on one platform such as Windows either. (If you can tell by now I was really trying to make myself feel better).

Anyway, I've done alot of initial planning, game designing and have a decent framework. Converting the engine over to JAVA shouldnt be that difficult and at least memory management should be a little easier too.

Java game development at least for now is completly foreign to me, I need to research gaming libraries amongst other things but it's all part of the fun. Definitely new and unexplored territory. Right now I'm looking at LWJGL which seems to be the most popular API and the most stable.

This also means I go from DirectX and back to OpenGL. Luckily for me I've had a stint with OGL in the past so the leap shouldn't be that difficult. Plus, a lot of the NEHE tutorials were converted to LWJGL amongst others which is helpful too. My first goal while trying to get my head wrapped around all this will be more or less cutting my teeth on a couple of simple projects. Basically I just want to demonstrate rendering, collision, sound and possibly networking. Again, low hanging fruit objectives before I submerge myself back in.

Now you know I had to go hunting to see if there were any fighting games created in JAVA and surprisingly enough there are a few. In my travels I even found a open source project where they are porting over Mugen to cool is that? JMUGEN. I actually wanted to help and contribute to that project as well, It would have helped to give me some insight of how things are done on that side with LWJGL. Check out the youTube vid..."Click the picture".


Until I consider myself officially ready to restart my fighting game project I'm going to suspend development on my engine temporarily. Hopefully this will only be for the summer months. What I will do is continue to create content, no code related things for it though as I work on a couple smaller projects as mentioned above in an effort to get more acclimated with JAVA Game Development.





A New year & A New Starting Point

Wow, what a year 06 was as I didnt get even half the crap done I really wanted to. Especially in the areas of graphics programming and 3D art. But all was not lost, I realized I was only trying to force things in my life when I wasnt ready to actually tackle them.

The truth of the matter is that it's very difficult to do "what" you want while you are transistioning. But hey, doesnt hurt to try :) Aside from that, I can now say that things are as stable in my life as they are going to be and that's a good thing.

What an awesome opportunity to start from the top so when you look back this time next year one can really track progress. Fingers crossed as I'm really planning for 2007 to be a break year out for me.

There are so many things I want to catch up on such as (tons of books, online classes I've paid for and much more). So instead of making a list of what I'm going to accomplish, I'm just going to set out and accomplish them. The only expectation of fun is basically to make sure you having it. This year that is exactly what I plan to do just have a fun.

Hope all you Geek & Nerds have a very safe, happy and fun filled new year with minimal bugs :)




Friday! Hahaha Gotta love it...

Well I've been thinking a lot about my next project because the current one is just about in the can. Time to go hook up my old gaming systems and pull out Mega Man, Bad Dudes, Double Dragon, Shinobi and the list goes on.

I'm really leaning towards either a Mega Man style game or back to the platformer ala Earthworm Jim. Who knows, I still have a little time before my vacation starts to decide. One thing for sure is that I have to be conscious of not going over board because I'm doing the artwork as well.

As of right now, I still need to put together a decent "custom" font engine. I'm not too pleased with any of the current alternatives I've stumbled across. At the end of the day I want to be able to use fonts with outlines and/or gradients or both. Which means that I'm more than likely going to have to implement the font engine the old fashion away and print the ascii characters on a bitmap and traverse the grids.

so if anyone has any better suggestions for fonts then I'm all ears.

Hope you all have a great get some coding done!





Well I guess I finally claimed a little piece of even if I had to buy it :)

I've been a member here for a very long time...not as active as I would have liked to be but always supportive.

One of the reasons that I havent frequented the forums is because I took a few years away from game development to learn the darkside of 3D Modeling and Animation. I just got tired of looking for artists to work with, although Im an artist myself, 3D art was eluding me. Not to mention my current day job as a n-tier application programmer was killing my time.

But now that I have commanded skills in both modeling and animation. I can honestly say that Im back and ready to see what late nights will bring.

My current plans are to finish something I started which is a 2D fighting game and then down the road I hope to recreate it in 3D. Im defintely not in a rush, but at least I have a cool place to ramble about it.

Hell, I might as well take advantage of the web space too and make a website...I think Im paying for that too, right?

Anyway, Im back...time will tell, it always does.





Comfort is everything

Ok I can offically say I am back to whatever normal is. Here is to hoping that the universe doesnt hear me :)

Anyway, I am ready to speed things up a bit and knock out this 2D engine. What I would like to do is get it finished, make at least two clones and then move onward to 3D.

There was one dilema that I had not quite dealt with yet. Currently, I was in the need of a new chair. Now let me tell you, a chair can mean the difference in production time. The wrong chair can make you fall asleep at the computer or worse...cause you so much pain that you dread sitting in it.

Well, since I figured I am finally back and plan to spend a considerable amount of time getting back up speed. I went out today and plunked down some cash on a really nice "Captian's Chair"...of course I told the wife it was cheaper than what it was.

All, I can say is that regardless of what happens now, it is a sure bet that I will be comfortable.

Below is the exact chair I bought...yes it is comfortable as it looks[embarrass]




Going in reverse

I must be on to something big because as fate would have it, my rig is now sidelined until Tuesday. Friday night and part of Saturday morning I spent a considerable amount of time researching my fighting game project. Then later in the day on Saturday... poof system started locking up and it was all down hill from there.

My current rig is the DELL XPS 420. Machine looks nice but deep down I suspect that XPS stands for Xtreme Piece of $hit. Since I've owned this machine there has been problems with it. The friggin ATI card constantly crashes on Vista and ATI keeps blaming Microsoft for it.

Anyway, to make a long story short I could no longer login to my box. I could get to the login screen but only to face a locked system. I tried everything from system tests to reinstalling the OS. The end result was always the same which is a locked/hung OS. Which only seemed to work in safe mode.

After being totally frustrated I decided to call DELL. To my surprise I had an option. Talk to a foreign English is not my first language rep or spend $150 to speak to a North American rep. I opted for choice one until I could not take it anymore.

For my $150 I got a guy who basically said "Hey, you seemed pretty smart and did all the trouble shooting already. Verify your address and we will send you out a new hd." WTF?

So I spent a bill fifty to have a guy who obviously had the authority to authorize a new peripheral being shipped out. Sweet? Not. This will be my last DELL and from here on out I'll build my own rigs to suit my needs.

Thank God that I at least back up all my $hit on removable hard drives or I would be really pissed right now.

So what was the problem really? According to DELL there may be a bad sector on the HD which is preventing the login. I actually agree with this but to me the video card here is the 800lb gorilla in the room everyone is ignoring. As much as the system crashes due to the vid card, I'm sure it had a hand in corrupting the HD.

R&D of course will be short to non existent this week as I try to get my lab back on line....stay tuned.




Begin again

Well 2008 is gone, in the last weeks news and my last journal entry was back in September.

Fresh start? Of course. Same goals though.

Anyway, I'm looking forward getting back into the groove and finishing off my side scroller project that has eluded me since the beginning of 08. I'd also like to try my hand at a small scale version fighting game this year too with sort of a rock, paper, scissors AI to keep things really simple. But hey, first things first which is the rekindling of my side scroller project.

Thank God for this journal and my least for me, I can consider them good notes and a jumping off point everytime I veer off the path :)

All was not lost since I have been away. I actually learned 32-bit assembler and now in the process of learning 64 bit assembler using Masm64. Work related of course but the good thing is that my crash dump debugging skills are getting better. I'm sure it will come in handy when I start testing my engine and yes it crashes more than I would like sometimes.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and happy new year. Happy posting!




Axis of Evil

The war on pop-ups and ad-ware continued last night. I swear this has truly disrupted my game plan for the last week. Norton Internet Security and its virus scanning software is garbage not to mention Pest patrol is a major joke as well (they see what they want to).
What truly pisses me off is that I bought pest patrol and I'm using Norton on a 6 months trial basis before its time to pay, well what do you think will happen when that finally expires?...yeah that B.S. is outta here.
So anyway, as I sit there watching my pc come to a feeble crawl and pop up windows of cash winnings, sports betting and your occasional male enhancements take their turn...I begin to get even more furious....
But then wait, a friend of mine called me and could tell something was wrong, how observant of him. I explained to him my plight half heartily due to the fact that he is as non technical as a set of fisher price tools being close to the real thing.
Oddly enough he had the cure, my non-technical friend turned me on to 2 "FREE" products mind you that did what Norton nor Pest patrol were able to do ... and I didn't even have to go into safe mode.
What are these arch angels sent from above? ...."Ad-Aware" & "Spybot", both available at your local CNET. Although I had heard of them before, I usually don't give service to anything that you don't pay for. I mean hell, you get what you pay for right? I guess I didn't... All in all the 2 free products served me well and I will continue to use them to fight this war on spam (if it strikes again)....the spammers are getting damned good.
See what happens when you send jobs overseas, all the tech heads with out jobs take on programming jobs with spam companies (conspiracy theory).
Ok, enough of all that I have been making a little head way on my game and I now know how I want it to look graphically. On other front's I have been delving into some pretty advanced areas of C++ so time will tell if it proves useful when it comes to developing my engine.

Cheers, and here's looking forward to a productive weekend.




Further down the rabbit hole

It's weird but I've always wanted to get into more of the advanced C++ stuff on the job. For the last several years I've been doing mainly alot of .NET C# and JAVA stuff so it's been awhile for C++. Dont get me wrong, doing hobbist type work such as gamedev was always with C++ but I could slack off to a degree and not have to push it language wise.

Well...after being exposed to some of the type of coding that I need to become more intimate with. There was a rude awakening that I better get up to speed rather quickly.

So the first order of business is just to get my head wrapped around templates first then move on to STL. Once I've started to tackle these subjects in depth then I'll be moving more towards metaprogramming. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The cool part is that I'm looking forward to see how this helps me gamedevelopment wise...should be interesting.

Below are two books I've ordered to get started. There are also a couple of more in the queue ready to be ordered once these are finished.

I actually have a better STL book but it assumes sound template knowledge. This is supposed to be "the" book. So let's see how this goes.

From the reviews I've read how could I pass this up?

Next up ...

Based on what I've read and have been told you need to have solid STL foundation along with templates to actually get anything out this series of books.




Gentlemen start your engines

At the moment, I am in the process of creating a 2D engine because it's quicker and easier than going for a 3D engine right off the bat. Well in my case anyway. Secondly, I have more of a desire to do actual "game programming" than hardcore 3D engine programming at the moment.

The thought of developing a 3D engine in itself is a herculean task and staying motivate to develop a 3D game in the midst of it seems almost impossible. I really don't want to spend the better part of a year or so developing something that may not get finished or when it's done all I have to show is some renders of a level or shading algorithm.

Nope, what I want is to produce some small games. 2D right now is the ticket, and finishing something has higher importance. The juice for me has always been developing the logic around an engine and of course creating the game graphics.

Once I get a decent 2D engine up and running then I'll evaluate the prospect of creating a 3D engine on top it but then again that depends on how much fun I'm having doing 2D stuff.

3D is cool, and I've seen quite a few engines with very nice features but I've also very few 3D games.




Progress continues

Considering that I code professionally during the day it is a task mind you to come home and begin to start doing it again. Not to mention that as of late (3 yrs) my main focus has been JAVA / J2EE.
Don't get me wrong my passion is C++, always has been always will be. But switching hats between the two is difficult at times, grrr data types.

Anyway, I started gathering resources for my "Ultimate 2D Sidescroller", I will continue to call it that until I have legit name for it. Sounds, and reference images, blah blah have been a blast to gather but it's time to start developing my engine. So tonight I will embark on that journey blasting my imagery to the vid card for rendering.

I've been away from graphics programming for awhile and forgot how much work goes into the preparation for even making a game. But I forgot how fun it was too...

On another note, I came up with the coolest concept for one of the is really cool. Just cant seem to nail down the look of our hero yet...oh well...that will just have to happen another night.




On Pace

Well I had a productive weekend and for me that helps to drive the momentum for the rest of the week. One of the things that I definitely wanted to do was make a huge dent in the design document and that was done. There are still a few more areas that need addressing but for the most part it isn't critical since our first public release is just going to be a tech demo.

It was also decided that instead of going for the normal look of realism that overall we should try and do something fun. Now that's a novel idea if you ask me. What that means then is that the look were shooting for is more of a nintendo-esque feel. This will prove most interesting sense I will have to design some over the top characters and matching game levels....time will tell.




I'm Ready

Well I'm feeling like I'm back up to speed now in regards to 3D modeling and feeding the need to satisfy my artistic side. Now I'm not too much worried about making content for my game at the level I want it.....Here is a quick shot of a soldier model I made Saturday morning while watching ESPN news.

So that brings me full circle but this time around I have a little help now too. I'm not real big on working with a large group of people on internet based projects due to bad experiences overall. But what I have realized is that one or two people that have at least one solid trait and possibly an additional one proves to work best. In my case, I have one other programmer who is very good, why he isnt in the game industry is beyond me. But we both feel that it would be beneficial to work together so things should move alot faster now.

My posts will be a little more frequent now that I'm back in the game sorta speak and because I'm paying interest on my card for this space as well. So in the days and weeks to come I'll have some more information about the style of the game/tech demo that we are going to make along with screenshots, etc etc.





Split personalities

You know, at first I thought it was cool that I have been able to function in both capacities - "Artist" & "Programmer". But to be honest, sometimes it can really really...suck.
It's like having a multi personality disorder and right now the "Programmer" in me wants more attention. How can I tell? because Im having a graphics block at the moment. It's all good though...they never truly last long.
But anyway, this weekend has been fun I've been brushing up on some more advanced features of C++ that I never really got to touch back in the day. And for some reason it just felt good to download and install the latest DX SDK.
The more I think about it the more I have come to realize how much I love the C++ language, Im familar with so many different languages but C++ just does it for me.

Well, week one is in the books although there is not too much to show yet. But hey, staying on the path is 90% of the battle.





Side tracked for a bit

Funny how time flies, I've been busy tiding up loosends on a few freelance projects. Now that I have that out of the way I can and fullfill my beginning of the year goals. I have a lot of catching up to do :)

BTW, Here is one of the latest characters I've done just to show what I've been doing CG wise.




Back on Track!

Alright, I dont know about any of you but it sucks not to have intellisense. I mean really sucks. The better part of my morning has been wasted due to uninstalling, reinstalling, IRCing, checking forums and looking underocks for an answer.

Then it happend, as the clouds came in and the darkness filled the land I got a popup message from Trillian which read "Email from Whole Tomato". Well, I'll say this much, the wife is pissed because I must have screamed a sigh of relief at the top of my lungs with a few expletives sprinkled in LOL.

But hey, I'm back in action. Now I just need to regroup and calm down a little. So I'll probably spend sometime this afternoon working out a quick design doc and doing some quick mockup screens of what I think the game should look like.

I just might post something of value later this evening. Regardless, I will defintely be coding tonight :)




Stay the course...

Well my goal for getting back into game development has been two fold with one being because I love doing it and secondly because I want into get into the industry more than ever now. Currently I'm functioning as a software engineer for one of the big three automotive companies and frankly our business sector is dying financially. After spending seven years in the biz and learning several programming languages along with new technologies it's just finally time to get out. The only reason I even feel like I can make the switch to the game industry or that it's even plausible is because I've been a graphics hobby coder since day one off and on.

Although, I tend to have some unique issues....I'm very good at CG graphics such as high / low poly modeling, character animation, and texturing but I prefer to write code. I truly believe deep down that if I sucked at graphics I'd been in the game industry right now writing code. But I did dual duty for some years honing both crafts equally. That essentially caused my growth to remain steady but not as fast as one would like or should have been.

So wtf does this have to do with my current game project. Well see I had an ephiany...actually I humbled myself. My coding partner is basically soup to nuts a kick ass programmer graphically in his own right. He is where I should be now so I have decided to yield to him on this project and basically function as the 3D artist. In doing so, I can focus on developing the skills necessary for creating a 3D engine and start the path on becoming a solid graphics programmer overall. The nice part about this is that there really isn't anything left for me to learn CG wise that a simple tutorial here or there wouldn't cure for this particular game project. Don't get me wrong now, Im no Syd Mead but for what were are going to make....Im alright. Plus I'm fast too, I can model about a character and a half in a day bsing around. Not to mention making a game level in under 3 days....ok enough of the selfish plugs :)

The issue though is time, I have a day job, kids and this project. What it boils down to is manageable chunks and developing the right game plan to get to where I need to be to become a legit graphics coder. First things first though because I've been putting it off. My primary goal is to refresh my math and get back to linear algebra at least followed by a list of books that are basically real time rendering based and software architecture related in nature. In total I'm looking at 11 friggin books to start and 1/3 of which I already own.

So back to the time issue, to satisfy everyone and all the necessary requirements I created a spreadsheet breaking down how long its going to take to finish each book and what times of the day to actually read them ( note: several I have read before already...but need to reread). I also I had to organize a set amount of time to dedicate my artistic skills for this current project.

Actually on paper it looks good....implementing it will be something else in itself. But based on my calculations it is going to take me about year to get to where I need to be. And im hoping my seven years of production, programming and design experience should pull through the rough times but it isn't like I'm new to hardcore schedules or learning new materials either. I'm not saying when I'm done I should be able to write a AAA engine and pull off Unreal, but knowledge wise I should be in the ball park theoretically with a few open source engines that are out there. Plus by that time the project im currently working on should be done and that will go on my demo reel to show case some expertise in art.

But in the end if I've learned anything from the past. You can get more done if you just dedicate two hours a day to something productive then spending 10 hours a day on the internet looking up bullshit trying to get motivated to code. What I'm saying is this....every productive hour you spend towards a goal is one step further towards its completion, surfing the web wastes your life and your time. Focus, code....get own with your life.




One step closer

Well my copy of Visual Studios showed up today :)

I'd be happier if I had never used it before but I'm an old school cat...V6. So it was mixed emotions. Happy that I'm a registered M$ zealot but pissed I had to dish out the coin.

The only neat thing about getting it was the posters that came with them.

View here ----> Click ME

Right now, I've been spending my evening loading up software, downloading the latest DX sdk etc etc. So I proably wont be able to actually get cranking until tommorow. I also need to go ahead and mirror my environment on the notebook as well and that will probably eat up the majority of my night.

But hey...I just added more money to Bill Gates slush fund so I kinda feel all warm and fuzzy inside....not.




Left side of the brain fighting for time...

Its been almost two months since my last post, but I've been busy feeding my "artistic side". For my game I wanted to do a small trailer with animated characters and in-depth environments but it seemed I was a tad rusty. So as I started to get back into the "3D" groove and decieded to work on one of the many short stories I have. So by the time I finish it my skills should be up to par to give me a pretty cool trailer for my game.

Here are some shots from the modeling work below.

Site for the Short




Engine Research

I spent sometime this week checking out OGRE3D as a possible rendering engine for XB. OGRE3D looks really nice too, although I had some issues setting it up with CMake. Right now I'm mucking around with it via the prebuilt kits.

In the interim I'll most likely go through the tutorials to get a feel for how to work with it and to determine if my art pipeline fits. Depending on how my models and animations show up i'm hoping to use OGRE, I like it so far.

Outside of the search for a rendering engine, I need to find a physics engine and something for networking too.

My updates maybe a little sparse this month due to moving into my new place but I should really hit the ground running the beginning of next month.

Happy Coding...




Want to finish up

I can tell that it's been a while since I've programmed anything closely related to "indy" game development. True enough, I work in technology and work with code everyday. But a lot of that is compartmentalized and you just do your piece and be done with it.

To say you are a "indy" game programmer is actually saying a whole helluva a lot. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here but it's significant in this regard. Last night I decided that I wanted to go ahead and finish up this break out clone and continue working on my frame work. Now of course I could finish the game half assed and button it up...but that is just not me.

So as I begin to polish it up and even the smallest tweaks and littlest of things are time consuming. One begins to realize that even something as small as breakout requires a lot of planning and coding. So it got me to thinking about my next project and how I want to approach it.

Do you know how long it's been since I've written a design document? Hahaha of course you don't but I'll tell you....back then gas was really really cheap :) At least going forward the 2D engine is basically complete and only needs a few other components. Optimization is always a given but at least I can focus more on actual "game development" and not "technology" development.

Anyway, I'd thought I share that and I give props to anybody who has written a complete "game" big or small. Even if it's a clone like Breakout, Tetris, Asteroids, Pac Man, Space Invaders or MMO or FPS. The work , perseverance and thankless nights to actually call it done is a feat unto itself.

Funny, most people scoff or even laugh at the results of mere 2D games because they are working on the next "ID" clone engine that has a list of features longer than my arm. But what do most of them have to show except for maybe a few landscape renders and or objects with too much bloom effect. :/

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dismissing their efforts by any stretch...just talking out loud.

Oh well I'm starting to rant so I'll cut and run. There are a lot of talented and unappreciated Indie developers out here but I'm feeling you and appreciate your efforts.

Keep coding!




More Money $$ and No Coding

Yesterday, I finally received all the details for my new position @ work. With out going into full detail its a pretty intensive learning list. The product that I will be supporting and doing full upgrade and revision code for features several languages I need to be up to speed with. Those languages are C/C++/C#/ & I'm cool with everything but the which sucks, I hate it and will never like it....I'm trying to find a way to just wing it with that one. Irregardless, I'm just ready to really learn the new tool which it self is a pretty tall order. I can use it for my game development exploits due to it's awesome code coverage, performance analysis and error detection capabilities which is incredible. So when I get up to speed I'll talk more about it for sure.

The more money part though...I'm driving home from work with all this on my mind. Ready to get home and get started on some extra training (reading pdf's) as I prepare for the new position. So, I'm doing about 70mph on the hwy in the fast lane and my car just cuts off, WTF?... Right, it cut off twice! Scared me so bad and pissed me off so much that I went to the dealer and bought a new car last night. I just cant afford to have transportation issues due to the high visibility of this new assignment.

I ended up getting a Chevy Trail Blazer exactly like the one below. Which meant I didnt get home until late last night and had no time to look over my stuff for work let alone do any coding on my engine.

Now it just cost's me several hundred dollars a month to go to work when it used to be free [flaming]

Oh well...




Who are these people?

Today Im at work speaking with a few co-workers about how we could go about reengineering a very old (I mean old) application. The application is an scheduling application that was built with VBA of all things using M$ Access as its GUI front-end connecting to an Oracle Database...dont even ask.
The horrid thing about this application though is that it's the last of those application dinosaur app's that some how manages to make it through SOX and any other review the company puts our apps through. were talking shop on how cool it would be to do this and that, create a web service for this part and security and so and so on. You know how it is, talking code with fellow hackers and bragging low key about the technolgies that you know of and how there sure to work and why. But then it happens, everyone is feeling good and then one of those kind of "people" show up.....A "Project Manager". This guy over hears our conversation and then drops this bomb, "Hey, why dont you guys see if there is something built already that does that."
WHAT! was odd because I think by the look on our faces he kind of ended up with a worse look on his. More or less it we were like "Screw it, Im taking my ball and going home", I mean who in the hell wants to find something thats already made we just wanted something that was ours from the ground up. Hell we configure and hack through ridiculous third party vendor code all day as it is.
I know that companies these days are about being efficient and financially productive but damn, if you want to keep the tech heads happy just a little then let them build some stuff raw, let us design the protype before you send us through the hellish vendor circus please. Let us birth a "child" or as we used to say back in the mid nineties..."that's (insert developers name) baby".
I dont know maybe its me but I miss pre 2000, hell if you could compile code let alone write it programming jobs were falling out of the sky. Now all they want is people who have skills with the latest third party tool or a suite of (whatever application tools) which most arent even industry standard...just popular standard.
But long gone are the days when you were left with a few brains in a room, a white board and a idea. Pfffft we live in some boring brainless times.....Corporate I.T. is a drag.

LOL, I feel like Napoleons Uncle right now...instead of 1983 let me go back to sometime like around 1996.



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