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Spelling game for kids in development

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The Road so Far

Hello everyone, so I decided to share my current work in progress game with community. Game is pretty simple "how to spell" for kids. Planning to make game for almost all platforms:
HTML5 Canvas using Gamvas game engine
Android/iPad using libGDX
Desktop and tablet versions for Windows Vista/7/8/RT using DirectXTK
Desktop versions for Windows XP/Linux/Mac using Allegro 5

So far working on HTML5 and Android versions. HTML5 version (old but working) can be found here.

Because I suck at drawing, and everyone I know can draw only on paper I started indiegogo campaign to raise money for images/sound effects. http://igg.me/at/bk-kids
Currently using images from http://www.visualpharm.com/
Game mechanics:

Easy / Normal / Hard

And low quality video (my current laptop has GMA945 video card, so...)



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