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I've made several paddle's for breakout, finally! I'm making a game!. Here's a look at the one currently going through my testing - I know, it's horrible, but it was _the_ best one I've made in 45 minutes..Any comments on how to improve my artwork?



Man, I hope I'm doing this OpenGL thing right, it's a lot different than doing graphics with SDL.I'm going to try to finish a project soon[smile].here is what I have so far

API madness!!

I'm having trouble figuring out which API I like better!I have tried allegro,SDL,and Win32 I think I like Win32 the best :P.do people really comment a lot when you write HITLER?

levesl gain gone!

I stripped out the level gain system and am gonna put a skill system in there.For some reason I thought that a skill system would be better in a text adventure, now it is only about...0.5% done, but I will make up for it=).

what happened?

This site rocks because my cousin just joined it seems that gamedev is taking more souls a day than anything else I can think of I'll bet 20 bucks he goes to the lounge and for some "odd" reason stays there.I got about 2% done on our game so far(on my part),I also added a new background

something that I have never actually done before don't know why I never changed it but Im glad I did.

text based madness

Me and dylee have decided to make our own little text-based rpg muhahaha.So far im pretty much the storywriter,but I guess thats a good thing.right now its just in the design stages but when its finished,and it might not get finished but you will all be able to download it if it does get finished.Im gonna be putting more information about it as we finish it but on my site.

webpage madness

I have started learning how to make webpages here is my current webpage http://members.gamedev.net/basictuts/mypage.htm
don't ask why I named it that its a long story:).tell me what you think and what webpages I should put in there on version 4.0 Im gonna add vb tutorials,assemblytutorials,pascal tutorials a guestbook, and some crappy games that I made.for some reason the pics won't work!!!All in all I think its pretty good for my first few tries.

almost finished

I'm on chapter 16 in TICPP got to say its a great book,although if you asked me to make a program that makes + do - it would take me a while to get it to work:(.I also learned how to make a ointer act like an array yay[lol].I might be able to finish the book today,but maybe not because i have to go to my dads:(.


I was able to sit down and read TICPP, but I still not very far I just got to chapter seven.Hopefully I can get what I need from this book to be able to start direct x.I've already decided what kind of game I want to make for my first try.A gamed of pong.
First I went fishing but only caught one fish werez my cuz cought seven.Then I had a great party which lasted a long time ,and on halloween I scared some kids.But the bad things were I almost got in a fight with some idiot who thought he was all that,it started when he hit me in the head with a basketball then I push him down I think he knew who would've won:). I haven't slept in the last 57 hours. Insomnia? Probly oh well I made a harvest moon clone like I wanted, it was pretty short though compared to how big I wanted it, its only 92 lines long, can't show it to you though I accidntly deleted it:(.

Im farther in lots

well it seems that my party lasted much longer than I thought it
would, although I had a blast I did want to work on TICPP a lot more than I did[crying].My cousin stayed the night and got me a hell of a lot further in Star Ocean till the end of time
(I am talking about levels though because he only like to do). the
fights,but what I don't get is why he doesn't like the cenes.I played some basketball bumped the hell out of my head there will probly a knot there for 3 weeks[bawling]


It seems that eveyone I know is celebrating
Halloween today on Saturday.My friend said he can't
come cause he sick,which I know is a lie because
I just saw him playing basketball with someone.
I'm on chapter 2 of TICPP, but by the end of the day I'll
probanly be on chapter 4, thats because I got to set up
for the party and stuff. I played my pool game today
and almost won the tournament[smile].I want to make a
text-based version of harvest moon were you can choose
from 3 different players,but I guess I'll do that another day.


I'm about to start downloading maplestory
from the screenshots it looks fun,which I hpe it is
because all I have to play on my computer is a pool game.
My cousinsmom said he can come over this weekend which is good
because now I am going to have a small party:).
I've got 20 pages of school work left before I can
start back reading TICPP.


random thought of the day(yes i'm copying mushu).

I wonder what life would be like if life was like
grand theft auto any version.

I was gonna through a party for Halloween
but forget it since my cousin isn't coming.I'm still
on chapter one in thinking in c++.Man I love to program:).


Downloading the vc++ express beta didn't work so I'm going back to dev-c++ until I can get vc++.net2003.Man this sucks I didn't want to shell out the dollar dollar bill it's $120.00[wow], but I guess if I have to I'll get it untill vc++ 2005 express comes out in March.By the way thanks ontheheap you saved me quite a few bucks by putting that link to that free version of thinking in c++,i'm only on chapter one, but thats because i've got a ton of school work to do :(:(.


Today I realized that I know very little of stl, and especially boost I've never even heard of it till I started reading Gaiidens scroll, so I wanted to learn how to use it.I also ditched dev-c++ for the Visual C++ 2005 Express beta I'm still downloading It, but It's gonna be a while before It's finished. I guess I will practice programming for a few days then start learning directx.


I've been programming all day I've only got 3 chapters left in my book till I'm done with it :).I really want to play my ps2 hadn't played it in a while I'm debating how long I will wait till I download dx.


I'm in the middle of watching a southpark marathon when it goes off I'll probly start aon the next chapter in my book that I left off on last night oh I almost forgot, I also want to haxor in some music in my journal like mushu did I can't figure out how though:(.
I switched my avatar if you haven't noticed already:), I waited a little bit before I switched out my computer I'm downloading
dev-c++ at this moment.While I was playing poolmaster livebillards I noticed there was a small bug in it it would freeze up at a certain spot on the pool table.
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