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Asdenth 1.0 Alpha Soon! Going away.

Hello Players!

I am pleased to announce the official Alpha Release will be published soon. No exact date has been specified due to reasons of development staff going away on holidays and such forth. Please feel free to visit our website at - Auragamespro.weebly.com - Here you can download the 0.9 Development version, and also some other mini-games and programs. There will be more developed soon.

If you have any complaints or find any problems with the game; PLEASE, let us know. If you do, send us an email at -


The Alpha version will take some time seeing as we will be making sure that ALL bugs have been fixed, so the game can run without problems. This is why it is very important that you email us or post on our web page if you encounter any problems.

Please Note: Your emails will not be responded to from the 10th - 22nd of July; Holidays.

Features in Alpha:

-Custom Names
-Login System
-Cd Keys
-Sound Effects
-Decent amount of gameplay
-Exe Form
-Custom choices that carry through the game
-Much More...
Thank you very much for you attention.

~Matthew Bryan
~Main Developer

Aura Games

Aura Games

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